18 Best Campsites in Europe for Motorhomes

May 4, 2021 in Destinations, Europe & Campsites

You’ve finally booked the perfect motorhome after browsing through the hundreds of campervans for hire  - what's next? Whilst driving through continental Europe is probably the first thing on your mind, it’s probably best to figure out what to expect from each country before planning your trip! And who knows? Maybe this list will inspire you to plan a road trip around the best campsites in Europe for motorhomes!

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1. Austria

It isn’t difficult to see why Austria attracts over 31 million tourists annually: from the picturesque city of Innsbruck to the history-rich city of Vienna, and the snow-capped Alps, this country has so much to offer.

Finding the perfect place to stay can be quite challenging, which is why you should consider staying at Park Grubhof. Nestled at the foot of the alps, this campsite is ideal for those of you hoping to enjoy spending some time surrounded by nature. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, such as hiking, swimming in the Richer Saalach during the summer, or skiing down the snowy slopes during the winter. 

Price: £9.56 per pitch, plus £8.26 - £9.13 per person. The price varies depending on the season and type of pitch.

Location: 47.574105814587774, 12.70649705156404

Travel tips 

  1. If you choose to go wild camping, be careful! It isn’t officially allowed in Austria and can result in fines up to £12,611. Wild camping with your motorhome is especially intolerable in Burgenland, so be sure to steer clear from camping in that region. 

  2. Don’t forget to pack hiking shoes and warm clothes if you’re planning to hit the (hiking) paths!

  3. Before embarking on your trip, be sure you’re familiar with toll roads in Austria 
  4. If you’re looking for more campsite options, be sure to look at the best campsites in Austria

2. Belgium

Notorious for its perfectly brewed beers and delicious waffles, Belgium is a destination you cannot miss. Besides its enjoyable cuisine, the country offers numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites (many of which are in Brussels), and spectacular views around the Ardennes.

Situated at the foot of the Ardennes, Parc La Clusure is the ideal campsite for visitors of all ages. There are numerous trails around the campsite you can follow to explore the lush forests nearby. If you’ve got an itch for an adventure, you can go mountain biking along the designated trails! Be sure to take a day to explore the Caves of Han, a UNESCO Global Geopark. The caves were formed as a result of eroded limestone, resulting in breathtaking formations. Considering its spectacular location, it comes to no surprise that this is one of the best campervan sites in Europe.

Price: £20.00 per night for two adults

Location: 50.09674391698166, 5.286183346934884

Travel tips

  1. Although it may be tempting to give wild camping a go in the Ardennes, remember that this is not legal in Belgium, and you may face a hefty fine. 
  2. If you plan to hike along the Ardennes, be sure to pack lots of water and snacks to keep you energised.
  3. Be sure your motorhome is properly equipped with the compulsory kit before embarking on your trip.
  4. Although the Ardennes is a beautiful natural gem in Belgium, don’t be shy to check out the rest of the country. This itinerary for the best Belgian road trip in a motorhome gives you all the information you’ll need to hit the best destinations in the country.

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3. Czech Republic

Although mostly known for its charming capital, Prague, the Czech Republic, there are countless reasons why you should visit this country. With over 2000 castles and chateaux, (affordable) beer, and well-preserved medieval buildings, there’s no shortage of activities for every visitor to enjoy. 

Just a short 20-minute drive from Prague’s city centre lies the Oase Praha Campsite, a must-visit motorhome site in Europe! The campsite is perfect for families hoping to explore Prague without feeling overwhelmed by its business. You’ll find a number of activities to keep your children entertained, ranging from animation programmes to trampolines and sports facilities. Best of all, many of the country’s landmarks, such as the Kutna Hora, are no more than 1.5 hours away by car!

Price: Pitches range from £6.60 - £61.82 per night, depending on pitch and season. You pay an additional £5.00 per person (12+), and £3.34 per child (2-11). You can also bring your dog for an additional £3.30!

