How Can I Use the Goboony Custom Rates Feature to My Advantage?

January 8, 2024 in About Hiring Out and Tips for hiring out

On Goboony, you have the complete freedom to personalise your listing. From your description to your pricing, there are many ways to create a listing unique to your motorhome, like the custom rates feature. Setting custom rates results in more bookings and an increased income from your hires. It's a great way to earn more from popular periods and to increase your bookings in the offseason. Make sure to make use of this nifty feature that is often overlooked, and begin setting custom rates for this year's hire season. 

How do I set my custom rates?

  1. Log in to your Goboony account
  2. Select ‘My Motorhomes’ 
  3. Select the listing you want to add custom rates for.
  4. Under ‘Conditions’, select ‘Pricing’
  5. Scroll down until you see ‘Custom Rates’ and select ‘Add a custom rate’
  6. Fill in the name, dates and daily rate, then save it.

Goboony Custom Rates Listing

You can set as many custom rates as you want! You can also amend or delete them at any point. Be careful not to increase your rates by too much and set them at a competitive rate, as travellers may choose a cheaper vehicle over yours. 

For what days or periods should I set custom rates? 

1. Bank Holidays

One of the easiest ways to use the custom rate feature on Goboony is to earn more for bank holidays. Across the tourism industry, rates for bank holidays will always be higher. This ensures that if a booking falls over the bank holiday, the rate will be higher for that day or the weekend if you set that. 

Check out UK bank holidays that you could set a rate for.

2. Half-term 

Aside from bank holidays, another time that is often marked by increased rates is the school half-terms. The October and May bank holidays see a lot of families travelling. You could do it just for the weekends involved, since getting weekday bookings is always more difficult, or for the entire period. 

Check out the UK half-term dates.

3. Events

There are specific events throughout the year that attract a lot of motorhome rentals. For these events, it is worth each year setting a custom rate for the dates of it. But ensure you do this before you receive requests for that period, as otherwise, you should commit to the initial rate. We also recommend events in each monthly newsletter, which is a good time to set the custom rate for them.

Examples of popular events

  • Glastonbury and other UK festivals
  • F1
  • Eurovision 
  • European Cup
  • The Olympics
  • Bonfire Night

How do I fill the gaps in my booking calendar?

Often we use custom rates to have an increased rate, but custom rates can also involve lowering your rates. If you have some spare days, or even a week, that you’d like to fill, consider setting a lowered custom rate. This ensures your rate remains consistent for other times, but can allow you to fill difficult slots. This way, you get the most out of peak seasons. For example, if you have a few days in August available, set a custom rate for those days at 75% of your usual rate. This ensures they’re filled and that you’re still getting a nice income!

You can also set a lowered custom rate for times when people are very unlikely to book, such as December to February, as this will ensure anyone booking comes to your vehicle. Or, if a booking gets cancelled, fill that exact slot with a lowered custom rate!

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