In the Media: Phocuswire, Goboony Drives Off With €6M To Expand Motorhome Rental Platform Across Europe

March 4, 2022 in About Goboony and In the Media

Phocuswire reported on our latest funding achievement! We raised €6 million to expand our operations across Europe, including launching in France and Germany, as well as growing further in the UK.

We've adapted to the uncertainty of recent years by offering flexible travel terms and constantly adjusting to what our customers want and need. We look forward to using this funding to further grow into the largest motorhome sharing platform in Europe.

Goboony Phocuswire Funding H2

Mark de Vos, CEO of Goboony

“In the past two years alone, the business has experienced triple-digit supply growth (236%) as a result of a strong increase in motorhome ownership across Europe and the growing popularity of ‘van life’ amongst the younger generations. Our platform is an international community where motorhome enthusiasts - owners and travelers - are connecting and sharing their passion for having freedom and adventure on the open road. It’s an incredibly exciting place to be,”says Goboony CEO Mark de Vos.

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