Visiting Spain by Motorhome

June 28, 2022 in Destinations, Tips for Travellers & Spain

When you think of Spain, your mind might not even consider travelling by motorhome. But the best way to visit Spain is actually behind the wheel of a motorhome. This country is so stunning that you need to drive through it to really appreciate it, rather than wasting all of that beauty on a flight. A motorhome gives you full control over where you go, with the flexibility to adapt as you like. Great weather? You can reroute to the beach! Rainy day? Head to a city instead. The choice is all yours. 

Here’s everything you need to know about visiting Spain by motorhome, including getting there, campsites in Spain, driving rules and our favourite destinations. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to pack your bags and drive right to Spain!

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Getting to Spain

Driving from the UK to Spain is quite a journey and not something to take lightly. We recommend taking the Eurotunnel to start, which is swift and safe. It takes 35 minutes and travels from Folkestone to Calais. Alternatively, you can take the ferry from Dover to Calais, which takes an hour and a half, during which you can relax on board. 

From Calais, we recommend avoiding Paris by taking the A28. If you specifically want to visit the capital city, go for it, but know that it will add a lot of time and hassle to your trip - plus high parking costs! Instead, we recommend driving down and stopping near Bordeaux to rest for the night. Then you’ll wake up refreshed and enter Spain within three hours of driving, allowing you to enjoy your first day in Spain. 

Goboony Visit Spain Motorhome H2 Holiday Spanish Campervan

Camping in Spain

Like many other countries in Europe, wild camping is not permitted in Spain. However, it can be tolerated depending on the region, particularly overnight parking in certain spots. Always check the legalities and seek permission, and recognise that you can’t engage in ‘camping behaviour’ like rolling out your awning and sitting outside. 

If you want to enjoy a camping experience, then head to one of these great campsites in Spain.

1. Camping Estanyet

This family-friendly campsite is located near the amazing city of Tarragona, and offers direct access to a beach. Camping Estanyet features an outdoor swimming pool; the perfect way to cool off after a day of driving. You can borrow their canoes to spend a day on the water, or hire a bike to explore the local area; a treat for the whole family!

Price: starts from £27.93 per night.  

GPS: 40.539964, 0.520742

Passeig del, Av. del Marjal, s/n, 43569 Les Cases d'Alcanar, T, Spain

2. Tres Estrellas

In the middle of a tranquil pine forest, you’ll discover Tres Estrellas. This campsite offers shaded pitches with plenty of space to roam. It’s main perk is close proximity to Barcelona, allowing you to explore this amazing city without paying extreme prices for accommodation. 

It’s also close to a sandy beach, so you can cool off after a day of exploring the city. An on-site restaurant offers delicious local food. This site is also great for visiting with friends, as there are plenty of activities nearby and privacy at your pitch. 

Price: starts from £17.45 per night.     

GPS: 41.272307, 2.042788

C-31, km 186,2, 08850, Barcelona, Spain

3. Camping Interpals

If you’re looking for a holiday park in Spain, then look no further than Camping Interpals. This campsite is close to the stunning coves of Costa Brava as well as the largest adventure park in southern Europe, Costa Brave Parc Aventura

At the campsite itself, you can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, on-site bar and more. The perfect combination of luxury and camping, this motorhome site truly puts the ‘glam’ in glamping!

Price: starts from £19.20 per night. 

GPS: 41.980838, 3.200190

Av. Mediterranea, 117, 17256 Pals, Girona, Spain

4. Bonterra Resort

Ideally situated by the shores of the Mediterranean, the Bonterra Resort is one of our favourite campsites in Spain. Beyond enjoying the sandy beaches, visitors can follow a number of hiking routes near the campsite, enjoy local seafood cuisine, or even attend some of the music festivals hosted in the region! Visitors of all ages are guaranteed to be occupied at all times - the campsite is also equipped with swimming pools, a bar-restaurant, sports facilities, and a gym.

Price: Roughly £26.50 per pitch per night. 

GPS: 40.05802248522844, 0.07296264744114057

Av. Barcelona, 47, 12560 Benicàssim, Castelló, Spain

5. La Bella Vista

Open all year round, Bella Vista Camping and Caravan Park is situated beachfront, making your walk to the water shorter than ever! From your pitch, you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the coastline. There is plenty to do in the area, including water sports, markets, wine tours and more!

Price: starts from £25 per night

GPS: 36.345619, -5.235310

Crtra, N-340, km 142, 8, 29692 Alcorrín, Málaga, Spain

Goboony Visit Spain Motorhome H2 Holiday Spanish Campervan

Driving in Spain

Apart from driving on the right side of the road, driving in Spain really isn’t too different than the UK! 

Like many places, the unnecessary use of horns is forbidden. And in urban areas, you can’t use your horn at all except for emergencies, you’re recommended to flash your lights instead. 

To use the motorway, you must be in a vehicle that can manage a minimum speed of 60km/h. Luckily motorhomes can always manage this! Check out this simplified guide of road signs exclusive to Spain.

When driving in Spain, you’re required to have the following things in your vehicle:

  • Reflective jackets
  • Warning triangle
  • Headlamp beam deflector
  • Documentation - driving license, proof of ID, motor insurance certificate, V5 registration document

Don’t be caught off guard by toll roads in Spain! You can get a VIA - T box ahead of time to be easier, or use toll booths while driving in Spain. Here is more information on toll roads in Spain.

