Benefits of a Motorhome on Ski Holidays

December 28, 2018 in Tips for Travellers and Travel and Camping Hacks

When you begin planning a ski holiday, does your mind immediately jump to motorhomes? That’s alright, ours didn’t either. But that all changed when we took a motorhome on a ski holiday, and we’re here to tell you why you should try it too! Enjoy the winter wonderland first hand as well as more time with your family or friends. These are a few of the many benefits of a motorhome on ski holidays!

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# Common Concerns of Ski Holidays

1. What if there isn’t enough snow in the area you have planned to ski in?

This is a major fear when booking ski holidays, particularly as booking them in advance saves a lot of money. But a motorhome fixes this, as with a motorhome you can simply drive to another location. You don’t have to choose a hotel or chalet, so you can move as you see fit. This also allows you to enjoy different slopes and not get bored quickly. Plus it’ll save money by getting passes to several smaller slopes instead of one major, overcrowded one!

2. How will I afford this?

Ski holidays are expensive, there is a reason not everyone goes on them! But whilst renting the motorhome for your holiday will not be cheap, this amounts to one of your only major costs for the holiday. For now you can save money on the overpriced accommodation, and this counts as your transport to the destination. Also, with a motorhome you’re able to cook yourself, which will save plenty of money on restaurants or a food inclusive hotel package. The fridge and cupboards will allow you to makes lunches for your days skiing too!

3. Can my vehicle stand the cold?

Getting stranded on the side of a snowy road sounds like the start of a horror film, not the start of your lovely holiday! A motorhome could help to reduce this fear. Most of the motorhomes available in these snowy locations are equipped accordingly for the weather conditions i.e. heated toilets and living room and even a small heated room for drying your ski clothing. With winter tires, you’ll glide through the snow. And by renting from a private owner experienced with these conditions, you’ll have someone to answer all of your questions!

4. Will I get to spend time with my friends/family?

You’re going on holiday and want to enjoy quality time with those you’ve decided to bring along. Makes sense! Even though your days are spent skiing, your evenings will be cosy and social in a motorhome. You cook and eat together, all sleep nearby instead of different floors in a hotel. You can explore the nature around and generally enjoy each others company.

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# Why is it better than winter camping?

Firstly, winter camping is cold! Very, very cold! Some tough, experienced campers can take this in their stride. They see it as a challenge and good on them! If you’re eager to try, then be sure to do some research on winter camping first. But we prefer a motorhome for winter sport holidays for the following reasons. Firstly, you can warm up a motorhome easily, to help defrost after a day on the slopes. It is safer, both for you and for your equipment - which can be kept inside and locked up! You can store food easily in a motorhome, either through the mini fridge or shelves. You can cook inside of your motorhome, and not attract creatures or struggle with boiling water. You don’t have to pack light! This allows you to bring as much luggage as you like. Extra ski clothes for when yours are wet. A change of clothes for the evening. Board games to pass the time in the evenings or spices to keep your meals interesting - anything is possible!

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# Tips for Motorhomes in Snow

  • Put winter tires on your vehicle

Winter tires and snow chains will ensure that you have a good grip on the road while driving. Moreover, winter tires and snow chains are mandatory in many countries, so be sure to check the rules of the destination you’re heading to. Practice at home if you aren’t used to having chains on your van, by simply putting them on the campervan and driving one of your common routes a few times.

  • Keeping your windshield snow-free

We don’t need to tell you how important it is to have a clear view of the road, let alone in a van. Make sure your windows are free of ice and snow, take multiple scrapers with you as some may break and hands simply don’t do the trick!  Also make sure that you have enough antifreeze liquid with you.

  • Get the snow off

Be sure to knock the snow off the top of your van before you get onto a road with other cars. Otherwise a speed increase could push it off and it could hit a car behind you, and potentially cause an accident! Read on for more tips on driving in snow.

  • Don’t get locked out!

After a long day of skiing in the cold, you will be more than ready ready to snuggle up in the van with the heating. So the last thing you want is to get back to a frozen lock. Eek! Unfortunately this can easily occur in below 0 temperatures, so it is a risk to all! But don’t panic just yet, it can be easily avoided by placing a piece of tape over the lock or by bringing along a lock de-icer (these work absolute wonders!).

  • Always be prepared

Speaking of getting locked out in the cold, you must always factor in the possibility of some unfortunate events occurring during your journey. By preparing for it and accepting it, you can ensure it doesn’t go on to ruin your holiday. You can prepare for these by ensuring you have the right equipment to solve any problems. Consider bringing some jumper cables, tow rope, reflecting vests and replacement fluids. You can read up on how to prepare your motorhome for a ski holiday, and always ask for advice from the Owner too! Also keep some snacks and bottled water in your glove box, you never know if you’ll be waiting for help!

  • Bonus tip

It may seem obvious but it’s a very common mistake. Things such as a lock de-icer or spare key must be left somewhere outside the motorhome when you leave! Take it with you or have it in an accessible place outside the motorhome.

Goboony Motorhome Ski Holiday Winter H2 Snow

So now do you fancy renting a motorhome for the winter? Well you can check out more general tips on winter holidays in motorhomes to ensure you’re prepared and ready to go! Don’t forget that you don’t even need to go abroad, you can enjoy a ski holiday right here in the UK. Now all that is left is to find a motorhome to travel with. Goboony can help you find motorhomes prepped for winter sports, with experienced owners that can give you advice and answer any questions you may have! Find a motorhome and get this ski holiday started - shwoop, shwoop, shwoop!