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  • Hiring out through Goboony is completely free
  • The safe way to hire out your campervan
  • We provide support throughout the whole process
  • You decide how you want to rent out

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Frequently asked questions

At the top of the page you'll see the Sign Up button, which will provide you with three options. 
You can Sign up with Facebook, Sign up with Google or Sign up with your email address. The first two options are simply to make the process easier for you, to avoid filling in all your details and uploading a photo. Goboony will not have access to those accounts or ever post.
After you have chosen a method to sign up, you will need to verify your email address. You can do this through clicking on the button in the email sent to you - be sure to check your Spam folder in case it has ended up there. 
Once this is done, you can create an advertisement for your motorhome/campervan!

☑️Goboony meets all GDPR requirements
☑️Goboony never sells data to third parties
☑️Goboony will never post on your Facebook
☑️Other users will not see your account details, except for a Traveller once a booking has been confirmed.
When a Traveller views your vehicle when browsing through Goboony they are able to send you a message, giving them the opportunity to ask questions about your vehicle and to introduce themselves and of course, make a booking request. This is the way that bookings are initiated.
You haven't figured out exactly how much you stand to earn on Goboony so are hesitant to dive into a comprehensive self drive hire policy and it's initial costs. The good news is that technically you do not have to have an active rental policy when listing on the platform. Many people list outside peak season and take out their policy in time for their first booking.

You would need to at least have a quote from a recognised rental insurance broker/ underwriter as proof that your vehicle is eligible for such a policy.

By listing on Goboony however, you are formally agreeing that your vehicle(s) will have insurance coverage for any bookings you take on the platform and that it you take sole responsibility for ensuring this is possible.
The GoForm states that you must check the motorhome for any preexisting damage together with the Traveller before they leave with the motorhome.

Make sure to check both the interior and exterior of the vehicle for a thorough check.

Check if the promised appliances and amenities are present in the vehicle and are in full working order.
As an advertiser you can specify rules and conditions for renting your vehicle. You can already specify such rules as smoking or pets under booking conditions It is therefore not necessary to also state this in your house rules. Anything else can be put in your house rules section by going to My motorhome then Booking in the left hand column and typing in the text box.

☑️ On Goboony you get to set rules on how your motorhome is hired
Yes, it is possible to both offset the annual costs of your vehicle and even earn money on it long term. How much you earn will naturally depend on how often you rent out the motorhome.

This does not only depend on the number of rentals per year, but also on the type of camper you rent.

To find out more about the kind of rental income your vehicle could earn, check out our price calculator!

✔️ The price calculator is a great indication of what you can earn renting out.

✔️ Following Goboony guidelines and having the motorhome available for rental throughout the year yields higher earnings.
You can set a default year round minimum rental duration as well as for specific times of year. Many Advertisers opt to allow shorter rental durations outside of peak season and slightly longer ones at the busiest times of the year.

To customise these do the following:

1. Go to 'My motorhome'

2. Scroll down till you see 'Booking' on the left hand side and click on that

3. Once in 'booking' you can see the blue 'Add a minimum rental period' button. From there you can select dates and the minimum amount of days.
To create an advertisement you have to go through several steps, these are:

1. If you go to the Goboony homepage you can click list your motorhome.

2. You can create an advertisement on this page, make sure you make it as complete as possible. Also make sure you state any conditions and rules that are important to you for example the following: can be taken to a festival? Is suitable for families? Are pets allowed in your motorhome?

3. Before your advertisement is published and visible to Travellers, one of the Goboony team will call you to go over the advertisement, giving you the ideal opportunity to ask any remaining questions. Only after this phone call will your listing be published.

✔️ Goboony will always verify a new listing by calling the vehicle owner.
Absolutely! Goboony uses various security measures, protocols and checks to keep your data safe.

✔️ Your details are only visible to a Traveller after they have paid and confirmed the booking

✔️ Your information is never sold to third parties

✔️ Goboony meets all requirements of the AVG
Setting custom pricing on your listing throughout the year is easy and necessary to make the most of renting out. It can be done in just a few simple steps.

Setting your rates
1. When logged in, click on your profile in the top right of any page and then click on My Motorhome(s).
2. Scroll down and click on Pricing located under the conditions section on the left hand side.
3. To set default pricing input your desired prices in the 4 fields (Low, Shoulder (early), High and Shoulder late).
4. Click the blue 'save' Button.

Custom rates
1. Custom rates can be added in the same place as default pricing
2. Simply scroll down till you see the blue button saying 'Add a custom rate'
3. Select the price you want, then the dates you want this pricing rule to apply for.
4. Repeat step 3 for every custom rate you want to set and simply click the blue 'save' button when you are done.