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Motorhome hire on Goboony

Motorhome hire is becoming increasingly popular amongst owners and holidaymakers alike. Many owners find it a shame that their vehicle spends much of the year in storage or parked on the driveway. They now have a safe and simple way to hire their motorhome or campervan to others, earning back some of the costs and typically a nice sum on top of that.

At Goboony we understand that motorhomes are meant to go on an adventure and that's why we make it easy for owners to put their motorhome up for hire. We have made sure that creating a listing is easy and created a platform where you decide and customise the the ideal hiring experience ! From the rates you request to the conditions you set. Goboony takes care of the contracts and we receive the payments. We also collect the deposit, fines and claims for you, creating a reliable payment system to suit the needs of both parties. Of course, you should familiarise yourself with the processes of rental to best decide how you want to use Goboony and how to get the most out of private motorhome hire. We’ve got you covered for this with our free downloadable E-book on renting out your motorhome. It contains everything you need to know. We also run workshops attend motorhome shows and have a forum for existing owners. Our community, like us want you to get the most out of renting out your motorhome and to have a fun, successful experience!