RV Rental in Amsterdam

If you are looking for an RV rental in Amsterdam then you are certainly Goboony is certainly the right place to be! Having begun in the Netherlands, it is only natural that it has the best collection of RV’s in the Netherlands. And the best part? It’s not even that expensive, because you are renting them from private owners. Via Goboony you can easily find the RV that fits your needs, and get advice personalised to your van with tips on the local area!

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How much does it cost to hire a campervan in Amsterdam?

Renting an RV in Amsterdam can be really cheap with Goboony. The prices can vary as we work with private owners who decide the prices for themselves, but it will likely be a lot cheaper than a regular rental company. Prices vary based on vthe size and age of the vehicle, as well as the season of hire. Curious as to what those prices might be? Check out this page about how much campervan hire costs.

Why rent an RV in Amsterdam?

If you rent an RV in Amsterdam you have the freedom to not only visit Amsterdam, but also explore the rest of the Netherlands. The country is quite small, so you can easily explore several cities during your trip, as well as the gorgeous rural areas. Campervan hire in Amsterdam will give you the freedom to test out how long you'd like to stay in each place, and to take breaks from the busy city when you need some fresh air! No hotel bookings or train tickets to tie you down, just the open road ahead of you!

What are things to do in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is known for many things and your reasons for visiting this city can vary from visiting museums to visiting one of the many coffeeshops- but be sure to find out the difference between a coffeeshop and cafe in advance! One of the most popular places to go to is the Anne Frank museum, but also the Van Gogh museum and the Rijksmuseum are great places to visit. If you'd like something more quiet, you could consider driving the RV to the neighboring city of Zandvoort. Here you can stay at one of the campsites in the dunes and enjoy the fresh air on the beach. Head to the nearby Keukenhof for an optical delight, where the thousands of tulips fields will transport you into a fairytale!

What are things to consider when driving an RV in Amsterdam?

Know that, like many other big cities, it can be hard to get around with a big RV. Dutch streets are renowned for being narrowed and covered in bikes, so consider parking outside of the city. Also Amsterdam has an environmental zone where some campers may not enter, so it’s important to check this with the Owner. Nevertheless, in many cases it is possible to drive your RV through the city and there are even some campsites in Amsterdam, not too far from the city centre.

What is the closest airport to Amsterdam?

Within Amsterdam you'll find Schiphol Airport, a huge international airport with hundreds of flights daily. From there you can take a taxi or train to the city centre, but why not find a motorhome for hire near the airport? From there you can park the campervan at one of the many campsites in Amsterdam. Alternatively, since Holland is so small you can also fly to Rotterdam or Eindhoven and travel to Amsterdam.