Terms and Conditions

Version 1.4, valid from January 01, 2017

These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of the Service of Goboony by people who are letting a motorhome, and those who are renting one. Renters are also known as Travellers on the website.

Goboony recommends you read these Terms and Conditions carefully, in order to ensure full knowledge about rights and duties.

  1. Definitions

    An individual profile page created and managed by you when registering to the platform.
    All information placed on the platform by Goboony, including but not limited to: lay-out, look-and-feel of the platform, logo’s en trademarks and certain texts.
    Confirmed Booking:
    A booking is confirmed the moment the Renter completes the first payment of the rental fee via the platform.
    The damage amount to be paid by the Renter.
    The form to be filled out by both the Renter and the Letter before the start of the rental period and after finalization of the rental period.
    IP Rights:
    All rights of intellectual property and the related rights including copyright, trademark, patent, design right, trade name rights, database rights and neighbouring rights and rights to know-how and one-line performances.
    The User who in the light of the Rental Agreement acts as the renting party. Also called advertiser or owner.
    The object being rented on Goboony, can also be called camper, campervan, RV, mobile home, recreational vehicle on the website.
    The platform which is reachable at www.goboony.com (or any other extension used by Goboony) and underlying pages, or the mobile application of Goboony, which allows you to use the Service.
    The user who in the light of the Rental Agreement is acting as the party who is renting. Also called: Traveller.
    Rental Agreement:
    The agreement which has been brought to life via the platform between Renter and Letter for the purpose of renting a motorhome.
    Rental Amount:
    The price agreed upon by Renter and Letter, for renting the motorhome including all additional costs, including Goboony service fees by Goboony.
    Rental Period:
    The booked period, between acquiring the keys by Renter and return of the keys to the Letter by the Renter.
    Reservation Request:
    The offer presented by the Renter/Traveller to close a rental agreement, as can be sent to the Letter via the platform.
    Security Deposit:
    The amount aside from the rental amount, to be charged prior to the rental period to guarantee liquidation in case of retrospective collection.
    The service provided to you, by Goboony, which consists of offering the platform on which rent and rental of motorhomes between parties is made possible.
    Terms and Conditions:
    These Terms and Conditions by Goboony.
    The term Traveller and Renter are both acknowledged to be the User who is acting as the party who is renting the motorhome in the light of the Rental Agreement.
    The person who has created an Account on the Platform with the purpose of using the Service.

    A. Rental Agreement

  2. Requirements for Renter/Traveller

    When registering as a Renter, these terms and conditions apply:

    1. The Renter is in possession of a valid driver's license, valid in the country where the motorhome is rented. The driver's license permits driving the rental vehicle.
    2. The RenterYou has not been found guilty (and has not been found guilty in the 8 years prior to registration as Renter) of driving under influence (liquor and/or narcotics), reckless driving, driving without insurance or insurance fraud.
    3. The Renter is not involved, (and have not been involved) in more than 2 damage claims by fault, in the 2 years prior to registration as Renter.
    4. The Renter is not (and has not been) excluded or refused by any insurance company because of reckless driving, and no additional requirements have been demanded because of this (for instance: higher insurance fee, higher Deductibles, and/or limitation of coverage) in the 8 years prior to their registration as a Renter.
    5. The Renter does not use any medication and does not suffer from any disabilities, which may negatively influence their driving.
    6. By registering as a Renter, all requirements mentioned above must be met. In case these requirements are not met (any more), use of the Service (any more) is not permitted, as a Renter, and Goboony is allowed to exclude said Renter from the Service.
    7. The Renter is solely responsible for any damages and charges that are caused, by not meeting the requirements mentioned above.
    8. Goboony is allowed to check the Renter's identity, credit rate, criminal history and drivers history with the use of third party databases.
    9. Goboony is allowed to, refuse the registration as Renter for any reason, or no reason.
    10. The Letter may impose requirements regarding minimum age.
  3. Requirements for Letter

    When registering as a Letter, these terms and conditions apply:

