About Goboony

How amazing would it be to rent a motorhome on the other side of the world, and go on an awesome trip? Now that’s a real adventure! Exploring peaceful unknown areas teeming with the beauty of nature, small towns full of culture where you can have new experiences. Being albe to decide whether you want to stay somewhere or not is made easy because your accomodation is on wheels. During a motorhome holiday you experience true freedom! At Goboony we want to give everyone the possibility to experience the freedom or or to share the freedom with motorhome holidaymakers.

Goboony is a platform where motorhome owners and hirers are brought together. Whether you want to hire a top of the range motorhome, or an iconic campervan. You can find the perfect motorhome for your trip. If you love adventure and the freedom of the open road, you've come to the right place!

The Team

  • Mark

    Mark de Vos


    Both of his motorhomes were spending most of their time in his garage. Realising this, he had an idea for creating an online platform to help solve this issue. Prior to Goboony, he was the commercial director of a car importer group, before becoming a consultant specialising in business growth. He has the gift of gab, his glass is always half full and he likes to do fifteen things at the same time.

  • Foppe

    Foppe Mijnlieff


    The creative force behind Goboony; Foppe is at his best when he’s online. He's helped various startups to go from scratch to being lucrative businesses. In other words: he gets shit done! He’s also in love with the piano (he’s a member of a jazz-band) and when the sun is shining you will probably find him sailing.

  • Nicolas

    Nicolas Koenig


    Knows everything about difficult computer codes and complex systems. All the awesome technical features on the website are made by Nico himself. Everyday we hear the same message: “Hey guys, have you seen this new feauture on the website?”. He has the unique ability to translate the wishes of our customers into the easy to use features on the website.

  • Werner

    Werner van den Bergh

    Head of Support & Operations

    Werner has been around since the very beginning of Goboony. Starting out as an intern, Werner is now the COO! Also responsible for SEA & SEO and probably several other acronyms. He likes getting his hands dirty when it comes to growth hacking and making sure operations are running smoothly.

  • William

    William van Tienen

    Head of Supply

    William is responsible for Goboony’s Supply team. He works with the various supply managers to grow our community of campers. He hopes to spend a year travelling in a Volkswagen camper to discover new places. William already knows where his first destination will be, a drive up to scenic Norway!

  • Virginie

    Virginie Delporte

    Human Resources & Insurance

    Before becoming part of the Goboony family, Virginie worked in venture capital coaching hundreds of startups. Business development is therefore second nature to her. Her mission at Goboony is international expansion. A globetrotter at heart, she has been travelling all over with motorhomes, from the Polar Circle to the Carpathian hometown of Dracula. However, her ultimate sense of freedom is to have fun at work!

  • Tessa

    Tessa Akse

    Head of Communication & Content

    Tessa experienced the ultimate feeling of freedom, while backpacking through Indonesia last year. Following her study communication she started working at Goboony, where she is responsible for all content and e-mail marketing. Her dream is to go on a trip around the world with a motorhome!

  • Margje

    Margje Hoogland

    Communication & Content

    Having finished her degree in Communication, Margje now works at Goboony. She is primarily engaged in content creation. She has a particular love for Latin America, but thinks the whole world is beautiful. Hitchhiking is her favourite way to holiday and hitching a ride in a motorhome is high on her bucket list.

  • Hielke

    Hielke Koopstra

    Data Analyst

    Hielke is our In-House Data Analyst and knows every piece of data. He also contributes to the Support. He has visited many countries in Europe, from Portugal to Czech Republic. Hielke’s ultimate goal is to take a roadtrip across the US from East to West America, or the length of Japan. Until then, he will remain in Europe going on local camping trips and visiting his pet duck.

  • Jake

    Jake Stone

    Country Manager United Kingdom

    As a seasoned traveller, Jakes goal is to bring the freedom of Goboony to the UK. Jake is Responsible for our UK motorhome community, social media content, and translating the site to English. Jakes most memorable holiday was sailing throughout the Adriatic sea. His dream trip would be to travel around Mongolia in a motorhome.

  • Patrick

    Patrick Magee

    Supply Manager UK

    Patrick is the Supply Manager UK, helping to expand our motorhome community throughout the United Kingdom. Patrick has enjoyed trips such as hitchhiking from the Netherlands to Spain and travelling across Israel/Palestine. His ultimate travelling goal is a road trip through Iran and Central Asia.

