In the Media, Travolution: Motorhome sharing platform Goboony’s sights on ‘next level’ after €6 million raise

March 4, 2022 in About Goboony and In the Media

Travolution reported on Goboony's latest funding round, which secured €6 for our European expansion. This will go towards building our position in France and Germany, as well as cementing our current locations, including the UK. This latest round brings the total investment to €10. 

Goboony Travolution Funding Investment H2

Bart Veldman, No Such Ventures

The article includes a quote from one of our largest investors, No Such Ventures:

“Goboony provides motorhome-owners with the ability to share their asset with others to cover (part of) their cost of ownership or even make a small business out of it. Mark, Foppe, and their team have shown us that ‘sharing the freedom’ is their bread and butter. No Such Ventures is convinced that Goboony is well-positioned to become the European market leader in this space and drive consolidation in this very interesting market.”