    1. The Letter owns 100% of the motorhome(s) they wish to let, or they are authorised to act as if they were the owner, by the owner of the motorhome.
    2. The Letter is in possession of a complete and valid driver's license, valid in the country in which the motorhome is rented. This condition does not apply in case the owner is a legal entity.
    3. In case the Letter does not meet these requirements (any more), they are not allowed to use the Service (any more) as a Letter, and Goboony is allowed to exclude them from the Service.
    4. A Letter is required to register the motorhome(s) they would like to let in their account. The motorhome needs to meet, and continue to meet the following conditions. By putting a motorhome up for rent, the Letter guarantees that the motorhome:
      1. meets all basic safety criteria;
      2. meets the criteria for ‘Motorhome’ as stated by the guidelines in the country of registration.
      3. has been regularly maintained as per advise of the manufacturer.
      4. has been (Periodically) tested according to national law of the country of registration, and you are in possession of the document that proves the motorhome is certified and tested for the rental period.
      5. has been insured and all taxes, like road tax have been fully paid;
      6. is fitted with a license plate which is valid in the country of registration.
      7. is completely damage-free, unless when this is expressly agreed upon with the traveler.
      8. contains all necessary fluids, (like motor oil, brake-fluid, coolant, etc.) unless when this is expressly agreed upon with the traveler.
    5. In case the motorhome does not meet the requirements above (any more), the Letter is required to remove their motorhome from their account and stop all current reservations or Rental Agreements immediately.
    6. The Letter is fully liable for any damages and charges caused by the fact that either the motorhome or the Letter does no longer meet the requirements and conditions mentioned above.
    7. Goboony is allowed to check the identity and criminal history of Letters.
    8. Goboony is allowed to refuse registration as Letter, or registration of a motorhome, for any reason, or no reason.
  4. Rental Agreement Obligations

    1. This Rental Agreement becomes applicable when the first payment for the accepted request is made by the Renter.
    2. The house rules of the Letter are part of the Rental Agreement. In case of conflicting house rules and Terms and Conditions, the latter shall prevail.
    3. Goboony is not acting as a party in this Rental Agreement. Goboony is merely a middleman by offering the Platform where motorhomes can be advertised, and by facilitating payments.
    4. The Renter is responsible to comply with the following obligations towards the Letter:
      1. The Renter uses the motorhome in a careful manner, as a paterfamilias, and according to its destination and manual guide.
      2. The Renter does not make any changes to the motorhome, or the inventory.
      3. The Renter will not allow the motorhome to be used by others, or rented to others, and makes sure only those drivers who have been confirmed by the Letter, to be drivers, will drive the motorhome.
      4. The Renter needs to comply with the maximum amount of passengers, as instructed by the Letter, at all times. The maximum amount of passengers equates the maximum amount of legally allowed seats in the motorhome, as mentioned by the Letter.
      5. The Renter needs to carry out reasonable instructions provided by the Letter. These instructions are to be recorded in the GoForm.
      6. During the rental period, the Letter has to take care of obvious management aspects, like for instance checking the oil and coolant levels (at least every 1000 kilometres).
      7. The Renter is responsible for all fees and charges, related to the status, location and safety of the motorhome, during the rental period.
      8. The Renter is not allowed to consume liquor or narcotics before and during piloting the motorhome, and has to refrain from breaking any traffic rules, which are present in the country where the motorhome and Renter are located.
    5. The Renter guarantees that all passengers and, in agreement with the Letter allocated, the drivers of the motorhome will act according to the Rental Agreement.
    6. The Letter is obligated to provide the motorhome to the Renter as agreed in, and by the conditions of article 3.
    7. The Letter is required to prevent the Renter from taking possession of the motorhome in case the Letter reasonably believes the Renter:
      1. Does not meet the conditions of Renter as listed in article 2;
      2. Is unable to drive the motorhome;
      3. Is unable to show a valid driver's license.
      In the above-mentioned cases, the Letter is allowed to terminate the Rental Agreement, which will not result in any fees, fines, or penalties.
    8. The Renter is required to refuse the motorhome in case Renter reasonably believes the Letter:
      1. Does not meet the conditions of Letter as listed in article 2;
      2. Damages to the motorhome are not correctly recorded in the GoForm, and/or refuses to cooperate to record the damages correctly.
      In the above-mentioned cases, the Renter is allowed to terminate the Rental Agreement, which will not result in any fees, fines, or penalties.
    9. Renter and Letter will sign the GoForm prior to the Rental Period. In the GoForm, the Renter declares the motorhome to be without any damage or defects, with the exception of damage that already existed. Any existing damage will be marked clearly, with consideration, in the areas available on the GoForm. The mileage, and position of the fuel gage, will also be noted on the GoForm. The signed GoForm will become part of the Rental Agreement.
    10. The Renter is responsible to return the motorhome:
      1. At the agreed date, time and place;
      2. Without any personal belongings, belonging to the Renter still present in the Motorhome;
      3. Without committing any traffic or parking violations.
      4. Including its keys and papers;
      5. With the fuel gage showing in the same position as noted in the GoForm, unless otherwise agreed upon in the Rental Agreement, or at collection of the motorhome;
      6. In the same condition (when it comes to damage and cleanliness) as when the GoForm was signed, unless otherwise agreed upon in the Rental Agreement, or at collection of the motorhome;
    11. Renter and Letter will sign the GoForm after the Rental Period has come to an end. After the Rental Period is completed, the Renter will declare in the GoForm, to have returned the motorhome without any damage or defect (occurred during the Rental Period). Damage, which has originated since the start of the Rental Period needs to be marked, together with the Letter, on the GoForm. The position of the fuel gage, and mileage will also be noted in the GoForm.
    12. In case of a conflict between Renter and Letter, Goboony reserves the right to act as a mediator.
  5. Cancellation Terms

