What are the Best Small Motorhomes?

October 31, 2018 in Tips for Owners and Tips for your Motorhome

Some of us love our big, luxurious motorhomes, while others prefer a smaller variety. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Quality, not quantity, is an important motto to remember when considering the best small motorhome. Smaller motorhomes can be great for new motorhome owners, as it makes parking and driving easier. They can also be ideal for those with a smaller driveway, or simply couples who love keeping it cosy! So keep reading for the best small campers and our tips on making the most of them.

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Things to Consider:

  • For a small motorhome, your best bet is a Class B or small Class C Motorhome. If you’d like a campervan, Volkswagen may be a good place to start your search. You can also consider a pop-top van or a truck camper.

  • Whilst there won’t be a ton of space to store items, you can also purchase a roof rack, a bike rack for the back or strap a kayak or so on the roof.

  • Whether you’d like a van designed for electrical hook up, or if you want the push to live rurally on holiday.

  • What kind of facilities and appliances would you like? It can be difficult to get smaller vehicles with a toilet or cooker, so you may need to be flexible or increase your budget slightly. But it is definitely possible to get an indoor toilet, stove or even a shower!

  • How many people will be travelling in it? If your kids will only join once a year, then it is better to keep it small and let them sleep in a tent or air mattress for the times they join.

  • Your budget! How much are you willing to spend? The good news is that through Goboony you could make a large sum back with regular bookings…

  • All the money you’ll save on fuel over the years!

Now to look at some of the options!

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1. Class B Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes are best described as motorhomes in disguise. From the outside, they simply look like an oversized van. They are also considered to be campervans. Inside the van is usually tall enough for standing room, but there can be kitchens and bathrooms within. These are usually the least expensive out of the three classes of motorhomes, so they’re great for those wishing to live the motorhome dream on a budget. They are also known to be the easiest to drive, given their small size and best fuel economy. There isn’t much storage space within, so you have to pack light. Class B are the best motorhomes for those emphasizing economical values.

2. Class C Motorhomes

Class C motorhomes resemble Class B motorhomes, except that they are larger and have a cab. But even though they’re bigger, they can still vary in size - from short and squat to a living area extending up to 30 feet! Their motor compartment is often external, situated towards the front of the vehicle. Class C motorhomes can accommodate more people than a Class B, usually anywhere from four to eight people. It is a great family motorhome, yet smaller than the ostentatious Class A motorhomes. The size and power of them makes them ideal for long trips, and ensures they offer nice features and amenities. They are also fuel efficient, which ensures your wallet stays a bit fuller during the road trip.

3. Examples of the Best Motorhomes

If you’re thinking of going for a Class C motorhome, you could consider the following options. Jayco Redhawks are reliable motorhomes, equipped with numerous facilities - including a manually-controlled refrigerator and power-awning. The computer-operated drive system ensures a smooth ride even if the road is slightly bumpy. Alternatively, we always recommend checking out a Bongo. These originate from Japan, and are small van conversions with excellent value for money. Some even have clever additions, such as an electrically-powered lifting roofs. If the exterior of your campervan is a high priority, then a Volkswagen camper may be the best small motorhome for you. The vehicle can double as a family car and comfortable accommodation for two. These campers also have devoted followings, with festivals, fan clubs and magazines dedicated to them. So getting a Volkswagen van comes with getting a new hobby and access to enthusiasts. Discover more about the exciting world of VW Campervan shows here! Another way to get the best small motorhome for you is to create it yourself! Find a van you like and then convert the inside. You can find out more about converting a van in this blog of tips. This is quite a task, so be sure that you have the budget and time to do it. But it will be so rewarding to have a van designed specifically to you! If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out this blog on the new campervans of 2019!

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Unsure about which of the best small campers to go for? The best way to find out is just to try it. Search for the motorhome you’re interested in on Goboony and give it a test run. Then you can also ask the private owner any questions you have. And once you’ve searched through the best motorhomes and found your ideal van, you know exactly where to rent it out…