How to Create a Handover Video for your Motorhome

April 30, 2020 in Tips for Renting Out and Everything about Corona

Give that motorhome travel during COVID 19 is one of the safest ways to travel, you may be receiving bookings for this period. But to ensure the safety of you and the traveller, you need to be more cautious about handing over your motorhome. This involves the motorhome hygiene protocol during Corona, but also keeping the handover short and sweet.

By creating a handover video for your motorhome, you can show the traveller how everything works in advance. This will allow you to shorten the time of physical proximity, and distance required. You won’t need to be in the motorhome at the same time, and can continue to have bookings during Corona.

But even outside of COVID 19 times, a handover video will be useful throughout your time renting out your motorhome. It will shorten the handover time, plus the possibility of forgetting things. You’ll receive less calls during their trip, and less chance of the traveller making mistakes or causing damages. It will ensure you rent out your motorhome succesfully.

Goboony motorhome campervan h2 handover video

Preparation for creating a handover video

  • Filming the video will take 1-2 hours.
  • You can film it easily on your phone, but be sure to clean the front and back lens of your smartphone.
  • Flip your phone to be horizontal, this will look better when the video is played back on a laptop or phone.
  • You can film the video alone, to ensure it is consistent and easy. But if you’d prefer someone else to help, that can ensure the camera stays stable. It can also help for some instructions - such as unwinding the awning- to have an extra pair of hands to film you doing it!
  • Do each instruction in a separate video, and stop filming as soon as you explained that part. This allows you to review the videos easily, and avoid extra editing work with big spaces of time. It will keep it short and concise, making sure the viewer watches the whole thing. Expect as least 30-40 videos, so be sure to create enough space to film all of them.
  • Film the videos in the order you’d want them for the video. Given that you’ll piece them all together into one long video, it’s useful to have the clips easy to sort. Then you can also be sure you won’t miss anything.
  • Follow your usual handover order, and create notes of everything before to ensure you don’t miss anything!

Goboony motorhome campervan nature h2 people

The 3 aspects of a handover video

To ensure you capture everything needed for a handover video, consider the three following components:


Start by introducing yourself and walk around the motorhome to show it entirely. This will also show that there are no pre-existing damages. Then consider the following aspects:

  1. The gas bottle: how do you change it?
  2. The toilet cassette: How do you open it and how should you empty it? Any common issues with it?
  3. The water tank, and waste water tank- emptying, filling, closing it properly.
  4. A bike rack or any add ons
  5. The awning - taking it out, putting it in, how to position it best.
  6. A hose, if applicable, spare tires etc.


Take them through the inside of the motorhome, especially considering the following

  1. (electric) ladder at the entrance
  2. Explain the functions and dashboard
  3. Show the location and how to use the: 
  4. Gas valves
  5. Water drainage
  6. The fusebox
  7. Fridge, how to change the energy source and how to lock the door
  8. Heating, or air conditioning, and the boiler
  9. Show to bathroom, how the toilet and shower work
  10. Collapsable/slide table, show that and convert it to a bed if applicable
  11. Also show any light switches that may not be as visible.
  12. Unique features of your van, including:
    1. USB charging points
    2. Storage spaces under a bench or elsewhere
    3. Spare batteries, a torch, any other necessary items
  13. How to open and lock windows, screens and a roof hatch

Be sure to really think about anything different to your van than others, or anything you have a little hack for that could help them. This includes anything that works less than ideally, and how you go about that.

The car-aspect

It’s easier to explain the driving parts of a motorhome, but still go over these briefly to ensure no mistakes later.

  1. The mirrors and how to adjust them
  2. The seats and how to adjust them
  3. Any unusual functions, such as the airconditioning or cruise control
  4. The back camera
  5. Safety measures, such as anti-theft locks or steering wheel locks
  6. The petrol cap and oil check
  7. Where you keep the necessary documents in the motorhome, spare lights, warning triangle, vests, a first aid kit

Editing the footage

Once all the videos have been taken, you have several options for editing it into a concise video. You could use the free application Shortcut, available on PC and Mac. Alternatively, you can see if your computer already has a built in video editing software.

Then it can be easiest to download the film to Youtube, or another video service. You can set it to private, to ensure it’s only viewable with a link. Send this link to the traveller at least a week before, and then they can come with any questions they may have!