Motorhome Ski Holiday

September 20, 2018 in Tips for Travellers and Travel and Camping Hacks

Did you get inspired to go on a skiing holiday in our last article with tips for UK skiing holidays but are you torn between going off on the slopes or taking out your motorhome or campervan for a winter adventure? What if we told you that you could do both? After a lot of research into motorhome ski holidays we’ve compiled this little guide on how to approach going on a skiing holiday with your campervan! You can find the best ski resorts to visit with a campervan but also tips on how to pack winter vans and what you need to remember to do and bring to make sure you have the best experience you can. 

You may have thought that cold, snowy weather and a campervan don’t go together but we’re here to show you that that’s very far from the truth! You can find countless resources and websites on the internet that focus on bringing the world of campervans and winter activities together. There is a large community of motorhome owners that love to go on winter campervan trips and we are honoured to introduce you to it in this blog!Motorhome Ski Holiday H2 Campervan Snow Sun Beautiful Cold

How to prepare your motorhome?

Here are some things you should never forget when going on a motorhome holiday in winter, especially a skiing one, where you know the temperatures will be very low and you might have to drive on narrow mountain roads:

  • Inspect your motorhome thoroughly before the adventure and don’t forget regular check-ups every time after you are stationary for a night or so.

  • Add insulation or use a heating element to ensure your motorhome water tank doesn’t freeze.

  • Insulate the rest of the vehicle (more on that later).

  • Carry a cold weather kit with you.

  • Instead of butane use propane gas, butane will not function in high temperatures.

  • Try to drive only during daylight hours and check beforehand about the roads you will take.

How to properly insulate your motorhome?

  • Use foam cladding around all the water pipes.

  • Insulate ALL external tanks with bubble foil or expandable foam.

  • Remember not to block any output to maintain proper ventilation.Motorhome Ski Holiday H2 Camping Snow Cold Beautiful Freezing

What to bring for yourself?

Apart from all the usual skiing equipment and other essentials, remember that nights will be cold which means you need extra layers to sleep in. Wear thermal underwear like that you have for skiing and always make sure to bring an abundance of warm clothes; it will fit in your motorhome and may make the difference between a good night’s rest and a cold, sleepless night.

What to bring for your motorhome?

  • De-icer spray and windscreen ice scraper.

  • Bring snow chains.

  • Don’t forget a garden fleece to drape over the engine when you are parked for a longer period of time.

  • Don’t forget a ladder - it’s important that you can reach the roof of the campervan so you can clear off any snow.

  • A shovel.

Where should you go?

Now that you know what to bring with you on a motorhome ski vacation, all that is left for you to do is pick the perfect ski resort for you and pick your favourite winter activities to make this the most memorable trip! There are countless ski resorts across Europe that offer campervan parking, so here we will only give you a few different ones that we found to be special in some way.


France stays one of the most popular skiing destinations, as it is so close and accessible from the UK. France also offers the largest amount of winter campsites and aires. You can also often park overnight in a resort by the ski lift, provided you don’t disturb your surroundings in any way. Be careful though, because there are a few resorts that ban campervans, so always do your research first.

Some of the best aires and campsites in France are for example Alpe d’Huez, Valloire, Les Gets or Les Saisies. These are all walking distance to the lifts and slopes, allowing you to get as much as you can out of your skiing holiday. Many offer free wifi, battery recharging or toilets. They are also often situated not too far from bakeries, shops and restaurants.


You can find a large number of campsites, also open in winter, all around Austria and many are in vicinity of ski resorts. When going on a motorhome ski holiday in Austria, remember that wild camping is most often prohibited and even when it is not, it can be frowned upon, so it is best to keep to campsites. You can also find aires in Austria, however, campsites are much more common. Most roads that connect various ski resorts to one another are adapted to buses, so you will not have a problem moving around in a campervan. A tip for Austria is the beautiful Kuehtai resort; not too known and with a vast space at the bottom of the lift for campervans.Motorhome Ski Holiday H2 Ski Sun Mountains Snow Beautiful Winter


Though Italy does not offer as many possibilities for motorhomes as, for example, France, skiing in Italy is such a beautiful experience that it is worth it to find a spot where you can camp. We can advice you Alagna, a ski resort with breathtaking views and a wonderful campsite that includes all essentials and even a little shop. Livigno is another one, with all sorts of slopes ideal for any skier and a campsite that is 5 minutes walk to the nearest slope or free buses that will bring you to anywhere within the resort.

Now that you’ve been introduced to motorhome ski holidays, it’s time to rent a campervan through Goboony and set off on the road! The beauty of a skiing holiday with a motorhome is that you can move around freely, following best weather conditions and try out multiple resorts in one vacation. Safe travels!