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The Benefits of Goboony for owners

It’s free. Make up to $30,000 a year.

Holidaymakers you can trust

Lots of holidaymakers are looking for a motorhome to rent daily. On Goboony you will get bookings from travellers you can trust. We have checked their profiles and other people in the community made reviews.

You're in control

You set the rates and determine the availability of your motorhome through filling in the calendar. You decide who can rent your motorhome. Goboony makes renting your motorhome easy to manage and stress free.

Secure payments

Goboony will collect payments from holidaymakers through our secure payment platform. We also take care of deposits, damage claims, fines and payments for fees on extra mileage. 24 hours after your motorhome is hired we transfer the money straight to your bank account.

Listing your motorhome(s) is free

Listing your motorhome(s) on Goboony is always free for owners. No monthly fees or subscription required. When someone rents your motorhome you will receive 100% of the rental rate that you have set. The traveller will pay a fee for our service.

What other advertisers say about Goboony


I can directly see who wants to rent our motorhome. That gives me a very safe feeling.

Marjolein already rents her motorhome for four years. And now she is using Goboony for it.


Renting out my motorhome doesn’t cost me so much time anymore. Earning money never was so easy.

Wouter rents his motorhome for one year. And now he is using Goboony for it.

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Ad preview Want to see what your motorhome would look like on Goboony? Send some photos to us and we will make a provisional listing. If you like it, you can simply publish it and get your Goboony profile underway!”
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How it works for owners

Motorhome insurance

Make sure your insurance also covers rental. If your insurance doesn’t cover rental, we advise you to switch. Most insurance companies do cover rent with a special renting module. You will earn back those extra costs within one week of rental.


You can determine the deductible a renter has to pay in the case of damage.
Tip: This doesn’t always have to be the amount that the insurance company has set. It can make your motorhome more attractive when you lower the deductible.


We have separated deductibles and deposits. You don’t necessarily have to set those at the same price level. If the maximum deductible amount exceeds the deposit, we can always invoice the renter afterwards.

Roadside assistance & replacement vehicles

Of course you don’t want your renters to get stuck on the side of the road but those things can happen. Most of the time roadside assistance will be arranged by your insurance company. A renter unfortunately can’t insure this by himself. If you have this sorted out you will have an advantage over other letters.

Verified and reviewed profiles

Renters can assure the owner by adding verifications to their profile. We verify and email address and phone number, but renters can also link their Goboony account to other site profiles like Facebook and Google+. Furthermore, reviews that a renter has on their profile will help you decide whether you want to rent out your motorhome to this renter.

You make the decisions

It’s your choice to accept or decline a booking request. You will remain the boss when it’s about the motorhome. You choose who you wish to rent out to and who you wish to decline. The profile of a renter will help you decide. Quickly respond to booking requests. It will help your rental profile and reviews.

Secure payments

Payments through Goboony are safe and secure. Our processes are designed to protect both the traveler and you, the owner. As soon as the traveler has paid, the status of the booking changes into “confirmed”. If the key exchange goes well, Goboony will then transfer the money directly into your bank account 24 hours later.

Your reviews

Afterwards, the renter will leave a review about your motorhome and their experience with it. This review will appear on your listing page. Good reviews result in more booking requests. So make sure your renters come back home happy!

Listing is easy

In a few simple steps you listing will be online. First you provide some details about your motorhome like brand, category, number of beds and seats etc. Then you determine your rental rates and add some nice pictures. This process will only take you 5 minutes. List your motorhome
Do you need help? We can list your motorhome(s) for you. Please contact us.


Renters can find your motorhome by searching for a pickup and return date. You can easily keep track of your motorhome’s availability in the calendar.  Will there be periods when you are using the motorhome yourself? You can easily set the dates for which your motorhome is unavailable for rental. This way you will only receive booking requests for the time periods that your motorhome is available for rental.


You decide the rate and you can also determine a high season and a low season. You can also determine the renter’s deductible in the case of damage, the price per kilometer and the amount of free kilometers. Tip: Are you having a hard time thinking of the right rate for your motorhome? Then take a look at comparable motorhomes.

Key exchange & Goform

Talk through the last details with your renter up front, like the time of the key collection. Giving clear instructions about how the motorhome works will prevent questions from the renter halfway through the holiday.
A few days before the key collection you will get the GoForm. This has all the information and together you can make a few notes (for example the current milage).

Getting paid

If there have been no problems with the key collection then Goboony will transfer the rental fee payment directly into your bank account after 24 hours.

Breakdown or damage

Has your renter had damage or a breakdown? Try to support him all you can. Provide the renter up front with the phone number for roadside assistance.

Additional collections

After the renter returns your motorhome you will fill in the GoForm together and make notes of anything important. Any additional costs like extra kilometers or damage will be dealt with by Goboony right away. Traffic fines or tolls will be taken care of by Goboony at a later point in time.

Deposit hold

Goboony will hold the renters deposit for 24 hours after they have returned your motorhome.  If the renter has caused any damage report this to us within this 24 hour time period.

The Goboony app for motorhome owners

  • Dashboard with your statistics
  • Chat with hirers
  • Accept/Decline bookings

Newsletter for owners

Stay informed about the latest news and receive tips on renting out your motorhome