Best Music Festivals in Europe to Visit in a Campervan

March 26, 2020 in Tips for Travellers, Europe & Events and Festivals

All year long, we eagerly await our favourite time of year… festival season! For several sunny months, we get to enjoy the best of the music industry with our friends and strangers who will soon become friends. Nothing beats the breezy days spent at a festival, a drink in your hand and your favourite act gracing the stage in front of you. But there’s one way to beat even this, by ending the day in your campervan! Get the energy you need in the comfort of a campervan, the coldness you desire for your beers, and then take each day full on. And to help, here are the best music festivals in Europe to visit in a campervan. 

The Biggest Festival - Glastonbury (UK)

Let’s start with the biggest festival the music industry has to offer, one of the original festivals that has graced the way for all to follow. Glastonbury is renowned worldwide, attracting visitors from across the globe. Featuring both large acts and newcomers, Glastonbury has gained an almost cult-like following. With dozens of artists performing at any one point, your biggest issue at Glastonbury will be which stage to visit next. Glastonbury camping is also ideal with a campervan given how busy it can get, and the difficulty you may have navigating through identical looking tents. Furthermore, as a festival in the UK, Glastonbury is notorious for bad weather and mud, both of which you can avoid in the comfort of your campervan. Given that it is the biggest UK festival, it can also be quite extreme with queues for food and drinks, which you could avoid by having your own little camper kitchen and fridge!

Check out the Glastonbury line-up and get your tickets while you can! Given the popularity of this festival, you'll need to organise your campervan hire for Glastonbury as soon as possible.

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The Best Boutique Festival - Gagnef (Sweden)

Gagnef has quite the origin story, beginning as a 30th birthday party and growing into one of the best festivals in Europe. It aims to retain this cosy vibe by only selling 3,000 tickets annually, ensuring everyone gets to enjoy the acts and intimate atmosphere. Another fun aspect of Gagnef is the location, taking place in a forest on the banks of a river, allowing you to experience a twisted fairytale for the duration. Enjoy your own Midsummer's Night Dream and then dream away in a campervan, to feel close enough to nature to enjoy it but with a sturdy mattress beneath you.

Try to be one of the lucky few to visit Gagnef Festival this year!

The Best City Festival - Tinderbox (Denmark)

Most festivals in Europe take place on muddy fields, so to find a big festival taking place in such an urban setting is truly rare. 30-40,000 people will head down to the incredible city of Odense to experience this lively festival. The ultimate fusion of rock, pop and electronic music, you’ll find both international and local talent here. Watch the stars above as you witness stars perform before you, with previous acts including Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky. Camp nearby in your motorhome to ensure you don’t miss a moment of this star studded line up, with a safe place to sleep after all that partying!

Will you be attending Tinderbox this year? 

The Best Beach Festival - Helene Beach Festival (Germany)

Okay, full honesty, this festival takes place on a lakeside beach, not by an ocean. But that doesn’t deter from how amazing this festival is! On the banks of Helensee in Brandenburg, you’ll find this pumping electronic festival in full swing. Aside from electronic music, the festival also boasts a lineup of hip hop, rock and pop. It features 120 acts of the best of German music, and more globally known artists. With the sand beneath your feet, you’ll be dancing four days straight. But if you’re feet get a bit tired, you can retire to your parked campervan. Relish the space to wash off the sand and keep your clothes free of it. And nothing matches a beach festival in Europe like a cold beverage in your hand, so you’ll be needing that mini fridge!

Pack your sun visor, get a beer cold in the fridge, and book your ticket to the Helene Beach Festival. Don't forget to prepare for keeping cool in your campervan despite that summer heat!

Goboony paint festival colour event h2 campervanFor Alternative Fans - Earth Garden (France)

Ready for lift off? Because this festival will take you out of this world! Bit cheesy, but your soul will honestly be transported at Earth Garden. You’ll see things you can’t unsee, and things you would never want to! Featuring 11 stages all set in L’Arboretum de Balaine, enjoy this 4 day celebration of life, beauty and freedom. Aside from incredible music, be open to trying the numerous workshops on offer and experiencing this crazy performances that promise to “guide you along the path to euphoria”. Euphoria can be slightly overwhelming, so if you need a place to calm down for a bit, you can enjoy the cosy safety of your motorhome. Plus, you’re going to need a mirror and surface to be able to apply all that glitter and makeup, and doing so in your campervan will ensure you look your most fabulous at all times. France is a popular motorhome destination, making this the ideal stop on a longer summer road trip!

Open the gate and enter the Earth Garden with us for an unforgettable weekend.

For Psychedelic Fans - O.Z.O.R.A (Hungary)

Described as a psychedelic tribal gathering, O.Z.O.R.A attracts all lovers of trance and psychedelic music. It’s quickly growing to be one of the largest of it’s kind in the world, and helping to increase the number of visitors to this stunning country. O.Z.O.R.A is one of the best festivals in Europe to bring a campervan to given the numerous facilities on site. With water stations, a grocery store and a greengrocer, you’ll be able to run your own little kitchen and enjoy delicious meals to energize you for the days/nights ahead! Find yourself in the art, music and colours of this transforming event, and relish in a fully packed suitcase waiting for you in your very own home on wheels.

Buy a ticket for O.Z.O.R.A and plan your road trip in Hungary.

