5 Tips For A Safe Road Trip During COVID-19

September 17, 2020 in Tips for Travellers and Everything about Corona

*Guest post by Rebecca Siggers*

The global pandemic has thrown life out of gear. The unlock phase is in the news and reality. COVID-19 may have disrupted our life with dos and don’ts, but it has also taught us the need for exercising safety and precaution at every step, in personal and professional life.

Limitations may be there, but there is no holding back the travel bug in us. A camping trip or an evening barbecue with friends is possible as long as we follow safety precautions. It may be safest to stay at home, but a dull mind can invite boredom and despair. The temptation of a staycation is picking up amid travellers. So, let us get back to an active life on the road by following social distancing tips. Here are some essential on-ground tips to reach your destination safe and germ-free with or without your family and friends. Keep the following in mind for your motorhome holiday during COVID-19:

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1. Plan your route

COVID 19 has left many cities and roads dull and empty on the roads with hardly a sight of vehicles, blaring noise, or mankind for many months. With the easing of lockdown, new travel restrictions are in place, varying from one country to another. So, before heading out on the road, plan the route you wish to take. Restrictions in toll collections and food halting points on country roads may have changed, so update your knowledge and do some research first. Use GPS travel apps like Roadtrippers Plus for road trip planning and live traffic updates on the road. This app lets the traveller know about petrol stations, eateries, and bathroom breaks on route to your destination. Find out the safety protocols in place and avoid entering destinations with high COVID rates.         

2. Pack travel necessities

Minimizing social contact is the new norm. Pack items for the road trip depending on the duration. Compulsory items include hand sanitizers, sanitary wipes, masks and disposable gloves, bottled water, throwaway cups, road trip snacks, a small cooler with drinking water, a thermos with coffee, tea or any other beverage. Take garbage bags along to keep your discarded food so that the car seats do not get spoilt. Stock these items in the car to avoid stopping at midway convenience stores. Halting at food plazas offering a drive-through service is a sensible approach rather than dine-in stores.

One of the simplest ways to upgrade your adventure capabilities while travelling in campervans is to add a roof rack awning. When choosing a roof rack awning, analyze the length of your vehicle and the roof rack size.

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3. Be careful in public lavatories

When travelling by road, it is difficult to hold the bathroom urge. Public washrooms may not always be clean and hygienic despite corona risk. Toilets that don’t have lids may increase the spread of the virus into the air upon the press of a flush.

Always wear a mask in a common bathroom or a rest stop. Also, maintain a suitable distance from others in the washroom. Touch as few surfaces as you can in a public washroom. Use a hand sanitizer of 70% alcohol as hand wash practice (if it suits you) instead of using the common bathroom tap. When using the faucet handles, use a disposable paper towel or glove. Before getting into your car, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use your hand sanitizer. Pay extra attention to handwashing habits for added safety.

4. Pay with contactless digital technology

Currency notes come across many hands, and make one susceptible to contracting coronavirus. Those who use paper currency more stand at high-risk and are active carriers of the virus. The fear and apprehension among consumers are giving rise to contactless digital payment spends. Driven by Quick Response (QR) codes, the NFC technology of tap and pay on payment terminals benefits merchants and customers.         

At the petrol station, supermarket or other shopping outlets, use plastic money, not cash. Make it a point to clean your credit or debit card with a disinfectant wipe for further protection.

5. Clean your surfaces

Whether you rent a motorhome or use your own, you need to consider hygiene consistently. You can find many tips for cleaning a motorhome during COVID-19. Wash your hands every time you come back into the motorhome, and wipe down all surfaces daily. Use antimicrobial wipes on tabletops and touchpoints on hard surfaces as faucets or door handles. Avoid spending time in public areas of the campsite unless you keep a distance. There are plenty of things you can do and enjoy inside your motorhome.

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Sharing is not caring anymore. Reduce the sharing of meals, disposable goods, and commodities even with family members, especially those who go to workplaces. The destination trip may be one, but there can be many halt-and-touch points where coronavirus can spread its trap without any idea. Hire a Corona-safe motorhome through Goboony. Have an enjoyable journey, but follow these instructions down to the last detail in your safety.        

About the author:

Rebecca Siggers is a passionate writer & guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills & understanding about the specific industry. She loves writing & sharing her knowledge mostly in the Travelling Industry. She believes travelling is the key to a peaceful life & wants to spread her belief across the world. Apart from writing, She loves travelling and reading.