How to Stay Cool in a Campervan

July 19, 2022 in Tips for Travellers and Travel and Camping Hacks

Don't let the heat get you down! Travelling in a campervan is actually one of the best ways to stay cool this summer, and we'll tell you exactly how to manage that. Here are our top tips for camping during a heatwave and keeping your campervan fresh. 

Goboony heatwave campervan h2 motorhome tips keep cool

1. Air Conditioners

In this day and age, there are possibilities for everything, including air conditioners for your motorhome. This is definitely the easiest way to stay cool in your campervan, but not the most budget-friendly. On Goboony, we've got a filter to ensure the campervan you hire has AC

If you're travelling in your own motorhome, purchasing an air conditioning unit can be a painful upfront cost, but it really is worth it in the long run. Don't let the summer heat stop you from travelling with a motorhome AC.

2. Windows

When it comes to facing a heatwave in your motorhome, it is all about the windows!

It can be tempting to open all your windows during the warmest part of the day, but this is actually counterproductive. Only open windows on a shaded side, otherwise you're just bringing more heat in. Also aim to open your windows at night or in the early morning to get fresh air into the motorhome.

You can draw your curtains during the day, or have some fun with the kids and decorate your windows with large pictures. Try to use reflective bubble products as this will cut the heat transfer immediately.

Don't forget to cover skylights! These are often bringing the most heat into your motorhome during the day. These are also the best way to cool it off at night, as heat travels upwards.

3. Tarps

Always aim to park in the shade, as this makes a huge difference. Sometimes that's not possible, so if you can't find a shaded area... then make one!

Attach some tarps to a nearby tree and enjoy your very own cool spot. Need tips on putting up a tarp? This shaded area also allows you to open windows, as mentioned previously.

4. Cook outside    

What could be more fun than cooking in nature? Your kids will surely love it!

Don't underestimate how much heat transfers during cooking. So aim to use a BBQ or campfire for your meals to not make your campervan any warmer. You can even make your tea or coffee outside in the morning.

To keep things safe, be sure to read up on the dos and don'ts of open-fire cooking. Also given the scorching weather and dry grass, be sure to put out your fire properly! Always check whether this is permitted at the campsite you're staying at.

5. Stay hydrated

Sounds obvious but you'd be surprised how many people get dehydrated on such warm days. Start your day with a big glass of water or two, so that you're on the right path. Make sure that every non-water drink, e.g. coffee, is followed by a huge glass of water. Ideally, you'd carry around a water bottle to constantly remind you. 

Keeping kids hydrated can be difficult! Try to make it into a challenge, where you cross off the number of glasses of water you've had in a day. Alternatively, you can make flavoured water with fresh fruit or mint. You could also make water popsicles together to enjoy.

6. Sleep outside

What is a motorhome trip without camping in nature? It might feel ridiculous to sleep outside when you've got a motorhome, but for the absolute hottest of evenings, you might prefer it. Go old school and spend one night outside, just for the experience.

7. Towels and bottles

Now, this trick is really cool! If nothing else works to push the heat out of your motorhome, just fill a bottle with ice, wrap it with a towel, hold it against you and sleep. I promise you'll never have such a refreshing snooze in these soaring temperatures. Another way is to put the wet towel against a fan - delightful! We've also tried freezing a hot water bottle and putting it in the bed. 

8. Reflective insulation

Weirdly enough, people are more likely to use reflective insulation in a car rather than a campervan. But go out and buy a reflective shield to always put on your windows. Not only will it keep your motorhome cooler during a heatwave, but it'll provide privacy all year round!

Goboony heatwave campervan h2 motorhome tips keep cool

So there you have it, the survival guide for the dreadful heat. Pack some towels, ice lollies and more, and then book your motorhome right away for a last-minute discount! You'll stay cool with these tricks, live the adventure, and enjoy the wild camping for your next vacation.