7 Best Motorhome Holiday Destinations for 2024

September 15, 2023 in Destinations and Europe

The year is coming to a close, summer is truly gone, and so we must turn to next year and begin planning our trips! To help you with this, we have compiled a list of the top 7 motorhome holiday ideas for 2024. We’ve tried to keep them fresh and new, and hopefully, you’ll be inspired to explore somewhere new. Lacking the motorhome aspect for the trip? Have no fear, Goboony is here! A quick search on our site will provide you with dozens of rental options in your area, from a private owner to a private owner! Now to find out where we’re going...

1. Aalborg, Denmark

Denmark’s fourth-largest city, Aalborg, sits at the narrowest point of the Limfjord and has recently been growing into an upcoming travel destination. The true appeal of Aalborg lies in that it suits a variety of travel types. Families will appreciate Aalborg Zoo and the Waterfront promenade, which features restaurants, a park, a playground, basketball courts and a summertime outdoor pool. Architecture and art fans will adore the Kunsten, a modern art museum housed in a stunning white-marble building, designed by the great Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.

History enthusiasts will appreciate Budolfi Domkirke, a beautiful 12th-century cathedral marking the centre of the old town. And people of all ages and interests will be in awe of the famous singing trees. Located in the Park of Music in Kildeparken, it was begun in 1987 when Sir Cliff Richard planted a tree when he performed at the Congress & Culture Centre. Since then, many more artists have joined and added their own personal marks to the trees. Some of the trees are even accompanied by music of the artist, activated by a button at the foot of the tree.

It makes an ideal motorhome holiday destination for 2024 as it can be incorporated into a wonderful road trip through Denmark. Explore more of this country and stop at National Park Vadehavet, the seaport town of Esbjerg or the famous botanical garden of Aarhus.

Goboony Holiday Destination Europe H2 Aalborg Denmark Cathedral

2. Munich, Germany

One of the more known destinations, Munich is the bustling capital city of Bavaria, with a population of more than 1.5 million. It is famous for beautiful architecture, despite the heavy damage sustained through allied bombing in World War II. Most of the historic buildings have been rebuilt, and the city centre replicates how it appeared in the late 1800s — such as with the largest church, the Frauenkirche, and the esteemed city hall, Neues Rathaus.

Munich has the leading cultural scene in Germany, with museums that are even considered to outrank Berlin in quality. A visit to Munich would not be complete without a stop at Museum Brandhorst, which features works by modern art icons such as Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst and Joseph Beuys. The museum is unique in its wide-open galleries and vast white walls, and if you head there on a Sunday entry will only be €1. For more of the best museums to visit in Munich, you can check out this list supplied by the Culture Trip. But the true reason why Munich should be on your list of holiday ideas for 2024 is to get your surf on. You may be surprised to hear this, given that Munich is miles away from sandy shores and ocean waves. But if you head to Eisbach in Munich, you can enjoy a unique session of surfing down the river, which some consider to be the best surfing in the whole of Europe!

As for the motorhome aspect of your trip, there are numerous campsites surrounding the city of Munich, from which public transport will easily get you to the centre. We recommend going for Oktoberfest, as everyone should experience a truly German Oktoberfest in their lifetime. But if you’re not a huge fan of crowds or beer, then head there in the fall for some calm weather while you explore the city. There is also the possibility to go in December and enjoy traditional German Christmas markets, in which case it would be wise to read up on our winter camping tips!

Goboony Holiday Destination Europe H2 Munich Germany

3. Pécs, Hungary

Many consider Pécs to be second to only Budapest on their Hungarian ‘must-see’ list. It lies equidistant from the Danube to the east and the Dráva to the south, which combined with its position sheltered from northern winds by the Mecsek Hills produces a wonderful microclimate. This microclimate lengthens its summers wonderfully, ensuring plenty of fruit production and time for you to come and visit. Make sure you don’t miss trying the delicious almonds of the region, so delightful that you’ll be bringing bags home for the entire family! The biggest project of Pécs occurred with the 2010 Capital of Culture, from which the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter was built. It is divided into four quarters (craftsman, family and children’s, creative and university) and is great to stroll around.

There are plenty of museums to explore, from the Modern Hungarian Gallery to the Zsolnay Porcelain Museum. Be sure to grab a glass of that wonderful grape juice, as wines from the Villány wine region are considered to be among the best in Hungary — particularly full-bodied reds. If wine isn’t your drink of choice, or if you’re still thirsty, then you might enjoy the Pannonia Champagne Factory. It was Hungary’s first champagne factory, founded in 1859 and decades later transformed into a tourist attraction. They still produce sparkling wine and have a 5 story underground labyrinth of caves and cellars.

