Things to Do During Self-Isolation in a Campervan

April 23, 2020 in Tips for Travellers, Tips for Owners & Everything about Corona

Government mandated self-isolation has been stretching out for several weeks now, and we’re not sure for how much longer we’ll be staying home. You can only bake so much banana bread and binge so many Netflix shows before it gets old. But there’s a way to follow all the rules, social distance and still find plenty to do. We’re here to help with a list of things to do during self-isolation in a campervan. Pack your bag and head into your trusty motorhome for a change of scenery, and a safe place away from the chaos.

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1. DIY Van Upgrades

If there was ever a time for a DIY campervan upgrade, it is during self-isolation. Time to get around to those things you always say you will fix, but never do. That endless Pinterest board can be put into practice, with the help of some tools and a good playlist! There are plenty of things you could focus on, including major renovations such as repainting, reupholstering or building new storage additions. Or you could keep it small, add in a spice rack or a mirror. You’ll find plenty of inspiration online, from blogs to Pinterest boards to Youtube tutorials. You’ve got the time, now you just need the plan!

2. Learn a New Instrument

This may sound crazy, learn a new instrument during self-isolation? It’s that New Year’s resolution you write annually and never really try to complete. But quarantine is the right time to start learning something new, to pick up a new hobby. Both to distract yourself and help to de-stress. You can learn to play the guitar, violin, trumpet and more, right from your campervan. And it will certainly be worth the effort on all future camping trips, enjoying music under the starry night sky. You’ll find plenty of online lessons available, and free Youtube tutorials. 

3. Get Creative in the Kitchen

Cooking is often considered to be a hassle; it’s the end of a long day, you rush home and then you have to cook something mildly healthy. And now that we’re home all day, it could go one of two ways. We either completely give up and become VIPs on Deliveroo, or we use this time to broaden our culinary horizons. Practice your cooking now, get good at some recipes, freeze in a few meals, and meet the release of self-isolation as a master chef! But even better, is practicing recipes you can make on the road, to reduce any hassle on motorhome holidays. Practice your cooking in a campervan so that you’re prepared for the real thing!

4. Practice Mindfulness

If there was ever a time to try new methods of relaxation, it is now! The constant barrage of news and isolation can really harm your mental health during Corona. Be sure to look after yourself during this difficult time, and give yourself the space and positive energy you require.

Isolation in a campervan is the perfect occasion to take some time off of social media, and put your phone away. That will give you plenty of time to test these various corona isolation activities! Why not use this opportunity to find your zen, and build habits that will last you long after isolation ends? There are plenty of free yoga classes online, or you could download a meditation app.

5. Plan your Next Trip

Often the best foot forward is to look ahead! Find something to motivate yourself through this difficult time, thinking ahead to when you’ll be able to travel again. Use a road trip planner, grab a notebook and get brainstorming.

Write down a bucket list of all the places you want to visit and start narrowing down the list. Once restrictions lessen, it’ll probably be wiser to still stay closer to home in case of a second wave or changes in regulation. So use this as a chance to enjoy a staycation in the UK, explore everything your home country has to offer. 

You could plan a road trip in England, to see Heritage sites, visit the Lake District or the Cotswolds. Or a road trip in Scotland, nothing beats tackling the North Coast 500 in a motorhome! Start searching for routes, deciding when to take your road trip, and even creating a packing list.

This can all be done from the comfort of your motorhome, using a laptop, notebook and your imagination.

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6. Read all about it!

We all have lists of books we want to read but never feel we have the actual time to. Screenshots of books that pop up, notes on our phone, or even an actual shelf full of unread novels! If there was ever the time to invest in an ereader, this is it. You'll also use it plenty on upcoming camping trips.

There are plenty of reasons why you should read more during self-isolation. For example, it has a lot of cognitive benefits, like improving your memory and focus. Reading will allow you to distract yourself, escape our current reality and dive into a good book. Plus, you’ll feel less alone in your home if you’ve got good characters to surround you.

You can also use it to be ‘productive’, learn new skills or ideas that you can use later once we’re free. Read management or negotiation books for when you’re back in the office, or a biography of someone you admire. 

You can even host an online book club right from the comforts of your campervan!

7. Stop reading, start writing

I just told you to read more, and now I’m saying to stop reading? You don’t have to stop, simply take some time to write as well. In a time of laptops and phones, we’re always typing away. Well put them down, and grab a pen instead. Start scribbling away, and enjoy the relaxing benefits and focus it brings.

You can write to do lists or goals to complete during isolation. Your goals in general, things you want to and achieve this year or next. You could write your road trip plan, your bucket list, skills to learn. You could write letters to friends or family, post them to ensure they get a fun and uplifting surprise one day. You can start journaling, scribbling your thoughts and ideas. I’d recommend starting a habit of writing a gratitude list, everyday, and trying to continue this post isolation.

Writing is great habit to pick up for future camping trips, to enjoy next to the campfire under the starry sky. Try to always have a pen and notebook packed away in your motorhome.

8. Skill Building

It could be that you need smaller things to focus on, perhaps you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or strapped for time. That’s fine too! It’s great to set yourself goals, even if they’re small, to ensure you also get that wonderful sense of accomplishment. So aim for smaller skills, little to do’s you’ve always wanted to complete.

Maybe it’s learning how to make the perfect coffee. In a time without cafes and restaurants, we could all use a decent cup. So splurge on a nice brand, buy whatever tools you need, and start practicing. Maybe you can even perfect latte art! I treated myself to a milk foamer when I knew I’d be spending so much time at home, and do not regret it at all! Your travel companions will be so grateful for your delicious cup of coffee during mornings at the campsite, it’ll probably even get you out of washing up!

It’s great to be busy with your hands, even with small things. You could try knitting, a compact and easy hobby to bring along for any camping trip. If that’s close, but not your lane, try embroidery! I’m currently practicing my embroidery using helpful stencils, so that I can decorate pillows for my van, a budget-friendly motorhome tip. I love the idea of adding that personal touch, and you can do it whilst chatting to friends, watching a show or listening to music. 

Here are a few other out-of-the-box ideas to do in your motorhome:
1. Flower bouquet arranging
2. Puzzles, get yourself a sudoku or crossword book and the hours will fly by!
3. Call a friend or family member to chat
4. Origami
5. Candle decorating
6. Planting seeds and trying to keep them alive
7. Sketching

The list is endless, so try a few things until you find your perfect new hobby. Something that keeps you busy, calm and engaged.

9. List your Motorhome on Goboony

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Hopefully this will give some ideas on how to keep busy in your motorhome for the upcoming weeks. Isolating in your motorhome can give you a break from home whilst still following all the set guidelines. It can be hard to find the balance between keeping busy and giving yourself the time and space you need, so try to find the fun in the situation and focus on your gorgeous van!
No motorhome? No problem, simply rent a motorhome and find the perfect spot to pitch up.