How to Deal With Peak Season Bookings

August 3, 2021 in Tips for Owners and Tips for Renting Out

Summer is truly upon us, with sunshine peeking through the clouds and rapidly filling calendars! This is the peak season when more travellers than ever wish to book your motorhome. It can be a crazy time, particularly if it’s your first summer hiring out your motorhome with Goboony. But here are our top tips for dealing with peak season bookings to ensure you get the most out of your motorhome whilst also finding time to enjoy the local pub.

Goboony owners hiring out campervan motorhome h2 private hire

1. Getting requests

This is the busiest time of year! But there is competition as more and more motorhome owners are hiring out their vehicles this summer. Don’t worry, there are enough travellers to go around, as every single day requests are declined or go unanswered. 

How to get requests

  • Have clear photos of every angle of the motorhome, including the interior. Make sure these photos highlight the best of your vehicle and have some set in a gorgeous location. If you need help, you can get a photoshoot for your motorhome, which will increase your number of requests.
  • Have a detailed listing description so travellers can see if your motorhome is a good fit. 
  • Have your last-minute and long-term discount on, as travellers often use this when looking for a booking. 
  • Make sure you’ve included all your amenities in case they look by these. 
  • If you haven’t got many reviews yet, consider lowering your price to increase your number of bookings until you have more reviews. 

How to turn requests into bookings

  • Answer requests with plenty of detail rather than just accepting them. This gives the traveller trust in you and encourages them to confirm that booking over another. 
  • Have set text that you can copy and paste each time. This could be specific questions you want answered before you accept, or just that they can proceed with the booking. This ensures that you don’t spend too much time on requests that won’t get further. 

2. Handling requests

It can be overwhelming to receive so many requests for the peak season, particularly if you’re located in a popular area. As mentioned, many requests are for last-minute bookings, which can be a great way to fill up your calendar if you can accommodate them. It’s essential to keep up with requests to not affect your advertiser score and visibility on the platform for later months. But we also recognise that it can be challenging to deal with so many requests and bookings, particularly if you go on holiday. Therefore, we advise the following:

  • If you can’t respond to the number of requests or accommodate them, block your calendar for the coming time. This will ensure the requests go to someone with the availability for them. 
  • Keep updating your calendar to avoid requests for booked dates, as this will require you to keep declining them and take unnecessary time. 
  • You can set a minimum amount of days before the start date to avoid last-minute bookings you can’t arrange in time. 

3. Preparing for bookings

If you have a lot of bookings this summer, you may feel like you’re constantly repeating yourself as you explain things about the motorhome. That’s why we recommend making a handover video, or just videos about certain aspects of the motorhome - e.g. opening the awning or turning on the fridge. This avoids you consistently doing it and explaining it and ensures it is done well with no potential for damage. 

If you keep receiving the same questions, then you know what is unclear or difficult as a traveller so that you can prepare this ahead of time. Instead of a video, you could also make a manual for your motorhome. This includes how everything works, things to keep in mind, the dimensions of the motorhome and anything else you think is relevant. You can also include a list of emergency numbers to ensure they always know who to contact. 

Arrange the pickup and drop off time ahead of schedule to ensure you’re both on the same page and that they don’t have anything conflicting. If a trip needs to be extended, you can do this by contacting Goboony.

Goboony owners hiring out campervan motorhome h2 private hire

4. During bookings

Peak season may involve a lot of back-to-back bookings as it is such a popular time for campervan travel! Make sure to have enough time planned for cleaning and checking the van, as you need to see any damage before it goes out again and do a thorough handover before and after the booking. Also, clarify this to the traveller, so they know that you’re strict on the handover time. 

If you do hear of damages during the booking process, it’s important to act quickly. See if it is something that can be fixed before the next booking or inform the traveller. When in doubt, get in touch with Goboony, and we can advise you accordingly. The more time we have, the likelihood of finding a replacement vehicle for the traveller. A complete GoForm is necessary to proceed with damages, so always aim to get more evidence than necessary; this helps Goboony mediate if required.

Peak season is also a great time to get reviews for your listing, so always ask the traveller if they can leave one. It helps to also leave a positive review for them, as this encourages them to do the same. The more reviews you have, the likelier you will have more bookings in the off-season and next year!

Are you ready for a summer of bookings?