RV Rental in Spain

Tapas, wonderful sunny weather cheap wine and a plethora of campsites both rustic and developed, Spain is a veritable paradise for those wanting to tour the country in a rental.

Something we cannot recommend enough is parking up on a hill outside a city like Segovia and taking the view in from the heights before heading into town and exploring on foot. The best way to travel in an RV in Spain is to drive around the country and do the cities on foot (there are many pedestrianised areas that contain some of the best spots). A typical campsite in spain will have a nice pool, a bar with cheap tasty sangria, friendly staff, and a reasonable walk to the nearest town centre. Renting a motorhome from a private owner is also a great way to get some local tips for exploring the area (they will probably know some hidden gems in terms of where to eat).

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Why rent an RV in Spain?

Spain is big, bigger than you think, bigger than you’re even thinking of now! It stretches across, ocean to ocean, and is simply waiting for you to explore it. With motorhome hire in Spain, you can see as much of this amazing country as possible. You can design your own road trip, stopping wherever and whenever. You’re not tied down to hotel bookings, train tickets and all of that weight. Instead you’re free, free to explore and enjoy Spain. Enjoying the beach and wish to stay another day? Simple! You can cook in your RV, pack anything you like (including some local Sangria!) and get the privacy a vacation requires.

Where to visit in Spain?

If you are looking for beautiful mountainous drives the north of Spain is where you need to be. There is no shortage of lovely towns in the pyrenees and the hiking is some of the best in Europe. Being able to be close to nature is one of the greatest benefits of RV rental in Spain. Imagine being able to wake up on a crisp morning on a mountain before driving your home for the trip down to the sea for an afternoon swim. If you are in the south, Malaga is a nice city to visit and is not too far from the coast. If you do end up visiting the province of Andalusia, you will find plenty of amazing moorish architecture. Cordoba is a great example of this with so many amazing buildings, and sites of cultural heritage to visit (Even one of the bridges into the city dates back to the Romans).

Things to do in Spain

Of course we all know you can swim, eat amazing food, soak up the sun and drink sangria to your heart's content. But there really is so much more to Spain then the simple pleasures. If you are in either Barcelona or Madrid you can visit one of the many museums or galleries in either city. Spain is of course, also known for its breathtaking architecture and lovely plazas. If you are a history fan then the old palaces, castles and gardens of cities like Cordoba are a must visit for anyone on a vacation. Naturally you should afford yourself some time to take care of your culinary desires, all we can say on this front is that you are absolutely spoiled for choice wherever you go. Meals can be amazingly cheap for how good they are as is the wine that accompanies.