Is Motorhome Travel for You?

January 15, 2019 in Tips for Travellers, Travel and Camping Hacks & Your First Motorhome Trip

Motorhome hire and travel is a phenomena sweeping the globe, with the amount of campervan trips rising annually. Individuals of all ages, from families to elderly couples to young groups of travellers, are organising motorhome hire for their holiday. And not just summer holidays as you’d expect, but during all seasons, bank holidays and even ordinary weekends! If you’re considering joining this trend, but fear that you may be ill-suited to the motorhome hire lifestyle, then read on to discover whether motorhome travel works for you.

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Advantages of Motorhome Travel

  • Packing. You only unpack once. I always found it frustrating when travelling to several cities as you’ll constantly be packing and unpacking, and the suitcase always results in such a horrendous mess! But now you can unpack once in your van, and you don’t have to worry about the weight of the case, or you can even bring things directly into the van and not bother with cramming. Just be sure to not forget things!

  • Freedom. You don’t have to follow a set route. You’re not constricted to hotel bookings or public transport tickets, so you can head anywhere, anytime. You can decide based on weather, mood or even food craving! The ultimate road trip as you can sleep within your transport.

  • Cooking . It’s frustrating to constantly be eating out, and it certainly doesn’t do wonders for your wallet. But motorhomes cook with cooking appliances, often a fridge as well. This allows you to eat well and on a budget, and gives the social experience of cooking together. Cooking in a motorhome is easy and fun!

  • Safety. Motorhomes can be locked, which keeps your valuables and you safe. This let’s you enjoy your days carefree, and sleep more soundly at night.

  • Storage. While motorhomes aren’t as large as your home, they certainly have more storage space than a car or tent. This lets you bring and buy more, and gives you more space to move around.

  • Comfort. Firstly, in that motorhomes provide you with a proper mattress to sleep on and reduce any aches the next day. And secondly, in that you can bring along the comforts of home. You can light up your awning with fairy lights, play board games when it rains, wrap yourself in a warm quilt when you’re cold. It can be a literal home on wheels.

  • Pet-friendly. Many motorhome hire options are pet-friendly, so you can bring along your dog! This saves you organising/ paying for a sitter, keeps the kids and dog happy, and encourages you to be outside and explore the area more!

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Disadvantages of Motorhome Travel

  • Cost. Although motorhomes combine travel and accommodation costs, they are certainly not the cheap option for your holiday. I aim to think of the bigger picture, the money saved on meals out or other aspects of a holiday, but it is still a realistic disadvantage to consider given petrol prices nowadays.

  • Campsites. There are several areas that allow wild camping, however it is still not globally accepted. So if you plan to wild camp, be sure to check the rules first and avoid a pesky fine. Alternatively, you can pitch at campsites. The prices for campsites is generally quite low, and they can provide a lovely and social experience.

  • Driving. Many don’t find driving motorhomes difficult, but it can be quite daunting if you’re not an experienced driver. Parking can be particularly tricky, as it is difficult to gage the size of such a vehicle.

  • Day Trips. It can be time and effort consuming to pack up your motorhome to make day trips or visit places, so it is best to camp in one spot and bring a car along or to rely on other modes of transport for quick trips.

How can I test Motorhome Hire?

Before making a long journey, it is wise to first work out if motorhome travel is right for you. You can do this through taking a motorhome for a weekend and giving it a go. This also allows you to work out what items you want to bring or whether you’re able to drive and park it comfortably. You can do this through Goboony, the motorhome sharing platform. This allows you to rent directly from a private owner, which reduces the price of the vehicle and gives you personalised advice about the van.

Goboony Motorhome Campervan Van H2 Nature Field Sky Camping

So make this the year you test out motorhome hire! Rent a van, choose a road trip, find a campsite, and let the adventure begin! You’ll never know until you try it, so bite the bullet and try campervan hire this year.