Exciting New Campervans 2022

December 17, 2021 in Tips for Owners and Tips for your Motorhome

With the summer coming to an end, meaning the peak of camper season is too, it is time to look forward to what campervan manufacturers have in store for 2022. Many companies have already revealed their upcoming models, giving us time to study their functions in detail and plan which camper will be the best investment. Here is a little overview of the new exciting campers and their improvement and eye-catching novelties!

Goboony new campervans 2022 h2 motorhome updates


This innovative brand has plenty of exciting things planned for 2022. With a new range of luxurious motorhomes planned, this will be the brand to watch in 2022. They're introducing the new VAN I, a fully integrated and compact motorhome. It aims to combine manoeuvrability with luxury. There will also be the SUN I 700, a new model which focuses on being sleek and compact, remarkable for its huge front window. Knaus differs from other brands as it offers not only large and luxurious motorhomes, but also options for campervan lovers. An example is the new BOXDRIVE models. These will feature a new XL high-roof, perfect for that extra alcove bed. These sleek models will also be perfect for driving through mountainous terrain. 


An old favourite, the Adria Sonic, is being revamped. There will be no Twin-Axel series, and instead, all eyes are on the Adria Sonic DC. With a starting price of about £97,000, you'll quickly see why it is worth this price. It offers a spacious garage, which is heated, and with an 1100 kilo payload, it could even hold a motorbike. The main change to this model is the back, where the light cluster and reverse camera has been updated to match the new Adria series.

In 2021, we saw a change to Matrix and Coral, and they're being further developed for 2022 with a Supreme model. The Matrix is still ideal for larger families, with the extra drop-down bed in the alcove. But most people's attention is on the Adria Twin 640, which offers a huge pop-top and ladder to access it. This vehicle is going to be the campervan of 2021 for active holidaymakers. It will require a C1 license, due to the extensive back, which offers a lot of storage space for equipment. Truly the sports motorhome of choice.

Goboony new campervans 2022 h2 motorhome updates


This French manufacturer has, as many other brands, decided to concentrate on the interior design of its vehicles in 2022. Their main aim is to provide bigger and more comfortable lounges and beds, while simultaneously improving kitchens. Rapido says that they have spent most of the previous years improving the exteriors of their motorhomes and so they would like to concentrate on interiors from now on.

A prime example is the Rapido 854F which is being named 'Motorhome of the year 2022' by many. It's surprisingly small, around 6.7 metres, and yet offers so much space. With a round table, plenty of storage, a garage that can hold two bikes, and six berth, this motorhome is not to be overlooked in the list.

Motorhome H2 Goboony Hymer


Our list of the best campervans of 2022 wouldn't be complete without the Chausson X550. Available from about £65,000, this motorhome is under 6 metres and has a width of 2.1 metres. This makes it quite an easy-to-drive motorhome, and yet is still half-integral. It's a great motorhome for people who travel all year round, as it can handle all four seasons, and gives you a lot of flexibility. It's four-berth and is particularly impressive for its bathroom, with a fold-up wash-table. 

Thor Motor Coach

The selling point for the Thor Tellaro is "all the features you love from a larger motorhome, in a compact and easy to drive campervan". It gives you the luxury and extensive amenities, but in a vehicle you can easily park and drive in cities, and even take up mountains. The Thor Tellaro features solar charging, lithium batteries and a pop top. It's a Class B RV and should be the 2022 campervan of choice for new drivers.

Goboony campervan vintage VW H2 camper

As you can see, this year is all about the ease of driving, companies have shown they can make the biggest motorhome, but what about the most compact? We’ve got an exciting year ahead of us and we can expect many novelties in the world of motorhomes and campervans! Of course, going into detail about each of these models and companies would have been enough material for a book, so we hope this brief article gives you some inspiration and a bit of a guiding light when looking through new campers for the upcoming year!