Location: 49.95149092452115, 14.474676618010768

Travel tips

  1. Be sure to carry the correct currency! Unlike other EU countries, the Czech Republic uses Czech Krona for transactions. Although you can still pay in euros, you’d probably be subjected to a significantly higher exchange rate! 
  2. Although it isn’t compulsory, consider leaving a tip when eating at a restaurant. Servers are generally underpaid, and a 10% is always appreciated.
  3. Prague is quite safe, but like most big cities, scammers can be everywhere. Be sure to familiarise yourself with some safety tips to avoid being scammed!
  4. You cannot go wild camping or free stand in the Czech Republic, as that is forbidden. If you find yourself lost and in desperate need of a place to stay overnight, there aren’t any (legal) regulations over car parking, meaning you won’t be handed any fines. 

4. Denmark

When people think of Denmark, one of the first things that come to their minds is probably Vikings. While you can explore the histories of Danes and Vikings by visiting burial sites and countless museums across the country, there are a lot of other things you can enjoy in Denmark! From the colourful buildings in Copenhagen to visiting one of the county’s infamous castles, or even exploring the Lego House, there are a number of places to pass by during your stay.

Ever wanted to stay at a brewery? Well luckily for you, Nr. Nissum Håndbry offers motorhome pitches near their very own brewery! On-site, you can sign up for beer brewing courses, beer tasting (with food), and even enjoy a massage. If you’re hoping to step outside this cosy paradise, you can explore the small town of Lemvig, which is just a 10-minute drive away from the site. It’s also a perfect starting point to take a road trip to Copenhagen!

Price: £11.72 per pitch per night.

Location: 56.55658660556329, 8.384656304411486

Travel tips

  1. The best time to travel is between May-June. There are fewer tourist crowds, and the weather begins to warm up during this time!
  2. While wild camping isn’t allowed in Denmark, there are some designated areas (usually in forests or nearby beaches) where you can go wild camping, as long as you follow the following conditions: 
    1. You do not go camping for more than one night. 
    2. A maximum of two tents may be set up, with no more than six people. 
  3. If you plan on driving with your motorhome, make sure you park in the correct places. Some parking lots strictly prohibit motorhomes.
  4. Be sure to carry some with you to pay for tolls on some bridges!
  5. And finally, be sure to look over a guide to motorhome camping in Denmark to make sure you have all the essential knowledge.

5. Estonia

While this might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of Europe, Estonia has a lot to offer and should be at the top of your list of ideal destinations. The old town of Tallinn boasts of incredibly preserved medieval architecture which reminds visitors of Estonia’s remarkable history. The country is also a paradise for nature lovers -- Estonia offers countless bogs, untouched forests, and diverse wildlife for everyone to enjoy. That being said, Estonia is the perfect camping destination. 

The beautiful lakeside views when camping at Kiviranna Holiday Home really make this stand out from other campervan sites in Europe. Situated by the Võrtsjärv lake, this campsite is perfect for a well-deserved nature retreat. There are a number of things to do during your stay: you can follow various guided nature tours, go on a traditional sailing trip, and even rent a paddleboat or a canoe to explore the lake! You can end your day feasting on a traditional Estonian fish dish (caught from the lake) at the campsite.

Price: £13.04 per night, plus £4.35 per person

Location: 58.365427557030614, 26.152346823841874

Travel tips

  1. Wild camping is legal in Estonia, however, you are expected to abide by the following rules: 
    1. Do not leave any traces when you’re camping. 
    2. Make sure you aren’t loud camping, so as to not disturb the tranquil environment.
    3. Do not bathe in water sources, but rather on dry land. The same applies for doing dishes.
    4. Only follow hiking paths, and do not stray on your own! This could damage nature.
    5. If you plan to light a campfire, only do so in designated regions.
  2. Make sure your tent is mosquito-proof!
  3. Estonia is home to a number of wild animals, such as bears and wolves. Be mindful of this before you choose your camping site.

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6. Finland

If you’re hoping to catch spectacular views of the Northern Lights, then Finland is the place to go. Considering the spectacular natural wonders this country offers (including over 187,000 lakes), it comes as no surprise that it’s considered to be the happiest country in the world. Beyond natural wonders, Helsinki is home to one of the best food scenes in Europe! You can also treat yourself to a well-deserved spa day at one of the 3 million saunas scattered across the country. 

