About Goboony

How amazing would it be to rent a motorhome on the other side of the world, and go on an awesome trip? Now that’s a real adventure! Exploring peaceful unknown areas teeming with the beauty of nature, small towns full of culture where you can have new experiences. Being albe to decide whether you want to stay somewhere or not is made easy because your accomodation is on wheels. During a motorhome holiday you experience true freedom! At Goboony we want to give everyone the possibility to experience the freedom or or to share the freedom with motorhome holidaymakers.

Goboony is a platform where motorhome owners and hirers are brought together. Whether you want to hire a top of the range motorhome, or an iconic campervan. You can find the perfect motorhome for your trip. If you love adventure and the freedom of the open road, you've come to the right place!

The Team

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    Mark de Vos


    Both of his motorhomes were spending most of their time in his garage. Realising this, he had an idea for creating an online platform to help solve this issue. Prior to Goboony, he was the commercial director of a car importer group, before becoming a consultant specialising in business growth. He has the gift of gab, his glass is always half full and he likes to go out in the boony's with his family.

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    Foppe Mijnlieff


    The creative force behind Goboony; Foppe is at his best when he’s online. He's helped various startups to go from scratch to being lucrative businesses. In other words: he gets things done! He’s also in love with the piano (he’s a member of a jazz-band) and when the sun is shining you will probably find him somewhere 'in the boonies' enjoying the sun. Practise what you preach!

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    Nicolas Koenig

    Lead Developer

    Knows everything about difficult computer codes and complex systems. All the awesome technical features on the website are made by Nico himself. Everyday we hear the same message: “Hey guys, have you seen this new feauture on the website?”. He has the unique ability to translate the wishes of our customers into the easy to use features on the website.

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    Virginie Delporte

    Human Resources & Insurance

    Before becoming part of the Goboony family, Virginie worked in venture capital coaching hundreds of startups. Business development is therefore second nature to her. Her mission at Goboony is international expansion. A globetrotter at heart, she has been travelling all over with motorhomes, from the Polar Circle to the Carpathian hometown of Dracula. However, her ultimate sense of freedom is to have fun at work!

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    William van Tienen

    Head of Supply

    William is responsible for the Supply team. He works together with the various supply managers to grow the community of motorhomes and he is always willing to help the owners. Together with Margje he is the proud owner of a VW T3. He can be found in the van almost every day, which gives him a sense of freedom even on a normal Tuesday evening. In a few years, they want to take the van on a world tour, with Latin America as its first destination.

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    Werner van den Bergh

    Head of Support & Operations

    Werner has been around since the very beginning of Goboony. Starting out as an intern, Werner is now the COO! Also responsible for SEA & SEO and probably several other acronyms. He likes getting his hands dirty when it comes to growth hacking and making sure operations are running smoothly.

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    Tessa Akse

    Head of Community

    Tessa experienced her ultimate feeling of freedom whilst on a backpacking trip through Indonesia last year. Having completed her studies in communication, she now works at Goboony where she is responsible for building our community. Her dream is to embark on a trip around the world, a dream that will finally become a reality at the end of the year, when she will spend 7 months travelling through Asia and the Americas!

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    Margje Hoogland

    Content Marketer

    Margje is Goboony's content marketer and is happy to write, edit and do creative things every day. She is addicted to travel and the feeling of freedom that it gives her and she has a wonderful collection of stamps in her passport. At Goboony she was bitten by de camperbug and together with William she owns a VW T3. Once they are going to travel the world in it.

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    Xanne Freesen

    Supply Manager NL

    As part of the Supply Team in the Netherlands, Xanne welcomes new owners to the platform, and helps them through the hiring process. Everyone can always count on her. Her dream trip is a round trip through New Zealand in a camper with a roof tent, but together with her brother she is looking for her own camper that they want to convert. Xanne’s ultimate sense of freedom is experienced when she discovers new cities and places around the world.

  • Thumb 240 332b0555 c0d1 4c61 a2c8 2c2c3fb65819

    Valentijn Velthuizen

    Support and Supply Assistant NL

    Valentijn is involved in increasing the community of camp owners in the Netherlands. He is also very handy. When there is a screw missing or the battery of the Goboony camper is broken, he always conjures up a spare from the trunk of his car. He is also crazy about traveling, he has seen many countries in Europe, but there are also some trips on his bucket list. Traveling with a camper through Lapland and to the North Cape or a city trip to Tokyo, for example.

  • Thumb 240 2551909e 5c36 4147 8902 2187a1681dd0

    Hielke Koopstra

    Data Analyst

    Hielke is our Data Analyst and knows every piece of data. He also contributes to the Support. He has visited many countries in Europe, from Portugal to Czech Republic. Hielke’s ultimate goal is to take a roadtrip across the US from East to West America, or the length of Japan. Until then, he will remain in Europe going on local camping trips and visiting his pet duck.