For All Round Creatives - BOOM (Portugal)

Do you really need another reason to visit Portugal in a motorhome? Fine, if you insist! BOOM Festival showcases music from all genres, and features a variety of visual art exhibits spanning the globe. Everyday will be new and different, with lectures, yoga classes, group meditation, film screenings and open discussions. Wake up ready for everything from a great night’s sleep in your motorhome, and keep a healthy breakfast packed in your fridge to nourish your body before you nourish your mind! The festival even features a pool for water therapy, so you’ll be thankful for the space to change into your swimsuit and maybe even a shower to clean off afterwards.

Will you be riding along in the BOOM shuttle bus from the airport or meeting us at BOOM Festival?

Goboony tents festival event camping h2 campervanAnyone remember where we left our tent?

For Rock Fans - Download Festival (UK)

Some people unfamiliar with the UK think that Glastonbury is all it has to offer the music scene, a clear mistake when you consider Download Festival. Hosted in Donington Park, Download Festival displays some of the biggest names in rock ‘n’ roll. Previous acts include Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, AC/DC… oh the list could simply go on and on! It is an ideal festival in the UK for a campervan given the separate field dedicated to vans. This field features sanitary blocks including showers, so you can rent a budget motorhome and utilise those instead. With the fresh water and waste disposal points, you’ll be able to keep your campervan clean and ready fro action. A night of heavy head banging requires a soft pillow to recover, and would not do well with extra travel to a hotel each night. 

Ready to download your ticket?

For Artistic Souls - Meadows in the Mountains (Bulgaria)

This festival is ideally combined with a trip to Bulgaria, as this city is yet to become a tourist trip and still refreshingly authentic. The sun is constantly shining over this unique music and arts festival, set upon an unbelievable mountain top scenery. “Where the land touches the sky”, and where you’ll get to enjoy three unforgettable days of music, art and performance. Take your campervan abroad to Bulgaria to enjoy this heavenly festival and then explore further. Witness the stars outside of your campervan window as you wouldn’t in a tent, and enjoy your morning coffee on the steps of your van. 

Get your Meadows in the Mountains tickets to visit this enchanting mountain top festival.

For Metal Fans - Wacken Festival (Germany)

If you’re a fan of metal music, you’ve certainly heard of Wacken Festival before. If you’re not a metal fan, you may have heard of it nonetheless! Dropped in the middle of summer, German’s know their metal music like no other nationality and are here to share that magic with you. The small municipality of Wacken is usually home to less than two thousand residents, but receive 80,000 metal fans annually, and they are ready to party! You’d think this would irk locals, but they actually claim to love the lively contrast to their usually quiet village. Germany’s great roads make it ideal for motorhome travel, and getting to this remote village will be far easier in a campervan than with public transport. You can also use the space and storage of a motorhome to stock up on plenty of German delicacies!

Look up rules for driving in Germany and then hit the road for Wacken.

For Electronic Fans - B My Lake (Hungary)

Known to many as the “Mecca of electronic music”, the B My Lake Festival began in 2013 and has quickly grown to  become one of the best musical festivals in Hungary. Winning the award for “Best New European Festival” in the esteemed European Festival Awards, this niche festival takes place in the Hungary’s festival capital Zamárdi, merely 110 kms from Budapest. Bring a motorhome to enjoy the sunshine and salty air to the max, but also to have a place to find shelter from it. Wash off in the privacy of your motorhome and ensure you have plenty of packing space for sunscreen and refreshments!

Check out the B My Lake Aftermovie and buy your tickets before they’re gone!

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Why Stay in a Motorhome at a Festival?

1. Budget Friendly

If you hire an affordable motorhome, most of your intial costs are done and dusted. Camping in a tent requires purchasing or trying to obtain plenty of equipment. And then you end up spending more in the long run as you eat out for all your meals and drinks. A motorhome allows you to cook your own meals, ensuring you have a filling breakfast, and provides a fridge for keeping your refreshments cold! This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a cheeky portion of chips or a burger, but just ensures you’re not reliant on them.

2. Time Saving

As mentioned, avoiding the snack and drink stands will ensure you don’t spend hours of the festival waiting around. This lets you enjoy the acts and activities fully. Furthermore, in a campervan you don’t have to pack things away everyday as you would in a cramped tent, or waddle to the loo every time you need to go or want to change your outfit. 

3. Comfort

When you hire a campervan for a festival you're able to bring the comforts of home with you. People associate a festival to mud and sleep deprivation, and this doesn’t have to be the case. In a campervan you can sleep once you’re done partying and not be disturbed by noise and movements around your tent. It can also be so satisfying to get away from people for a bit, after being in social situations all day and night. Sometimes you want a few minutes of peace to follow the show.

4. Hygiene

Many motorhomes come with their own toilet, a saviour from the dreaded portaloo’s of a festival campground. Your thighs will thank you for avoiding that constant squat, and your immune system will be glad to avoid the bacteria and viruses of a festival. 

5. Safety

You’ll sleep a little easier knowing that your door is locked, and you’ll party a little harder without the fears of your belongings getting nicked. Plus, it’s far easier to find your campervan in the small motorhome section (always guaranteed a good spot) than it is to wade through thousands of identical tents!

Goboony festival music concert h2 lights showThere are plenty of reasons to stay in a campervan for a festival, so give it a go and see if you prefer it! Now that you know the best festivals to visit and why you should be enjoying these festivals in the comfort of a motorhome, all that is left is to book your ticket and hire a motorhome