Eräkeskus Wilderness Lodge is the perfect place to stay and enjoy the stunning Finnish nature. If you choose to explore one of the countless camping trails nearby, be sure to pack some Finnish sausage as a snack to get the ultimate experience. You can also enjoy one-day activities, like canoeing or biking. Of course, if you choose to do something more intensive, the campsite offers multi-day (and even week-long) camping packages for visitors. The best part about this campsite? There is a husky farm on-site, meaning you’ll always be surrounded by dogs during your stay -- every dog lover’s dream! 

Price: £17.39 per night per pitch for two adults.

Location: 63.52466544473973, 30.039919156429054

Travel tips 

  1. Wild camping is legal in Finland, on the condition you abide by the following rules: 
    1. Do not camp in the same spot for more than 1-3 days.
    2. You are allowed to camp on private property (like a private forest), as long as you do not disturb nature or people nearby. 
    3. You are not allowed to cut down or damage trees. 
    4. Be sure to clean up after yourself and leave no trace of your campsite!
    5. Do not hunt unless you have a permit.
    6. Do not drive your vehicle off-road unless you have permission from the landowner.
    7. Should you need to use the toilet, be sure to do so far away from natural water sources.
  2. Don’t forget to make sure your tent is mosquito and midge proof to avoid being covered in little bites! 
  3. If you’re travelling during the winter, make sure your vehicle is equipped with winter tires.

7. France

One of Europe’s most popular destinations, France boasts of spectacular beaches, fine wines, art, and of course, croissants. Needless to say, there is much to see and do in the country. Of course, there are a number of places to visit in France, so be sure to make the most of your trip to see as much as possible! Although visiting some tourist hotspots like Paris can be tempting, it is worth taking a step back to explore some of the country’s hidden gems. 

Camp Valleé Du Tarn is situated on the bank of the Tarn river, and what better way to start your summer day than taking a refreshing dip in the water? Besides spending your day admiring the natural views in peace, you can go sailing along the stream! You can also go fishing, with direct access to some of the best locations. Keep in mind you do need a permit to go fishing, but you can easily get one through the campsite. On land, you can enjoy walking along some hiking paths or cycling to explore the surrounding region. Be sure to explore the small village of Ambialet which is a few minutes walk from the campsite. Its picturesque charm should not go unappreciated!

Price:  £15.65 - £20.87 per night, depending on the season.

Location: 43.9438508689296, 2.3848246789502934

Travel tips

  1. Wild camping is not legal all over France. However, this can be permitted in some regions per the discretion of the landowner. In such cases, camping may only be permitted for a short period of time mainly from dusk until dawn. 
    1. In general, wild camping in France for motorhomes may be possible, but be sure you’re familiar with the best places to go and understand that you may face a hefty fine if caught in undesignated places!
  2. If you go camping, be sure to clean up after yourself! Most importantly, make sure you don’t disturb the surrounding nature. 
  3. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the rules for driving in France with a motorhome, and look through a guide to french motorway tolls so you’re prepared for your trip!

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8. Germany

There are a number of reasons why you should visit Germany: from its bustling cities to its tranquil national parks, there are many different activities and destinations within Germany to choose from! The country also has countless historic sites, with over 20,000 castles and 6,200 museums to visit.

In Lower Bavaria, you’ll find Vital CAMP Bayerbach, which is the perfect place for a well deserved relaxing vacation! You can spend your days enjoying the peace and quiet of the countryside while pampering yourself at some of the facilities on site. From thermal baths, saunas, and even beauty appointments, you’re guaranteed to leave your trip feeling more relaxed than ever. Of course, there are a number of outdoor activities you can enjoy, such as hiking, swimming in the nearby lakes, and going on bike tours to explore the nearby regions! This is undoubtedly one of the most relaxing motorhome sites in Europe.

Price: £20.78 - £26.00 per night for two adults and two children up to 12 years old. This price depends on the season you book!