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    Pedro Carmona

    Full-stack Developer

    Pedro develops and maintains the Goboony website. He attained a Computer Engineering’s Masters degree from the University of Coimbra, Portugal. He uses his knowledge and experience to help Goboony reach its innovative plans. His goal is to go in a round-the-world trip.

  • Thumb 240 b4072320 3674 4239 a71d b01facb340fd

    Jeroen Ducorney

    Country Manager Belgium

    Jeroen is studying Automotive Business Management. At Goboony he is committed toincreasing brand awereness within the Belgian market. He also arranges partnerschips. He exercises his freedom by travelling in oldtimers from different countries. So far hehas travelled through Italy with a Fiat 500, and through England in a Triumph Spitfire!

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    Matt Williams

    Country Manager UK

    Matt is responsible for growing the UK market through social media, content creation and digital marketing campaigns. He has a passion for all things food (especially cake…) and never feels freer than when experimenting in the kitchen. Having visited many places, Matt would have to say that seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time was one of his most memorable experiences, closely followed by the picture-perfect vistas of Santorini. High on his travel bucket list is making a campervan tour of the stunning scenery of New Zealand.

  • Thumb 240 06573ae1 7ccb 440d a623 b9d71fbd099c

    Jake Stone

    Supply Manager United Kingdom

    As a seasoned traveller, Jakes goal is to bring the freedom of Goboony to the UK. Jake is, together with Patrick, responsible for the supply of the UK. Jakes most memorable holiday was sailing throughout the Adriatic sea. His dream trip would be to travel around Mongolia in a motorhome, but firts he is on a backpacktrip through Thailand, Japan and Australia.

  • Thumb 240 35417ded 2df8 4339 b6af 72d99e9bc958

    Patrick Magee

    Supply Manager UK

    Patrick is the Supply Manager UK, helping to expand our motorhome community throughout the United Kingdom. Patrick has enjoyed trips such as hitchhiking from the Netherlands to Spain and travelling across Israel/Palestine. His ultimate travelling goal is a road trip through Iran and Central Asia.

  • Thumb 240 e503c226 842d 400a b38b c8a65fd6d546

    Fleurine Tideman

    Assistant Marketing & Communication UK

    Following the completion of her degree in Psychology and Anthropology, Fleurine became part of our UK Team as a Marketing and Communication Assistant. Her most memorable trips have been across central and southern Asia, particularly Nepal which she hopes to return to in the coming years to complete the Everest Base Camp trek. Her ultimate feeling of freedom comes from a trip with no prior bookings or routes set, such as hiring a motorhome in the Netherlands and finding your own journey across the continent.

  • Thumb 240 dc39cb31 b206 4dca 9b2a df50cd56246f

    Andrea Veselá

    Assistant Marketing & Communication UK

    At Goboony, Andrea will mainly be writing blogs about traveling, travel tips and ways to make traveling easier and work on social media. She feels free when she is able to travel around a new place without any restrictions on time. Visiting Indonesia for a few weeks was beautiful, but she also has great memories of little roadtrips around Europe. She would love to visit the national parks in Borneo and backpack throughout Italy, from North to South.

  • Thumb 240 b99027ec 1943 4646 9979 8315ebbacfe8

    Lorena Fullone

    Marketing & Communication Manager Italy

    As Marketing & Communication Manager, Lorena works with the content creation, communication and helps to expand the Goboony community in Italy. Her dream trip was to go to New York, one of the most beautiful trips she has ever made. Being a sea and beach lover, she’s already thinking about her next trip to the Maldives and Sri Lanka for next year. Dream big and follow your dream gives her the ultimate feeling of freedom.

  • Thumb 240 97458f95 5b3c 4785 b33e 432785a05014

    Mattia Coin

    Support IT

    Mattia has loved to travel from an early age with the desire to discover new places and cultures. His dream is to visit Japan and most of the eastern countries. He thinks that there is no greater freedom than to travel without thoughts, following the path that most inspires him. For this reason, Mattia is very attached to the quality of the trips of our Boonies, to guarantee them the best possible experience.

  • Thumb 240 5f60d7e1 3c26 42c9 ae57 2afcbf38d0ef

    Alessandra Giliberto

    Assistant Marketing & Communication Italy

    Alessandra is Marketing and Communication Assistant for the Italian Team. She feels free when every day is filled with challenges and accomplishments, but also when she is drinking coffee and reading a good book. Her most beautiful trip was a road trip across Sicily, end to end. Two intense weeks of breath-taking landscapes, blue sea and incredibly delicious food. On her bucket list is a backtrip from Colombia to Patagonia.

  • Thumb 240 77cb0212 6104 426c 8358 989734c5fe5d

    Youri Beekink

    Assistant support NL

    Youri studies Tourism Management and he works on support in both the UK and the Netherlands as well as conducting research in conversion optimisation. With a passion for travel and tourism, Youri has visited many places around Europe. His greatest wish is to one day tour Scandinavia in a motorhome. Youri experienced the ultimate sense of freedom when he went on a road trip with friends in Morocco.

