The Exciting World of VW Campervan Shows!

August 23, 2018 in Tips for Owners and Tips for your Motorhome

On our site you’ll find a variety of Volkswagen camper vans, and isn’t that to be expected? For these are the original campervans, and some say we’ll never get better than them! These gorgeous motorhomes range from the classic 1949 coloured van to the more modern sleek adaptations. If you’re a fan of these beauties, then don’t let your love for them stop at a simple trip in one, visit one of the numerous VW Campervan shows occurring worldwide all year long. Come together with fellow enthusiasts and celebrate all things campervan related!

Goboony VW Events H2 Shows Campervan Motorhome

What are these shows?

There are a variety of VW events occurring, from the ones organised by Volkswagen themselves to amateur groups to organisations such as Volks World. They organise a variety of events ranging from car shows to speciality vehicle exhibits to conventions. Some allow you to bring your own VW van, to share the love and feature your own baby. Others bring in historic vans, first models or designs. The events get numerous sponsors to reduce prices, and to provide visitors with lots of freebies! There are also very specific events, such as the Swap Meet, which is an events with thousands of tables selling the hard-to-find parts from all around Europe, perfect for those trying to find something rare.

When and where are VW events?

The VW events occur worldwide, across the United Kingdom and in various countries in Europe. There are some every month, so the best is to check when the one closest to you is, which you can do by looking on the official VW Site or Classic VW or Volks World. Find an event that suits you and is close, and then get planning! Start shining that beautiful van or deciding what to prioritise there.

Goboony VW Events H2 Shows Campervan Motorhome

Why should I go to one?

The main advantage of these events is the sense of community they build, both metaphorically and physically. Being amongst fellow fans allows you to discuss VW vans, any questions you have, and you can give each other advice and tips you’ve learned along the way. You can help new owners, or learn from the older ones. It reinforces your love for these vehicles and reassures your wife that it’s normal! But also a lot of these events follow with community groups, where you can remain in contact in case any issues arise or you need advice later. Sharing your admiration for these wonderful creations will only reinforce it, and allow you to express it socially.

Goboony VW Events H2 Shows Campervan Motorhome

So why not just try one of the Volkswagen shows? What do you have to lose? Try something new, bring your gorgeous van or take the time to look at some displays - maybe one will catch your eye and be taken home...