    1. Renters can cancel any Reservation Request that has not been accepted by the Letter free of charge.
    2. Letters can decline any Reservation Request.
    3. Both parties can terminate the Rental Agreement, free of charge and without any obligations towards each other, as long as the booking is not Confirmed.
    4. When the first payment request made by Goboony related to the Rental Agreement has not been paid within 3 days by the Renter, the underlying Rental Agreement will expire. No cancellation fees apply.
    5. Letters, when offering a motorhome, can choose one of 3 cancellation rates, (flexible, moderate or strict), which will be imposed on Renters. In case the Letter does not make a choice, the 'moderate' terms will apply.

      Conditions: Flexible Moderate Strict
      Is the date of Cancellation: Costs of Cancellation:
      Within 24 hours prior to departure: 90% 100% 100% of the rental fee
      Within 1 week prior to departure: 75% 90% 100% of the rental fee
      Within 2 weeks prior to departure: 50% 75% 100% of the rental fee
      Within 10 weeks prior to departure: 25% 50% 50% of the rental fee
      More than 10 weeks prior to departure: 10% 25% 25% of the rental fee
    6. In case a Renter cancels a Confirmed Booking, he will be charged with the cancellation rates as agreed upon in the Rental Agreement.
    7. Returning the motorhome before return date will never result in restitution of (a part of) the Rental Amount.
    8. In case a Letter cancels a Confirmed booking, the Renter will be reimbursed fully and his payment obligation will cease to exist. The Letter will not be paid. Goboony will fine the Letter to a maximum amount of £1,000 in case there are no circumstances beyond control of the Letter. These circumstances are to be proved by the Letter. Goboony will decide on the matter of circumstances beyond control. The fine will be allocated to benefit the Renter, though possible costs made by Goboony will be subtracted from the amount. Additionally, the cancellation will be mentioned on the ad page of the Letter.
  6. Duration, termination and extension of the Rental Agreement

    1. The Rental Agreement lasts for a certain period. The Renter and the Letter can only terminate the Rental Agreement before expiration in accordance to the Goboony Cancellation Terms as mentioned in the Terms and Conditions.
    2. The return of the motorhome prior to expiration of the Rental Period cannot be considered to be a cancellation and will not have any consequences as to the duration of the Rental Agreement or the owed Rental Amount.
    3. The same procedure must be followed to extend the Rental Period, as when it was initiated. In case this extension is not accepted the original duration will remain valid.
  7. Damage, retrospective costs and fines

