Motorhome Parking Tips

March 30, 2018 in Tips for Owners, Travel and Camping Hacks & Tips for your Motorhome

Useful Motorhome Parking Tips

Whether you are the owner or the renter of a motorhome, parking is a vital but difficult necessity. Many fear trying to park a motorhome, and some are even put off travelling in a motorhome for this reason. But don’t fear, and definitely do not let something as trivial as parking put you off all the joys that a roadtrip with a motorhome can bring! Just follow the provided motorhome parking tips, and motorhome parking will become more than manageable.

Practice Makes Perfect

Our first tip for motorhome parking is that before taking your motorhome onto the wide open road, take it to an empty parking lot and get some practice. Use cones and practice backing up or parking your motorhome. It is also important to practice blind side parking, as often you may end up backing into a campsite from the blind side with your trailer. The blind side refers to the right (passenger) side of your vehicle, and is considered blind as at sometime when turning you will not be able to see your entire vehicle. A tip that we have learned, is to readjust your side mirrors to a different angle when starting the turn. Also, if you plan to use a tow vehicle, we strongly recommend practicing with it first. If you need to back up when towing a car, first unhook the car and situate into a position when you can go forward again, and then re-hook the tow bar- this avoids damage and ensures maximum safety!

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Better Safe, Than Sorry

Choosing where to park is a vital aspect of how to park a motorhome, so don’t just jump into a risky parking situation without any thought. Do not attempt to move into tight situations if you can’t see all possible hazards- if you have no choice but to, ensure that your driving buddy is positioned where they can see all obstructions and warn you in time. Ensure that you never drive into a dead end street or parking lot that doesn’t have a second exit, we always advise taking longer to find a more suitable spot. When parking in shopping area car parks, aim to stay out near the perimeter and chose a parking spot that allows you to simply pull ahead and leave - especially avoid going down the aisles of parked cars, as this increases your chances of having to make a sharp corner in a confined spot. 

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Where can I park my motorhome?

Most motorhome owners would advise on booking parking locations in advance, such as in an RV park or campground. But since this cannot always be possible, and the spontaneity of road-trips just doubles the fun! And so, back up options are necessary. There are many truck stops along the roads, and these aren’t just for trucks! Just follow the rules of the trucker, by only parking long-term overnight, park straight and be courteous. The influx of individuals at these stops can lead to many interesting conversations and encounters, but also means that you should be aware of locking your doors. Other parking lots, such as by supermarkets or casinos, allow you to park there, but ensure to check that the owners do not mind, and that you are not blocking anything. 

But the most important of the motorhome parking tips we can give to you, is to not panic! Always take your time and stay calm, let those travelling with you help you, and then through practice it will begin to get easier.

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