Motorhome Holidays in Europe

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Why travel by motorhome in Europe?

Whilst the UK is filled with places to see and things to do, it can also be tempting to go abroad with a motorhome. Europe is a fascinating continent, filled with amazing countries and sights. You could take the campervan to the south of France, park it by fields of lavender and enjoy a pain au chocolat each morning. You could travel through Spain by campervan, slowly tanning under the Spanish sun while you sip at your sangria. You could visit several countries, start in the Netherlands and make your way down to Germany. All of Europe is at your fingertips, with enough time and planning, you can go anywhere, you can go everywhere! Motorhome holidays in Europe are made simple through using Goboony, as we get you directly in touch with the private owner to discuss all of the details and ask any questions you may have, ensuring the best motorhome holidays as a result! They may even have advice on where to go, driving rules in certain countries and more.

Motorhome holidays in Europe

Campervan hire in Europe can work two ways. Either, you rent your motorhome in the UK, choosing one close to your home or to the crossing, and then take it to Europe. This requires the motorhome you hire to be allowed to go abroad, which is up to the owner. You can filter for this when searching for motorhomes, to ensure you only see ones which permit this. Also be sure to check you have all the relevant paperwork then! Or you can travel to Europe and then rent a motorhome from there. We have motorhomes on our site from numerous different countries, including Italy, France and Germany! You can search for a specific country on our site, and then begin planning motorhome holidays. Campervan hire directly in Europe can mean easier travel, and could be slightly cheaper, but it does restrict how much you can bring with you. Below you can see owners which allow campervan hire to go to Europe, and otherwise if you’d like to begin your motorhome holidays already in Europe, you can simply search on out home page! Bon Voyage!

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