Location: 48.41558220745723, 13.129777787641718

Travel tips 

  1. Wild camping is not permitted in Germany. There are some parks, such as the Palatinate Forest, where you can pay a fee of £8.70 to pitch up a tent. 
  2. If travelling by motorhome, keep in mind that you cannot stay in service areas for more than one night. 
  3. Familiarise yourself with the rules for driving in Germany, and pay special attention to the environmental zones in Germany to avoid paying hefty fines!
  4. Germany is a big country, so be sure to explore as much of it as possible during your trip! Consider taking a larger road trip to take in more of the country.

9. Greece

Home to the fascinating Ancient Greek civilisation, this country has many fascinating ruins to explore! From the Acropolis to the Temple of Poseidon, visitors can take a step back in time to see what life was like centuries ago. In addition to its rich history, you can enjoy Greece’s delicious foods, sandy beaches, and of course, lively music. 

Camping Hellas is perfectly located to enjoy the natural beauty of Greece. There are a number of beaches nearby you can visit to enjoy the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea, such as Paralia Karnagio. You can even follow some organised boat trips to see some more seaside villages! For a more adventure packed day to explore the coast, consider going on a kayaking tour, exploring the sea caves of Thetis, or going on guided hikes. Considering the spectacular beauty of the sea and countless activities on hand, this is definitely one of the best motorhome sites in Europe for an adventurous yet relaxing trip!

Price: £19.13 - £21.74 per night for two adults

Location: 39.31076212747605, 23.109464994301522

Travel tips

  1. Wild camping in Greece is not allowed, however, it may be tolerated outside of tourist hotspots. 
  2. If you do choose to go wild camping, try to snag a good spot by the beach -- what better way to wake up than to beautiful blue waters? 
  3. Be sure to pack mosquito repellent and bottled water for your camping trip
  4. Check out PJ’s Greece Stopovers map to find motorhome rest stops for you to stay!

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10. Hungary

Located in Central Europe, Hungary is a perfect stopover destination when travelling across the continent! Visitors can enjoy the country’s historic capital, Budapest, or venture to one Aggtelek National park to admire the beautiful stalactite formations.

Balatontourist Camping Napfeny is a cosy campsite perfect for families passing through Hungary! The campsite is located on the shores of Lake Balaton, which is considered to be Hungary's “favourite summer playground”. There you can participate in water activities such as swimming, kayaking, and fishing, or explore the nearby towns, such as Tihany, or the volcanic hills of Badacsony. The campsite is also close to the hiking areas of the Káli Basin, the perfect region to enjoy the stunning flora and fauna.

Price: Starting from £12.87 per night per pitch for two adults.

Location: 46.82900019682385, 17.640018303891846

Travel tips 

  1. Wild camping is strictly prohibited in Hungary, especially when motorhomes set camp far away from designated campsites.
  2. Familiarise yourself with the road rules in Hungary to avoid hefty fines.
  3. Consider checking out an itinerary for the best road trip in Hungary to ensure you make the most of your trip!

11. Italy

There are hundreds of reasons why you should plan a trip to Italy: from the admirable ruins of the Roman Empire to the mouthwatering food, and the stunning beaches. It comes as no surprise that the country attracts over 90 million tourists annually, and figuring out the best place to stay can be a bit overwhelming!

Luckily for you, you can enjoy a beach holiday at the Centro Vacanze Isuledda. The campsite offers three beaches, with spectacular views of Baia Sardinia, the Caprera Island, and of course, La Maddalena Archipelago. There are a number of activities to follow nearby this campsite, such as hiking, sailing, and snorkelling. The campsite also offers excursions for visitors to enjoy, including a motorboat excursion to the Maddalena Archipelago. So, if you’re hoping for a holiday destination spent by the water, then this is one of the best campsites in Europe for motorhomes to make your dream vacation become a reality!

Price: £27.81 per pitch per night for two adults.

Location: 41.13289940599452, 9.442584360264373

Travel tips

  1. If you plan to go wild camping in Italy, be sure to only do so in designated regions. It is strictly prohibited, however, some national parks may have designated regions for wild camping. 
  2. Should you be travelling on a budget, you can spend a maximum of two nights at camper stops free of charge! 
  3. Consider purchasing and downloading Agricamping, a platform that gives you an unlimited number of free stops. Farmers will accommodate you free of charge, and you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy local delicacies they produce!
  4. Familiarise yourself with the rules for driving in Italy to make sure you meet and follow the necessary requirements.

