Top Tips for Washing your Campervan

August 14, 2018 in Tips for Owners and Tips for your Motorhome

Your campervan is often popping in and out of your driveway or garage, so washing it can be both difficult and a hassle. But keeping your campervan clean is super important, as it is your commodity to be rented out and it dictates the entire experience. Also, if you’re giving it out dirty, how can you expect it to be returned clean? Here are some tips for cleaning your campervan, from the quick to the depth, make your baby shine!

Goboony Cleaning Campervan H2 Hygiene Washing

Between Bookings

Between bookings, you’re best off starting with the interior. Take the sheets and pillows out to run in the wash, and whilst they’re cleaning you can vacuum the motorhome. Try to get all of those nitty gritty corners. Remove your cutlery and crockery and give it a spin in the dishwasher, to ensure they’re glowing. Before you put them back in, wipe down the cupboards that they were in. Check the state of everything else, in case the stove or a stain needs an extra hand. If your campervan comes with a loo or shower, give those a good wipe down as hygiene is the a top priority! Ensure the fridge is empty and wiped down, old food will ruin the inside and leave a long lasting smell!

Once you feel the inside is looking great, you can head to the outside. Clean the front windows and wipe down the side mirrors, a clean mirror reduces the chance of an accident! If the motorhome is dirty, hose it down, but otherwise it is ready to go!

A Deeper Clean

When you have more time between bookings, such as after peak season, it is time to give your campervan a deeper clean. Begin this by completely emptying the interior. Take out all the kitchen items, bed items, pillows and all. This will give you the space needed to vacuum thoroughly and reach those little corners. Wipe down all the surfaces, and clean the interior windows with Glassex or something similar. Make sure to also get the window sills, as a lot of dust can build up here. Take the mattress out to give it some air, and flip it onto the other side once back. Clean the cupboards properly, removing those little specks that pile up.

Clean the shower and toilet area, removing the lime scale and cleaning the drains. For this you can either buy drain cleaner or use the DIY trick of some baking soda and white vinegar, which you let soak for 5 minutes before pouring about a litre of boiling water in. This will ensure the drain clears quickly and efficiently, and helps with removing the lime or any stains! Clean the mirror and the inside of the fridge thoroughly, and leave it open and switched off to get some air.

Once you’re satisfied with the interior, it is time for the exterior. Make sure to first close any windows and the roof. It would be preferable to have a high intensity stream for this, but any type of garden hose will suffice otherwise. First spray down the entire campervan, and then start washing the sides with a suitable cleaning liquid. Wash the soap off thoroughly, and then clean with windows with Glassex. Clean the side mirrors, and be sure to wash down the tires.

Goboony Cleaning Campervan H2 Washing Windows Gloves

Check Everything Out

When cleaning the campervan, it is also wise to give everything a good check. Check if cupboard doors and the fridge are closing well. Test the stove, toilet and shower. Check how well the windows and doors to the motorhome are opening and closing, as well as anything else in the van. This ensures you can give your guarantee to those renting your van about the impeccable state of it. Also then if any issues arise regarding damage, you know how it came about and whether there was a pre-existing issue. Or it can reduce the possibility of damage, by catching an issue early!

Goboony Caravan Washing Campervan Motorhome H2A Professional Cleaning

Perhaps the deep clean isn’t for you, in that case there is no shame in getting your campervan cleaned by a professional. For they know what they’re doing, how to do it the most efficiently and have the best products for it! This could be your annual treat for a year of many bookings! You can find places that clean motorhomes across the UK, so a simple search will provide you with numerous options. One of the top picks of Goboony owners is Caravan Washing, who wash and clean the exteriors of campervans and motorhome. They utilise state of the art cleaning liquid, which will bring a shine to even the dullest of paintworks. They are based in Stourport-on-Severn in Worcestershire.

The Best Cleaning Hacks for your Campervan

  1. Don’t throw away your toothbrush! An old toothbrush is ideal for cleaning those nitty gritty spots in your van, for getting dirt off of the seats or cleaning small drawers or the edges of cupboards.

  2. As mentioned, vinegar needs to be a staple in your cupboard! For clearing drains, but also for plenty of other cleaning hacks for your motorhome. Mixing a quarter cup of vinegar with three quarters of a cup of olive oil will help you to rub away scratches in wood. 

  3. Have a pack of Clorox wipes, or a similar brand, in store for when you need them most. They don’t take up much room but are perfect for wiping down surfaces or a last minute clean, and they kill up to 99.9% of germs!

  4. Try using coca cola! It’s ideal for getting rid of rust, cleaning the toilet bowl, removing snails and slugs, remove grease from pots and pans- and more.

  5. Keep a set of cleaning products in your motorhome, to reduce going back and forth and missing things! If you’re wise with storage, you’ll barely notice they’re there until you need them.

Goboony Cleaning Campervan H2 Washing Hygiene Gloves

Enjoy your squeaky clean campervan and the money it will bring in! For a clean campervan produces better reviews which produces more bookings and more profit! Make your campervan your pride and joy, and reflect that in its beautiful appearance. Do you have more tips or advice on cleaning your campervan? Let us know and we will add it to this blog!