  • Thumb 240 cfb9a28a 305d 4b72 978d d1d4397027a7

    Dieke Dijkstra

    Assistant Support NL

    Dieke is part of the Customer Support department of Goboony. In addition, she conducts research on customer satisfaction on the site. Her most beautiful and memorable trip so far has been to Java where she was blown away by the people and natural splendour of the region. After completing her studies, she wants to broaden her travels around Asia with places like Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka being high on her list. Dieke’s ultimate feeling of freedom is simply being on holiday; which is why she wants to discover more of the world.

  • Thumb 240 e84ecf6a cd1b 4412 8e2e b28d516d9ffe

    Daisy Tiemissen

    Assistent Marketing en Communication

    Daisy is the Marketing and Communications Assistant. Daisy’s favorite spots are wherever the weather is warm and the food is good. Her ultimate feeling of freedom is when she gets in her car without a plan and drives without a final destination. Daisy’s dream trips are around America, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Thumb 240 3625c49b 5fba 436f 8785 eee44e853b43

    Vincent Witteveen

    Online Marketing assistant NL

    Vincent will be writing an online marketing strategy aimed at expansion in the UK. Furthermore, he will be involved in supporting the marketing efforts of Goboony and learning more wherever he can. He feels free when he is abroad and finding his way in a big city on his own. The most beautiful trip he has ever made was along the west coast of the United States. High on his bucket list is a trip across South America.

  • Thumb 240 1428945c 5b2d 41dd ae1c a070ef4695f7

    Nikita van Boom

    Assistant marketing & communication NL

    Nikita is part of the marketing department and works on link building and writing blogs. She feels most free when she can relax on holidays. Last June she took the chance to visit China for the second time in her life and in the future she would love to travel to South Africa. She wants to experience a safari and the beautiful city of Cape Town.

  • Thumb 240 9f6579b4 6be4 4503 8a16 bd700b14a67d

    Julia Pieters

    Assistant supply NL

    Julia works on improving the quality of the listings on Goboony in order to offer better service to (potential) renters. Her ultimate feeling of freedom is experienced during a holiday where the final destination is still unknown and where she can do what she wants every day. So far her favorite trip was island hopping in Greece and she would love to travel throughout southern Europe for a whole summer long.

  • Thumb 240 0ab25215 ca59 42f3 85be 38733848b406

    Demi de Groot

    Assistant supply NL

    Demi is part of the Supply Team and will be investigating which markets in Europe are interesting for Goboony. The trip she enjoyed most in her life was to Lapland, where she met Santa and went on a husky safari! Her ultimate feeling of freedom, however, was on a trip through Iceland. She still dreams of going on a trip to Patagonia and Antarctica, but Madagascar is certainly at the top of her bucket list!

  • Thumb 240 e3ab36cc ed31 4679 ad37 e86d811b99a8

    Julian Dubbe

    Assistant support NL

    Julian is involved in the support process and wants to positively increase the full customer experience at GoBoony! He has already been travelling around south-east Asia where he felt ultimate freedom by standing on top of a Bali volcano at sunrise. The most beautiful trip he’s ever made is discovering the Halong Bay in the north of Vietnam. In the future he wants to travel between Costa Rica, Bolivia and Peru and do some hiking there too!’

Advisory Board

  • Thumb 240 fdd0957c 90af 490d 9a15 c14f648a35e7

    Ronald Zwartkruis

    Entrepreneur / Investor

    Ronald has been an entrepreneur since 1999 and has his roots in Online Market Research. After he successfully sold his company back in 2015, with a short break setting up a sharing economy company himself, Parkyourcar, he now is back and acts as managing director of his own company NETQ Healthcare founded in 2008, serving the healthcare industry. As an investor in both Snappcar and Goboony, Ronald utilises his broad experience and network to advise Goboony on their strategic topics and growth. When Ronald is not working he will be mountaneering, a big passion of his.

  • Thumb 240 74479213 1c73 4488 9cb3 d554b404d4ca

    Stan Stolwerk

    Managing Director NKC (Europe's largest motorhome club)

    Within NKC is Stan is responsible for vision and strategy develpment. Stan inspires and is a connector, who gives people freedom and responsibility, these traits have been key to his success. With his network and knowledge of the market, Stan helps Goboony from within the Advisory board to grow the company to new heights.

Where does the name Goboony come from?

In the boonies is an expression from New Zealand which means ‘go on a journey, go your own way and don’t let anyone guide you’. That is exactly the feeling you get when travelling with a motorhome. Combine that with two enormous travel and motorhome fans, Mark and Foppe (founders of Goboony), who met during a journey through New-Zealand with a motorhome, and that’s when the idea for Goboony started.

Goboony support office

Groenewoudsedijk 41
3528 BG Utrecht

+31 85 401 68 32 support@goboony.com

Chamber of Commerce number: 62857452
VAT number: NL854986285B01