Goboony Holiday Destination Europe H2 Pecs Hungary

4. Luosto, Finland

Luosto is the ideal destination for those wishing to see the Northern Lights without having to travel too far north. On average, there are 200 nights a year when the Northern Light displays are visible, so there is great flexibility in when to go. Luosto is a small village, approximately 110 km north of Rovaniemi, and in the heart of Pyhä-Luosto National Park. It is the ideal location for those desiring pure nature and peace. Here you can explore the white wonderland in a snowmobile, impersonate a real musher riding your own husky sledge or be Santa Clause in a reindeer-pulled sleigh. Too much pressure? Then just climb the Lampivaara hill to the Amethyst mine. Here you’ll get an introduction to this sparkling mineral and the chance to dig for your own lucky stone. Luosto even features its own ski resort, so you can spend a day or two hitting the slopes! For tips on motorhome ski holidays, look no further than Goboony.

Goboony Holiday Destination Europe H2 Ski Luosto Finland Slope

5. Isle of Skye, Scotland

This magical island may not be your first thought when you consider motorhome holiday ideas for 2024, but given the wonderful invention of ferries, it is more than possible as a motorhome destination! It is the largest of the Inner Hebrides and home to some of Scotland’s most spectacular landscapes. It makes the perfect motorhome destination, as one of the greatest appeals of Skye is the scenery. Just driving around the paths crisscrossing the island, you’ll be in awe of the rugged landscape. It has several majestic geological features, such as the Quiraing which has a fine walking path to enjoy. Learn more about the history and life on the island through the Skye Museum of Island Life. I

sle of Skye earns its place on our list of motorhome holiday destinations for 2024 for the beautiful nature and camping opportunities. An example of this is Kinloch Campsite, which is very appropriately named, given its stunning views of the stunning Loch Dunvegan. This includes views of the seals that frequently visit these waters. This family-run site is overlooked by MacLeods Table, two distinctive flat hills that dominate the already beautiful skyline. The site has clean facilities and is renowned for its friendly staff. The prime location allows you to explore the island at your leisure, with a lovely home to return to for tranquil evenings.

Goboony Europe Holiday Destination H2 Isle Skye Scotland

6. Szeged, Hungary

It is surprising that we selected the third largest city in Hungary for its’ tranquillity, but once you’ve visited Szeged, you’ll understand completely. The appealing and relaxing nature of the city is encompassed by the shady, garden-like main square. Be sure to visit the centre and enjoy reading on a park bench or drinking coffee in the abundant streetside cafes. Architecture fans will adore Szeged for the picturesque old town, with paved streets stretching on forever. Szeged is quite the cultural hub, with performances year-round at the numerous theatres and exhibition centres.

There is a wide range of museums to visit, from the Ferenc Móra Museum with natural history exhibits, Hungarian art and folk collection, to the Pick Salami & Szeged Paprika Museum, which will inform you about the methods of salami production and the packaging of Szeged ‘red gold’. It retains a lively university-town vibe, which allows for an enjoyable nightlife and numerous bustling cafes to fill your evenings. If you’re tired from the long drive, head to the thermal bath complex opposite the old town to soak the stress away. The best time to visit Szeged is in the summer, or fall, to make the most of their parks and outdoor spaces.

Goboony Europe Holiday Destination H2 Hungary Szeged Cathedral

7. Killarney, Ireland

Not one of the newest tourist destinations, but recently the traffic to Killarney seems to have slowed down, making it the perfect time to go visit! Killarney manages to offer both the best of tourism in Ireland and stunning natural sights. Take a day to explore the Lakes of Killarney, where the dazzling waters will entice you for a swim. You can also go kayaking on the lakes, and be sure to keep an eye out for wildlife! Take a tour of Ross Castle, built in the 15th century and well maintained over the centuries.

We cannot recommend camping in Killarney National Park enough, filled with rugged landscapes, mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and the most beautiful waterfalls in Ireland. There is a multitude of flora and fauna, and plenty of history to be discovered. Pull on your walking boots, or take your bikes off the back, and spend countless hours in the most beautiful National Park Ireland has to offer. But why should you go to Killarney with a motorhome? To complete the Ring of Kerry of course! You may have heard about this Irish road trip, but if not here is a quick breakdown. It is a 200km loop around central Ireland, beginning and finishing in Killarney. It takes you through the most delightful sights in Ireland and along the coast. For more details on this road trip and more, you can check out our blog on 10 Europe road trip ideas for 2024.

Goboony Europe Holiday Destination H2 Ireland Killarney Lakes

From the northern Luosto to Killarney in the west, these motorhome destinations cover the majority of Europe. So don’t wait any longer, pick a place — or several of them — and start planning your next holiday! How else will we survive the cold weeks to come? If you need a motorhome to travel in, check out all the listings on our site. Either choose a motorhome near you, or in the destination you plan to explore, and let the road trip begin!