RV Rental in France

Bonjour and welcome to the land of cheese, wine and baguette! Take your next vacation in the fashion and food capital of Europe, and fill your days with French culture and language. If you rent an RV in France, you’ll get to explore more of this huge country, from Calais in the north all the way to Marseille in the south. Motorhome hire is made simple through Goboony, where you can rent directly from a private owner. Private rental will allow you to keep things cheap on your budget, and get tips specific to the van and advice on the local area.

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Why rent an RV in France?

As mentioned previously, campervan hire in France will allow you to explore more of this vast country. It’ll let you organise a road trip, taking in as many cities in France as possible. France is renowned for its stunning countryside, and camping right in the middle of it will allow you to experience it best. Campsites in France are renowned for being social with great facilities. An RV will allow you to enjoy this whilst also getting some privacy, to spend time with those you’re travelling with. It allows you to save money on public transport, as trains in France are anything but cheap! You can choose your route day by day, not tied down to hotel bookings or tickets, and determine your length of stay once you’ve arrived and seen the area.

Where to go in France?

If you’re hoping to dip your toe in French culture, then spend a few nights in the capital city of Paris. Visit the Louvre, which is stunning inside and out! Climb the steps of the Eiffel Tower, and walk under the momentous Arc de Triomphe. If you’re looking for castles, then Dordogne will keep you satisfied. It is filled with beautiful chateaux, charming towns and traditional gastronomy. This is all against a backdrop of rolling hills, vineyards, forests and rivers - what could be more beautiful? Marseille is the second largest city in France, and is actually one of Europe’s oldest cities. It is a major Mediterranean seaport, and you can still explore the old town dating back to 600BC. Marseille is renowned for its crystal waters and shimmering beaches, perfect for watersports and sunbathing.

Things to do in France

Whilst in France, it is ideal to explore some of the rich history, given that it is basically the foundations of Europe. Tour the Palace of Versailles, or view the Bordeaux tapestry. France is also the site of a great deal of vital 20th century history, which you can commemorate by visiting D-Day beach in Normandy or one of the dozens of museums dedicated to the World Wars. France has been leading in world culture for centuries, which can be seen by the renowned fashion houses, classical art museums and theatres. Watch a show at the Roman Theatre in Lyon or go for a more naughty exhibit at Paris’ Moulin Rouge - maybe you’ll even spot Nicole Kidman! Head to one of the many national parks for hiking and wild camping, and ensure that your RV rental vacation is both relaxing and fulfilling.

So pack your bags, hire a motorhome in France and get going! Below you’ll find examples of vans you can rent across France, so choose one that suits your needs and contact the private owner today. Bon voyage!