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12. Luxembourg

Although the small size might cause you to overlook it, Luxembourg has a lot to offer visitors, ranging from countless hiking trails to unforgettable nature escapes, and numerous museums. And to top it all off, Luxembourg is home to the Vianden Castle, one of the oldest castles in Western Europe.

At Camping Auf Kengert, you can enjoy unforgettable hikes to see the flora and fauna Luxembourg has to offer. Because of the campsites’ central location, you can take embark on day trips to a number of nearby destinations, such as Larochette, Luxembourg (city), or even hopping over the border to visit Germany! Travelling with children can be difficult, but luckily this campsite offers playgrounds and a swimming pool to keep your children occupied.

Price: £21.72 per pitch per night for two adults

Location: 49.799845607737005, 6.19813495902335

Travel tips

  1. Wild camping is not legal in Luxembourg, and it’s best to avoid trying to do so to avoid facing repercussions! 
  2. Although it may be tempting to spend your time mostly in Luxembourg city, be sure to spend some time in the countryside -- the country’s true gem.

13. the Netherlands

The Netherlands is notorious for its winding canals, colourful tulips, and charming windmills. And of course, plan to trade in your motorhome for a bicycle to explore the beautiful cities in the country.

If you want to explore as much of the Netherlands as possible, consider staying at Recreatiepark De Lucht. This campsite is within driving distance of Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, and Utrecht, some of the country’s most popular cities to visit. This family-owned campsite has a designated kids’ zone to keep your children busy. They offer cultural packages for adults to explore the surrounding region. Most importantly, you can rent bikes on site which will make it significantly easier to get around the area!

Price: £21.29 for one night for six people

Location: 52.10192056390092, 5.543436030992417

Travel tips

  1. Wild camping is strictly prohibited in the Netherlands, including on private property. 
  2. Paying by with a credit card is not very common in the Netherlands, so be sure to either have cash or a debit card readily available. 
  3. Make sure to check out the environmental zones and rules for bringing campervans into a city.

14. Norway

There are a number of reasons you should visit this Scandinavian country, especially if you’re a nature-lover. The fjords, glaciers, and mountains this country has are unlike any place in the world.

At Sandvika fjord & sjøhus camping, you can enjoy Norway’s beautiful scenery year-round. From the crystal clear seawater, to the towering mountains, there is much to admire. During the warmer weather, you can rent rowboats or motorboats to explore the blue waters. Most importantly, because of the campsite’s central location, you won’t have to drive more than two hours to explore other towns in Lofoten. And what makes this one of the best campervan sites in Europe? You can easily follow a Northern Lights photo tour, a once in a lifetime experience you can’t get anywhere else!

Prices: Are only available by contacting the campsite at post@sandvika-camping.no

Location: 68.204341271459, 14.427424342018286

Travel tips 

  1. Wild camping in Norway is allowed, on the condition that you only spend the night on uncultivated land. You also can only stay for a maximum of two days without needing camping permission. 
  2. Be sure you have a green card to show you have motorhome insurance when travelling in Norway! 
  3. You’ll need an international driving permit if you received your driving license from Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, or the Isle of Man. 
  4. Your motorhome must be properly equipped with the following: 
    1. A warning triangle 
    2. A reflective jacket (not required, but strongly recommended)
    3. Snow chains or winter tires if you’re traveling during the winter!
    4. Consider looking at an itinerary for the Norway Fjords road trip in a motorhome to make sure you get the most out of your trip!

15. Poland

There is no doubt that any trip to Poland will be unforgettable. The country is extremely rich in both culture and history, hosting 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the world’s oldest castle, the Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork. Poland also offers an enjoyable food scene and vibrant city life -- in fact, many refer to Warsaw as the new Berlin!

Finding a place to stay in Warsaw can be a bit difficult, but luckily Camping Wok has you covered! Situated in the calm outskirts of Warsaw, you’ll be able to have a perfect balance between bustling city life and peaceful nature. So, while you might enjoy one day roaming the cobbled streets of Warsaw, you can unwind the following day at the shores of the Vistula River. Although it is quite small, the campsite’s location means you’ll never have a shortage of activities. It isn’t hard to see why this was voted as the best campsite in Poland!