  • Bibianne

    Bibianne Aalders

    Communication & Content Italy

    Bibianne is part of team Italy. Studying intercultural communication and speaking four languages, she is well versed in multilingual communication and with different cultures. The ultimate feeling of freedom is to be able to keep visiting new places and countries and never stop exploring. Making a world trip is her big dream!

  • Maria

    Maria Zazzara

    Country Manager Italy

    She is part of the Italian team where she is responsible for support, content and suppliers. She studied Communication and Social Media. She loves languages, travelling and she is always curious about other cultures. Her dream is to make a long trip through Africa.

  • Alice

    Alice Fanicchia

    Supply manager Italy

    Alice works as the supply manager for Goboony in Italy. She has a degree in Environmental and Development Economics, and a Masters in Environmental Governance. Alice has spent much of her life travelling, and in her free time she coordinates groups around the world for a travel association. Alice spent half year in a motorhome Camping in southern France so is well versed in camper life! Alice has the dream of one day living in a motorhome by the sea.

  • Jeroen

    Jeroen Ducorney

    Country Manager Belgium

    Jeroen is studying Automotive Business Management. At Goboony he is committed to increasing brand awareness within the Belgian market. He exercises his freedom by traveling in oldtimers from different countries. So far he has traveled through Italy with a Fiat 500, and through England in a Triumph Spitfire!

  • Stefan

    Stefan van Eijk

    Online Marketing & Social Media

    Stefan is responsible for our communication through social media. Stefan experienced a huge adventure last year in Athens where he worked with refugees. For Stefan, Being able to make spontaneous choices gives him the ultimate sense of freedom. Discovering new things and meeting new people are other pursuits that he values highly. Stefan’s ultimate dream trip would be to visit Australia!

  • Laurens

    Laurens Mulder

    Communication & Content

    Laurens is studying Commercial Economics and focuses mainly on the marketing and communications at Goboony. He experienced his ultimate sense of freedom more than once during his adventure as a ski teacher in Austria. Off course, nice summer trips are beloved as well and he was privileged to see a lot of the world already. A big dream is to make a world trip, maybe even in a motorhome ;-)

  • Youri

    Youri Beekink

    Community Support NL

    Youri studies Tourism Management and he works on support in both the UK and the Netherlands as well as conducting research in conversion optimisation. With a passion for travel and tourism, Youri has visited many places around Europe. His greatest wish is to one day tour Scandinavia in a motorhome. Youri experienced the ultimate sense of freedom when he went on a road trip with friends in Morocco.

  • Valentijn

    Valentijn Velthuizen

    Brand Awareness

    Valentijn works on increasing our community of motorhome owners in the Netherlands. He is also crazy about traveling, and is certainly well travelled within Europe. From camping in Italy to road trips all the way to Ukraine, Valentine is a fan of adventures on the road with plenty of ideas on where to go next! Touring with a camper through Lapland and to the Northern Cape or a city trip to Tokyo for example.

Advisory Board

  • Ronald

    Ronald Zwartkruis

    Entrepreneur / Investor

    Ronald has been an entrepreneur since 1999 and has his roots in Online Market Research. After he successfully sold his company back in 2015, with a short break setting up a sharing economy company himself, Parkyourcar, he now is back and acts as managing director of his own company NETQ Healthcare founded in 2008, serving the healthcare industry. As an investor in both Snappcar and Goboony, Ronald utilises his broad experience and network to advise Goboony on their strategic topics and growth. When Ronald is not working he will be mountaneering, a big passion of his.

  • Stan

    Stan Stolwerk

    Managing Director NKC (Europe's largest motorhome club)

    Within NKC is Stan is responsible for vision and strategy develpment. Stan inspires and is a connector, who gives people freedom and responsibility, these traits have been key to his success. With his network and knowledge of the market, Stan helps Goboony from within the Advisory board to grow the company to new heights.

Where does the name Goboony come from?

In the boonies is an expression from New Zealand which means ‘go on a journey, go your own way and don’t let anyone guide you’. That is exactly the feeling you get when travelling with a motorhome. Combine that with two enormous travel and motorhome fans, Mark and Foppe (founders of Goboony), who met during a journey through New-Zealand with a motorhome, and that’s when the idea for Goboony started.

Goboony support office

Groenewoudsedijk 41
3528 BG Utrecht

+31 85 401 68 32 support@goboony.com

Chamber of Commerce number: 62857452
VAT number: NL854986285B01