The Best Travel Apps for your Road Trip

August 22, 2018 in Tips for Travellers and Travel and Camping Hacks

In this golden age of technology, we have apps for literally everything. It is both a gift and a curse, but when it comes to road trips, definitely a gift! Road trips allow you to enjoy the open road and experience the true freedom of not having to plan every little moment of your trip or every stop. But this can be difficult, and road trips are supposed to save money and not spend more, so sometimes we can need a little help. That’s why we’re here to share out best travel apps with you, from restaurant tips to a road trip route planner, you’ll be sorted!

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#1 Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers is an ideal app for your journey, and can be your complete planner in a pocket, It can help you in finding diners, restaurants, national parks and other scenic points of interest. One of the main perks is being able to plan your trip in the app prior to your journey, saving locations and deciding a route. It lets you plan your journey with the stops along the way, for a clearer time indication and the best routes to reach all. You can share this plan with others through the app, allowing them to give you feedback or tips. You can sync the trip plan across multiple devices for easy reference, and in case a phone runs out of battery!

#2 Waze

Waze is the ideal road trip route planner utilizing social interaction. It allows the community to decide which routes are best to take. This happens through users reporting nearby collisions, police radar and traffic jams, so that you can safely avoid these routes in favor of arriving on time. It gets even better, as Waze also reports on the petrol prices at different stations. Thus, whether you’re looking to save money or time, Waze has got you covered.

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#3 Hotel Tonight

Whilst it is great to not plan your accomodation on a road trip, it can also be risky. You can begin to get tired and less focused driving (which is dangerous and when you should stop!) but you fear finding accomodation for a good price. But Hotel Tonight has got you covered. It specializes in last-minute hotel deals, and allows you to book a room in a few simple taps. It’ll allow you to find unique deals close to you and ensure your road trip stays budget friendly.

#4 iExit

When embarking on a road trip, and enjoying the open road of the highway, it can be hard to know what amenities are available at what stop. Time is of the essence, and you want to be sure that the petrol station won’t be insanely priced, or that the restaurant on the road sign isn’t the vegetarian-unfriendly KFC. This is where iExit comes in, it provides you with all the information of amenities available at upcoming exits of major highways. This includes restaurants, petrol stations, grocery stores, hospitals, hotels and more. The app locates you on the highway and show the amenities closest to you and how far each exit is. Then, for each service you can see how far you have to travel off your route, which is the biggest improvement on the vague highway signs. You can also use this app prior to your trip, to plan which stops you’ll take on the different highways you’ll be travelling on.

#5 Yelp

Yelp is a crowdsourced review forum, where users can review different restaurants, bars and more. It shows you what options are near you, and is perfect for road trips. Fancy some Mexican food but you’re in an unknown city? Sorted! Using Yelp you can see prices, menu and more, to ensure you don’t have to experienced bad meals during your road trip.

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#6 ParkMe

A common ailment of the modern day road trip is parking, finding a spot is hard enough, but finding one that won’t destroy your wallet is even harder. That is where ParkMe comes in. It helps you find available parking near you, giving you directions not only to the street but up to the available lot. It’ll show you the rate for the spot, so you never have to walk around searching for a paymeter or wondering if you’ll come back to a surprise fine. It also has a great function that allows you to set a parking timer, which helps you avoid overstaying, overpaying or getting a ticket. And you can even pay for the parking using the app!

#7 Spotify

This may be quite an obvious one, but I don’t know if you realise the full extent of the functions of the Spotify app. You can either use Spotify free, with ad’s and needing wifi, or pay a small monthly subscription to get premium. This subscription can be split between a “Family”, which is up to 6 people. With premium you have uninterrupted music and can download the songs when you have internet, so that when you’re out you can listen to any of your downloaded music. A fun extra with Spotify are their playlists, which appeal to a variety of different genres and moods. They also have hundreds of podcast series, which are up to date and offer a wide selection. It is one of the best travel apps as it reduces the needs for other apps or internet, as why download a podcast app to pay for when you can combine it with everyday music? I strongly recommend downloading it and enjoying fresh tunes or tales as you drive along that highway.

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From a road trip route planner to a music and podcast app, you now have all the different aspects of your road trip covered. These apps will not only help with your budget, but also your pleasure and ease, making life simpler and more delicious!