Goboony Visit Spain Motorhome H2 Holiday Spanish Campervan

Best motorhome destinations in Spain

Okay, so you know how you’re getting to Spain by motorhome and rules for driving, you know where to pitch your van, but now to the biggest priority of your trip to Spain… where will you go?!

Here are our favourite destinations in Spain to visit with a motorhome:

1. Nerja

Only a few miles away from the bustling beaches of Malaga on the Costa del Sol, this charming coastal destination is located at the foothills of the Sierra Almijara Mountain Range. This traditional fishing village has grown into a wonderful beach destination, while still managing to retain its authentic Spanish atmosphere. 

Its proximity to Malaga is perfect for a day out to this bustling area, but ensures that your trip can be calm when you want it to. Enjoy the pleasures of one of Spain’s best beaches without the invasion of tourists and litter. 

You’ll find a whopping 8km of beaches in Nerja, and the busiest is Den Salon Beach. The water is clear and shallow, making it perfect for younger visitors. For spectacular views over the water, make your way to Nerja’s Balcony of Europe, where you can look down at the sea from the site of an ancient castle.

2. Seville

Seville was originally founded as a Roman city, but has since grown and flourished immensely, becoming home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites! In the heart of this city, you can view the remarkable monumental complex comprised of the Cathedral, Alcázar and Archivo de Indias. They epitomize the Spanish “Golden Age” whilst incorporating vestiges of Islamic culture, centuries of ecclesiastical power, royal sovereignty and immense trading power.

While the capital of Spain is actually Madrid, Seville is the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Andalusia. There are numerous other sites to explore in Seville, including Europe’s first tobacco factory, the Museum of Fine Arts and the most beautiful gardens and parks Spain has to offer. 

Seville is definitely a place to visit for those who enjoy remaining active and exploring during their holiday. It is also the birthplace of flamenco, so we recommend going to see some whilst here, or give it a go yourself!

3. Menorca

Not to be confused for the popular tourist destination of Majorca, Menorca is far more relaxed than this renowned party town. Menorca is actually the first place in Spain to see the sunrise, so make sure to wake up early enough to witness it for yourself. 

Menorca has beautiful beaches and yet they manage to not feel  crowded in the slightest. It has beaches for all types of travellers, with Playa De Binigaus being recommended for families, and Cala Mitjana which is considered an idyllic spot for romance. Menorca is the perfect holiday destination if you’re seeking tranquility. Use your time there to munch on the delicious local cheese or seafood, whilst catching up on some paperbacks and wandering along the shores. This little island will be your perfect escape to paradise!

4. Monte Perdido National Park

You’ll struggle to find a place more beautiful than Monte Perdido National Park. It is widely considered to be one of Europe’s most spectacular walks, and yet has managed to avoid being overrun by tourists. 

Monte Perdido National Park is situated in the Pyrenees of Huesca province in Aragon. It has been a national park since 1918, but the protected area was enlarged in 1982 to cover the entire region. The showpiece of the park is their path through the Ordesa canyon, which follows a dazzling river between formidable 3,000ft walls with a fantail waterfall finishing off the masterpiece. There are also balcony-style trails with incredible views, for those who can stand the heights. 

This park is also home to plenty of amazing wildlife, including their population of lammergeier vultures with 10ft wingspans - keep your baby close at all times! There are numerous campsites in the area, as well as options for wild camping. Just be sure to check before you camp and follow the general wild camping rules!

5. Santander

Santander is located in northern Spain, so could be your first stop during your motorhome trip to Spain. It’s known by locals as having the best beaches. Comprised of a stretch of coastline called the Costa de Cantabria, the views from this city are hard to compete with. Playa de la Magdalena is one of the most popular swimming spots, but there are dozens more. At the Península de la Magdalena, you can enjoy a lovely picnic and stroll accompanied by amazing views of nearby beaches and the crashing sea. There are even resident seals and penguins to be spotted, and children will adore the replica Spanish galleons and a little train to take you around the headland. 

After the beach, take a trip to the stunning Catedral de la Asunción, a serene cathedral composed of two Gothic churches from the 15th and 13th century. In these churches you can view relics of Santander’s patron saints and catch a glimpse of ancient Roman foundations through the glass floors. 

Santander is also one of the best places to go in Spain for seafood, as the fresh catches will almost crawl onto your plate! Treat yourself to delicious tapas and seafood at one of the various places lining the coast. 

6. Montes Universales

Located about halfway between Madrid and Valencia, this mountain range is the perfect road trip stop between the two major cities. This is the least-populated area in Spain, so you can expect a tranquil atmosphere and to drive long distances without seeing anyone else. 

The mountain range is 32km long and has a highest point of 1,935m known as Caimodorro. Another important peak is the Muela de San Juan, which is 1,830m. The range is covered in rich forests and has numerous trails to follow. When considering where to go in Spain, this mountain range should make the list for any avid hikers, bikers or adventurers. There are campsites around, and wild camping is permitted for a single night per location with the arrive late, leave early mentality.

And the list could go on, as there are so many incredible holiday destinations in Spain.

Goboony Visit Spain Motorhome H2 Holiday Spanish Campervan

It’s time to pack your bags and take your motorhome to Spain! You’ll never regret exploring this stunning country from behind the wheel of a motorhome, as it allows you to see so much that you’d otherwise miss by plane. Don’t settle for visiting just one city in Spain, make a road trip out of it to see as many as possible!

Don’t have a motorhome for your trip? No worries, here are motorhome hire options to go abroad. Hiring for a longer trip will allow you to take advantage of a long-term hire discount and get up to 10% off your booking.