Wild Camping in France for Motorhomes

January 18, 2019 in Destinations, Tips for Travellers, France & Wild Camping and Overnight Parking

France is one of the top holiday destinations, which isn’t surprising given the sheer size of this nation, great weather and delicious food! Rent a motorhome with Goboony and explore the beauty of France deeper through wild camping. Wild camping allows you to escape the crowds and dive into the wilderness. Learn about the rules, etiquette and possibilities of wild camping in France for motorhomes!

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What are the rules on wild camping in France?

France has a similar policy to other European countries, in prohibiting wild camping. However, this is merely the official stance, as the government and law enforcement are still aware it occurs, and do not treat it as a crime. National parks may be an exception, but be sure to check this online. But if it is illegal, how can we wild camp? By following the general wild camping rules and etiquette!

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What is wild camping etiquette?

  • Try to not stay more than one night in a spot, and don't stay there the entire day either. Arrive late, leave early. This ensures others can share the area, and that you don’t get caught or become a nuisance.

  • Ensure that you are a minimum of 100m away from roads or public interest spots (e.g. waterfalls). Whilst it is important to have water nearby, you don’t want to be too noticeable.

  • Always check with nearby landowners, just in case! Chances are they wouldn’t mind, as long as you’re not a disturbance, but this is less likely if they find you without being informed first.

  • Don’t leave any mess. Take all litter with you, and leave everything as it was. This includes campfires, as these can really ruin the area, and be quite dangerous! These are especially not permitted in southern France, and will result in you being asked to leave.

  • Be cautious of your noise, you don’t want to disturb people living nearby or the wildlife.

  • More tips on wild camping for motorhomes.

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The best spots for Wild Camping in France for Motorhomes

  • Corsica. This mountainous Mediterranean island is a wonderful fusion of dense forest, craggy peaks and stylish coastal towns. It is the ideal hiking location for experienced walkers, and wild camping is commonly accepted there!

  • Vercors Massif. This rugged range is simply breathtaking, and driving through it will keep you entertained for hours by the stunning views. It’ll be easy to reach beautiful spots here by driving a short distance off the road, and you won’t be bothered.

  • French Basque Country. West of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, this region differs to those surrounding through being less industrialized. As an agricultural and beach destination, it is far calmer and perfect for rural camping undisturbed. It also has many farms willing to allow motorhomes to park overnight.

  • Ardèche. Situated in southeast France, this gorgeous region is the ideal place for falling asleep under the stars. Park your motorhome away from the touristic sites and off the road, and you’re unlikely to be bothered. Make sure to pack a swimsuit, a paddle in the river Ardèche is necessary whilst here!

  • Biscarrosse. This little town on the Atlantic coast will provide you with the perfect privacy and tranquility for wild camping. Park yourself on the dunes or near one of the numerous lakes, but be sure to remain a distance from active areas. This is a particularly lovely spot for cycle enthusiasts, with trails going deep into the forests, along dunes and leading you to wide, sandy surf beaches like Vivier Beach!

  • Brittany. Heading north instead, Brittany is a more stereotypical holiday destination. Camp along this stunning coast, famed for its unusual, blush-hued sand and rocks. It is a great destination for history fans, as it is known for its abundant prehistoric menhirs.

France Passion

France Passion is a great way to find sites that offer motorhomes free overnight parking! France Passion works through various hosts offering their vineyard, farm or land as a stopover, and it has approximately 2000 host sites available. These have signs stating if they’re part of this organisation,and the website lists them all as well. Cherish the opportunity to taste fresh produce, meet new people and have a completely free stay! The only thing better than eating Auvergne cured meats, Pyrenean honey or Provencal goat’s cheese? Doing it from the comfort of your motorhome, camping for free!

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There are plenty of wild camping spots in France for motorhomes, as long as you plan ahead and follow the general etiquette. Treat the land with respect, and you’ll be able to camp in peace. Wild camping will allow you to fully immerse yourself in nature and escape the bustle of daily life. So find a motorhome in France, set out for the open road and bon voyage!