How to Make the Perfect Listing Description

November 23, 2022 in About Hiring Out and Tips for hiring out

As the largest motorhome sharing platform in Europe, there are a lot of vehicles listed on our platform, and more joining daily. But don’t be afraid of this, as the demand for vehicles is growing even faster! We always struggle to keep up with the number of travellers looking for a motorhome for their next holiday.

How can you ensure that your motorhome is the one they choose? Well, the first step is creating an attractive listing with the perfect listing description. On average, travellers will visit three listings before making their first request, so ensure they don’t go any further than yours. Here’s everything to include in your listing description:

1. Friendly and personal

Your listing description is not only a chance to introduce your motorhome, but also yourself. Add a personal touch to your description to help a traveller feel connected and comfortable hiring from you. Introduce yourself, or if you don’t feel as comfortable doing that, introduce your motorhome! Speak to the traveller like a friend rather than making a formal list.

Goboony Perfecting your listing

2. Discuss the beds and seatbelts

Initially, a traveller only knows the number of sleeping places in a motorhome and no further details about those spots. As you know, it can make a big difference whether those two sleeping spots are a bunk bed or a double bed. Use this space to explain each of the bed options in the motorhome, specifying if any are only suitable for young children. Also, confirm the number of seatbelts available, as this is often a question on a traveller’s mind.

3. Any extras available?

If you offer any extras, this is the place to put them! For example, if you don’t allow all pets but only some, mention this here. Or if you have an additional cleaning cost for festivals. Some offer late drop-off or early pick-up for an additional cost, or bedding and towels for a small fee.

Your listing description is the best place to personalise what you have to offer, so use it!

4. If you’re flexible, let them know!

One of the main questions our Goboony team receives is about pick-up and drop-off times. Many travellers wait to confirm a booking until they know whether the time can be adapted. So if you’re flexible with these times, mention that in your listing description. You don’t have to promise anything just yet, as it could be a case-by-case basis, but you could say something as simple as:

“If you need an alternative pick up / drop off time, please let us know, and we will try to accommodate.”

This simple sentence shows that the times aren’t set in stone and that you’re willing to help them have their perfect holiday!

Goboony Perfecting your listing

5. Location and nearby sights

It’s likely that a traveller found your listing through a location-based search, so they roughly know where you’re situated. But it can be helpful to list nearby sights they might enjoy visiting. Mention any popular camping destinations in your vicinity. 

This also ensures that if someone didn’t check your location, they have a gentle reminder in your description to avoid any confusion.

6. Any restrictions

While your house rules are a good place to set restrictions, such as bringing pets or going to festivals, you can further specify these in your description. We recommend putting these lower in the description so that you don’t start on a negative note. You can also phrase these with what you do allow as well. For example, instead of saying no large dogs allowed, specify only smaller dogs allowed and breed examples. Or when in doubt, recommend people ask for further details. 

With these six steps, you’ll craft the perfect listing description. Ensure that you put the most important aspects at the top so that they’re always noticed. Then include the rest so that if anyone is searching for the information, they can find it there. If you’re unsure whether your listing description is missing anything, or why you’re not getting the requests you would hope for, get in touch, and we’ll happily take a look!