    1. The Renter is liable toward the Letter for any damage and the correlating tow- and transport costs with a maximum of the Deductible. Both the Renter and Letter will agree upon the Deductible. The deductible will count toward each individual damage.
    2. The Deductible will solely apply to damage to the motorhome and/or the inventory. The Letter cannot claim any damage that exceeds the Deductible. The Letter can, in case he wishes to do so, insure himself for the exceeding amount. The Deductible does not apply to any other, attributable shortcomings by the Renter for which the Renter is liable towards the Letter.
    3. All countries for which the international insurance card of the Letter is valid can be visited with the motorhome. Countries, which are in a partial or full state of war, or where war or unrest is foreseeable, can absolutely not be visited.
    4. In case of damage to the motorhome and/or third parties caused by a traffic accident, whether or not caused by fault of the Renter, the official damage form will be filled out by the Renter, and he will, when necessary allow the police to file a report.
    5. In case police or the justice department seizes the motorhome because in their opinion, the Renter was carrying narcotics, driving carelessly, has neglected motorhome management, or has been part of any other crime; the Renter will be obligated to refund all damages suffered by the Letter because of this. The costs for the Letter, being it legal or regular costs will be fully charged to the Renter.
    6. Costs suffered by the Letter, by breaking and entering, loss and/or theft caused by the Renter, and/or damage caused by intent or wilful recklessness by the Renter and/or his passengers/drivers will be claimed fully from the Renter, no matter the Deductible in place.
    7. The Letter is never liable for any personal, immaterial, material, consequential- or injury based damages suffered by the Renter or his co-renter(s), originated because of use of the motorhome, a mechanical error, a traffic accident, or a single- or double-caused damage event.
    8. In case the Letter tries to claim a damage that was already present before the use of the Renter, from the Renter, all real costs of necessary expertise, claim handling, and additional administrative fees will be claimed from the Letter, with a minimum amount of EUR 1000,- per event. The police will be notified and the Letter will be charged with insurance fraud.
    9. The Letter is solely responsible to mention the rental of the motorhome to his current insurance company. The Letter needs to calculate whether the mileage of his current insurance policy needs to be changed, and communicate this to the insurance company.
    10. Goboony can claim retrospective costs from the Renter, for the Letter, for amongst others, but not limited to; additional kilometres driven, traffic fines, toll-charges, damage, Deductibles, fines for late return or not cleaning the motorhome. An additional administration fee may be charged.
  8. Payment

    1. The Renter will complete the Rental Amount as agreed upon in the Rental Agreement. Normally, the Renter will pay 50% of the Rental Amount within 3 days after acceptance of the Reservation Request. 3 weeks before the start of the Rental Period the remaining 50% will be paid. In case the Rental Agreement originates more than 3 months prior to the Rental Period the Renter will pay 25% of the Rental Amount within 3 days after acceptance of the Reservation Request, 25% of the Rental Amount 3 months before the start of the Rental Period and the remaining 50% 3 weeks before the start of the Rental Period. In case the Rental Agreement originates less than 3 weeks prior to the Rental Period, the entire Rental Amount needs to be paid all at once.
    2. Goboony is allowed to charge a fee for the Service. This fee will be withdrawn from the Rental Amount. This will be done automatically by raising the request rental amount of the Letter, to the total Rental Amount.
    3. The payment options are listed on the Platform. All payments are taken care of in collaboration with a third party. All payments will be made to this party, after which this third party will pay the total amount of payments to Goboony. Goboony will, after subtracting her fee, share the payments with the Letter within 24 hours after the initiation of the Rental Period and Key-transfer.
    4. The payment amount to Letter or Renter is based on the data of Goboony, unless you can prove it is incorrect.
    5. Goboony is not liable when it comes to mistakes with the origination or initiation of Rental Agreements, for instance in relation to the desired Rental Period or the type of motorhome.
    6. Goboony will claim additional costs that remain after the Rental Agreement has expired from the Renter, except when the Renter and the Letter have agreed otherwise. These costs can originate from:
      1. Additional conditions as mentioned in the Rental Agreement;
      2. The Deductibles in case of demonstrable damage to the motorhome and/or inventory;
      3. Fines and procedural costs regarding parking- traffic or other violations (including towing costs or wheel clamp costs) caused by the Renter during the Rental Period.
      4. Toll-charges;
      5. Property damage caused by negligence by the Renter in regards to these Terms and Conditions;
      6. Property damage caused by negligence by the Renter in regards to the Rental Agreement;
      7. VAT or other taxes charged on amounts referred to in this article.
    7. The Renter permits, the by the Letter required Security Deposit, to be paid or to be held on the credit card. This Security Deposit can be used after the Rental Agreement has expired, to cash the additional costs owed to the Letter, as mentioned above.
    8. Goboony will not be held accountable, in case the Letter, for any reason, cannot claim additional costs by the Renter.
    9. Goboony reserves the right to settle any owed amounts and to suspend her Service, whenever it pleases.

