How Much Can I Earn From Hiring Out My Motorhome?

January 31, 2024 in About Hiring Out and Earnings & costs

How much can I earn? 

The average earnings from hiring out your motorhome on Goboony vary from around £5000 to £10000 per year, and £800 per week in the peak hire season. Your exact earnings will depend on several factors. The most important are:

-The type of motorhome you hire out
-The number of days you decide to hire out for 
-The rate you decide to hire out for  

For a more accurate estimate of your potential earnings on Goboony, specifically for your motorhome, check out our earnings calculator. 

What daily rate can I ask for my motorhome? 

When you first list your motorhome on Goboony, the recommended rates for your motorhome will be set for your first two bookings by our platform. After your first two bookings, you are able to adjust your rates for all future bookings yourself.

These recommended rates are carefully selected by our experts and are based on the rates for similar motorhomes that are hired out on our platform. Our data shows that setting these recommended rates for your first two bookings will significantly increase your chance of receiving your first booking requests, thereby boosting the appeal of your brand-new listing. 
Hire out your motorhome on Goboony

How often can my motorhome be hired out?

On average, advertisers on our platform hire out their motorhome for about 8 weeks per year, but how long you hire out for exactly depends on two factors.

Firstly, on how much you decide to hire out. You have control over your availability calendar and can list your motorhome as available or unavailable for each day of the year.

Secondly, on how many bookings you receive and accept for your motorhome. This depends on the appeal of your listing to our travellers, which depends on your listing description, your photos and your rates. You also have full control over managing your listing. 

What’s left of my earnings after insurance costs? 

Creating an account, listing and hiring out on Goboony is free. Whatever you set as your hire rate, is what you earn. However, to list your motorhome on Goboony, you will have to make sure your motorhome is insured for hire, which is your financial responsibility.

To make things easier, you can opt for Goboony Day Insurance when hiring out your motorhome on our platform, which covers motorhomes up to a value of £65,000 for peer-to-peer hire. Your contribution towards Goboony Day Insurance (a fixed rate from £13 to £20 per day, depending on the value of your vehicle) is automatically deducted from your earnings, so you don’t have to pay anything in advance.

Learn more about insuring your motorhome for hire

Benefits of hiring out your motorhome on Goboony

-Hiring out on Goboony is free

-You decide how, to who and when you want to hire out 

-Hire out safely and with peace of mind by opting for our Goboony Day Insurance

-We provide support throughout the whole process

-We offer a secure third-party payment system

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Hire out your motorhome on Goboony
It's free! You decide to whom and when you hire out.