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Benefits of Goboony for travelers

With Goboony you can rent a motorhome secure and safe directly from the owner.

Lots of choice

With Goboony finding hundreds of unique motorhomes is easy. Making a request will show you exactly how much the fee is. Search and book directly through the website.


Goboony is all about trust. For travelers to book secure and safe, for owners to trust travellers with their valuable asset. In personal profiles and direct messages you can send to owners you can learn more about each other. With reviews you can learn from previous experiences.

No surprises

We made comparing renting conditions easy. Your own risk is limited to an amount the advertiser specifies in his advertisement. Also every owner can indicate if roadside assistance and a replacement vehicle has been arranged for.


Advertisers can only advertise their motorhome once they have met all legal obligations for renting their motorhome in a country. That is one of the strict conditions that Goboony sets to advertisers. So you can rest assure that your motorhome meets all legal obligations.

Secure payments

Payments through Goboony are safe and secure. You pay 50% at booking, and 50% three weeks before you leave. Our processes are designed to protect both you and the owner. We will only pay out the owner after you got the keys and are on the road 24 hours later. In the mean time your money is stored safely. Not even we can touch it.


The motorhome owner told us in detail how the roadside assistance was arranged. That gave me a very secure feeling while I was on the road..

Yoke went on a long holiday last summer with a camper from Goboony.


Because of the enclosed GoForm it was clear from the start in what condition the campervan was when we picked it up. This way it’s very easy to avoid any discussions afterwards!

Pieter rented a campervan multiple weekends via Goboony.