    B. Platform

  9. Relevance

    1. These Terms and Conditions are relevant to any use of the Service and to the Rental Agreement.
    2. Goboony reserves the right to change or complement these Terms and Conditions whenever it pleases.
    3. The most recent Terms and Conditions are to be found on the Platform. In case of a change of Terms and Conditions, the new Terms and Conditions will be mentioned, the next time you use the Platform. By continues use of the platform after changes or complements to the Terms and Conditions, you accept the changes or complements to the Terms and Condition irrevocably. If you do not agree with the changed or complemented to the Terms and Conditions, your only option is to stop using the Service, and to contact Goboony to request deletion of your Account.
  10. Registration and Account

    1. To use the Service to its full potential a user is required to create an Account as described on the Platform. This guarantees towards Goboony that the information provided whilst creating the Account is complete and correct. During the registration a user is required to enter a username and password, which will allow them access to the Platform and your Account.
    2. A user is solely responsible for the adjustment of their information when they are no longer correct. They recognise and understand that it is of great importance to the functioning of the Platform that all information is complete and correct. As an example, Goboony will not be able to pay users, in case their bank details are no longer correct.
    3. Information entered during registration will be saved in a database and processed in accordance to the Privacy- & Cookie Policy.
    4. A user is solely responsible for keeping their password and username a secret. They are not allowed to share their username and/or password to third parties, or allow third parties access to their Account in any way. They are responsible and liable for the use of the Platform through their username and password combination. Goboony is allowed to act as if they are indeed the person who is logged in with their username and password. A user must notify Goboony as soon as they know, or suspect that their username or password has been stolen. Users are also obligated to take necessary measures, like changing the password.
  11. The Platform

    1. The user recognises the fact that the sole purpose of Goboony offering the Platform is to connect with other users and engage in a Rental Agreement with them via the Platform. Goboony facilitates, but does not have any knowledge of/and interference with the information exchanged by you or any other Users on the Platform, and the motorhomes that are being made available through the Platform. Goboony is no party in any Rental Agreement and is not liable as such.
    2. The user agrees that the Service solely offers the functionality and features as they appear on the Platform at the moment of use, (on “as is” basis). Goboony strongly excludes expressed and silent guarantees, commitments and warranties of any kind, including but not limited to, guarantees, commitments, and waivers regarding quality, safety, lawfulness, integrity, and the correctness of the Service and the information offered on it, unless otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions.
    3. Goboony reserves the right to change, alter or lock the Platform or Service without becoming liable to you. In case you do not agree with the implemented changes and/or alteration, your only remedy is by no longer using the Service, and contacting Goboony with the request of deleting your Account.
    4. Goboony does not guarantee that the Service will be available at all times, with or without interruptions or malfunction. Malfunctions in the Service can occur amongst other, but not limited to, malfunctions in the internet – or phone connections or by viruses or faults/errors. Goboony is not liable to you for any damage that is caused by the (temporarily) unavailability, or (interim) failure of the Service.
    5. Goboony reserves the right to, without prior notice, and without becoming liable to you, suspend the Service or limit its use, whenever she deems this to be necessary, for instance in the light of a reasonably necessary maintenance operation of the platform.
  12. Creation of the Rental Agreement

    1. A Letter can choose the Rental Amount, as well as the additional costs per kilometre and other conditions when offering a motorhome for rent.
    2. In case a Renter is interested in renting a motorhome, he will request a reservation for a period to be determined by the Renter (the Reservation Request). The Renter is allowed to place multiple Reservation Requests.
    3. The Letter will receive a message regarding the Reservation Request. In case the Letter wants to accept the request, he can do so on the Platform. Goboony can cancel additional, unaccepted Reservation Requests for the same period of the Renter, because of this.
    4. The content of the Rental Agreement will be shaped by the conditions mentioned in article 12.1, these Terms and Conditions and additional conditions between the Renter and the Letter will be agreed upon. Additionally, national conditions will be binding, as long as they have not been excluded. Renter and Letter are expected to be familiar with these conditions
  13. IP Rights

