5 Things to Include in Your Acceptance Message for More Bookings

November 23, 2022 in Tips for Owners and Tips for Renting Out

Congrats! A traveller has not only found your listing on the search page, but has placed a request on your motorhome! If you can, and want to, accommodate this booking, it’s time to accept their request.

But take a moment before you do to consider everything you should include in your acceptance message. Because this traveller may have made requests on multiple listings to ensure one goes through, so you need to craft the perfect acceptance message to convince them to choose yours!

One of the biggest mistakes is to not have an acceptance message at all, and to just accept the booking. Not only does this seem less personal, but it means that vital information has been missed, which could impact your future booking.

If you have any important conditions, send this message before selecting Accept. Otherwise, the traveller could confirm the booking and pay, while not meeting your requirements. If you have no issues and you’re ready to proceed, send this message and select Accept, so they can proceed immediately.

Goboony Accepting Bookings Message

Prepare a standard message

Writing out a message each time can be tiring, particularly when some bookings don’t even get confirmed in the end. This is only worsened in peak season, when you’ll likely receive multiple requests per day. 

That’s why we recommend writing out a standard acceptance message to use each time. This will include all of the points we’re about to mention, so that no important information is missed. You can keep this message saved in your Notes or on a Word Document. Then each time, simply copy and paste it, before personalising it to their traveller’s message. Easy and simple!

Now, let’s look at what this template message should include.

1. Introduce yourself

First things first, it’s time to introduce yourself to the traveller! Most traveller requests include a brief introduction, so it’s only natural to offer the same. Many people opt for hiring from a private owner for that personal connection, so remind them that you’re a real person with an incredible motorhome.

2. Acknowledge their message

We encourage travellers to describe their intended trip in their request, and many enjoy doing this in detail. Be sure to acknowledge the trip they mentioned. Have you been to their intended destination? Is there a reason why your motorhome would be the perfect fit? Do you have any tips for that area to share?

Show them that you read their message so they feel heard and believe your motorhome is the best choice. Additionally, this is also a vital moment to check anything you’re unsure of. For example, did they mention more people than beds in the motorhome? Are you unsure if your motorhome can handle those rural roads? Avoid any issues down the line through clear communication from the start.

Goboony Accepting Bookings Message

3. Insurance requirements

Despite the insurance requirements being presented on the listing, some travellers don’t see this in time. This is why we recommend mentioning them briefly again in your acceptance message. For example, any age or driver’s license restrictions. This ensures that if the booking is confirmed, it can definitely go ahead! It’s also a chance to answer any insurance questions they could have.

4. Any questions you have

Is there anything you need to know about the traveller or their plans? Do you have any concerns? Before the booking gets confirmed, ensure you have all of the information you require for it. This is particularly important before a booking is accepted, to ensure it doesn’t have to be cancelled later. 

Feel free to ask them any questions you may have to ensure you feel comfortable proceeding. 

5. The next step

Sometimes travellers get a bit confused about how to proceed, so it’s always worth confirming this in your message. You can simply say that now that the booking is accepted, they can pay the first instalment to confirm it. It might be useful to mention that after this point, you’ll be able to contact one another directly if you prefer. Having everything clear and in one place can convince a traveller to stop hesitating and book your motorhome.

This may seem like a lot to mention, but each point is a sentence or two at most. Draft your perfect acceptance message so you’re prepared for each request that comes in. Don’t forget to personalise it to each request, as even the small added touch of greeting them by their name can make all the difference! 

Ready to get each booking confirmed?