    1. Goboony and/or Goboony’s licensers own the IP rights that relate to the Service as well as the public Content made available via the Platform.
    2. Goboony allows you a restricted, personal, retractable, non-exclusive, non sub-licensable, non-transferable right to use the Service, as mentioned in our Terms and Conditions.
    3. It is not allowed to delete, hide, change or obscure any mentions or notices related to IP rights.
    4. Nothing mentioned in the Terms and Conditions is aimed to transfer any IP rights to you. You will not operate in a way that breaches IP rights belonging to Goboony, like registering domain names, trademarks or GoogleAdwords that look like, or are identical to, any object subject to Goboony IP rights.
    5. Without Goboony’s written consent, it is not allowed to request or re-use substantial parts of the Content, or to repeatedly and systematically request or re-use in-substantial parts of the Content, as mentioned in the ‘Databankenwet’. The automated reproduction of Content via spiders, crawlers or robots, or anything like that, is only allowed in case the conditions mentioned in the robots.txt file are met. This file is mentioned on the Platform.
    6. Governed by these User conditions, you will maintain your IP rights for all content which you make available on the Platform.
    7. You agree that by uploading information to the Platform, you automatically provide Goboony with a free, unencumbered, worldwide, sub-licensable, non-exclusive license to share this information to be able to offer the Service, and multiple and publicise all the information added to the platform. This license expires as soon as you remove this information from the Platform.
  14. Liability

    1. Goboony is solely liable for direct damage (as described below) which is suffered or caused by an attributable shortcoming of Goboony, to a maximum amount of £1,000. The total liability forthcoming from this agreement will never exceed that amount.
    2. Direct damage is solely damage originated by:
      1. material damage to goods;
      2. reasonable costs made to prevent or limit direct damage, which could be expected to be caused by the event to which liability is related.
      3. reasonable costs made to determine the cause of damage, the liability and the direct damage and means of repair.
    3. Every liability of Goboony with the exception of direct damage, including consequential loss, is excluded. Consequential loss is at least: lost profits, lost savings, loss of goodwill, damage by stagnation, losses, costs made to prevent or determine consequential loss, loss, damage of electronic data and/or damage by delay in data traffic.
    4. Goboony is never liable for damage resulting from:
      1. Information received by Goboony from third parties, or information available on website of third parties, which are linked to by Goboony;
      2. Information placed on the website by Users;
      3. Damages or loss to/of properties, including a motorhome;
      4. Death or injuries, unless caused by negligence of Goboony;
      5. Traffic or parking violations;
      6. Fuel costs;
      7. Violation of these Terms and Conditions by another User;
      8. Termination of the Rental Agreement, deletion of an Account, a motorhome or other goods of the Platform.
    5. This limit to liability of Goboony does not aim to limit liability in cases of intent or wilful recklessness by Goboony and/or to exclude her supervisors or subordinates.
    6. You safeguard Goboony for all damage and costs, including but not limited to damage caused by an (alleged) breach of IP-rights, third party claims, collection costs, legal interest, loss of profits, fines and legal fees, suffered by or caused by Goboony or which originate from (i) an attributable shortcoming to honour these Terms and Conditions by you, (ii) your use of the Service or (iii) tort.
  15. Termination

    1. Users of the service have the right to, at any moment, discontinue their use of the Service and terminate and delete their Account. The termination of their Account will not have any consequences in regards to Rental Agreements that have been brought to life before termination is constituted. All Reservation Requests will be cancelled.
    2. Goboony has the right to block the use of the Service, shut a user down, and/or, delete their Account in case of violation of any condition in these Terms and Conditions.
    3. In the event of a necessity of receiving payment or if a user has a positive balance, at the moment of termination, Goboony will guarantee these amounts will be transferred to you.
    4. All amounts that are owed to Goboony will be claimable as soon as the Account is terminated.
  16. Additional Terms

    1. These Terms and Conditions and all conflicts arising from them and/or are related to them, are subject to Dutch law.
    2. All conflicts arising from and/or are related to these Terms and Conditions are to be submitted to the competent judge in Amsterdam, unless mandatory law appoints another judge to be competent.
    3. In case any of the terms or conditions in these Terms and Conditions are void or appear to be voidable, or in case they are, for any reason deemed to be invalid, the remaining terms and conditions of these Terms and Conditions will remain valid. Goboony will replace the invalid condition by a condition that is valid and for which the legal consequences, according to the content and purpose of these Terms and Conditions, will be matching the invalid conditions as much as possible.
    4. Goboony is allowed to transfer or pawn any assets, powers, rights, obligations and actions that are related to these Terms and Conditions to third parties and will notify you in case this happens. You hereby declare to cooperate with any transfer or pawn in the future, and allow the third party to exercise all rights acquired by a transfer or pawn.