Price: £11.42 -  £13.32 per night per pitch (depending on the season), with an additional  £5.71 -  £6.66 per person (depending on the season).

Location: 52.17810517531548, 21.14728890159255

Travel tips

  1. Wild camping is not allowed in Poland. There are some exceptions: you can camp on private land with permission from the owner, and you could even get permission to go camping in public areas from authorities! 
  2. Poland is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world, but (like most popular tourist destinations) tourists can fall victim to petty theft or pickpocketing, so keep an eye on your belongings! 
  3. Car headlights must be used year-round, and even during the day (either on low beam or daytime light).
  4. You must have a fire extinguisher and a reflective triangle in your motorhome.

16. Portugal

Home to some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, this is a destination you cannot miss! Beyond spending your summer days lounging beneath the sun, travelling to Portugal is a marvellous cultural experience. Because many other cultures (such as Celtic, Germanic, and Jewish) had a significant influence in the region, Portuguese culture is very rich!

The Algarve is a dream destination for many, and at Camping Albufeira your dream vacation can become a reality! You’re guaranteed to always have something to do here -- the campsite is fully equipped with three swimming pools, a restaurant, bars, and even a spa. Best of all, the city of Albufeira is within walking distance. The location and services of this campsite makes it the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful blue waters of the Algarve!

Price: £9.30 - £17.74 per pitch per night for two adults. The price varies depending on the season.

Location: 37.10559506514717, -8.251436883466685

Travel tips

  1. Wild camping in Portugal is illegal in Portugal, and you may face a penalty of £521.84, or a place ban. 
  2. Familiarise yourself with toll roads and rules for driving in Portugal to ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. 
  3. Be sure to make the most of your trip! Consider attending a surf camp, or heading into the deep nature of Portugal.

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17. Slovenia

More than half of Slovenia’s land is protected, the second-highest rate in the world! That being said, exploring the country’s remarkable forests would be an unforgettable experience, considering how diverse the ecosystem is. After spending a day trekking through nature, you can unwind in one of the many historic towns scattered throughout the country!

One of the first images that come to mind when you think of Slovenia is Lake Bled. Luckily for you, Sava Camping-Bled offers remarkable views of the lake. The campsite offers a number of packages for visitors to make the most of their stay, including hiking activities, boat rentals, and mountain biking. There are also a number of restaurants on-site where visitors can try authentic Slovenian cuisine!

Price: Starting from £9.30 per person per night

Location: 46.36142727768877, 14.080949827547858

Travel tips 

  1. Wild camping is not allowed in Slovenia, which comes to no surprise seeing that over half its land is protected. 
  2. Slovenia requires vignettes, which can be purchased at all petrol stations in the country!
  3. Stopping your motorhome at the side of the road overnight is forbidden, and you may face some unwanted fines for doing so! 

18. Spain

Mostly known for its delicious paella, Mediterranean beaches, and football, Spain is (unsurprisingly) a popular travel destination for many people. From the stunning architecture in Barcelona to the sandy beaches of Malaga, visitors of all ages can enjoy the remarkable beauty of the country.

The Bonterra Resort is ideally situated by the shores of the Mediterranean. Beyond enjoying the sandy beaches, visitors can follow a number of hiking routes near the campsite, enjoy local seafood cuisine, or even attend some of the music festivals hosted in the region! Visitors of all ages are guaranteed to be occupied at all times -- the campsite is also equipped with swimming pools, a bar-restaurant, sports facilities, and a gym.

Price: Roughly £26.50 per pitch per night. This may vary depending on the pitch location and season.

Location: 40.05802248522844, 0.07296264744114057

Travel tips

  1. Wild camping is not permitted in Spain, and can result in some hefty fines! 
  2. Read over a complete guide to toll roads in Spain to budget for your trip accordingly, and to know when to expect tolls.
  3. If you do plan on visiting Barcelona, watch out for pickpockets!

Now that you have a comprehensive list of some of the best motorhome sites in continental Europe, your next course of action is preparing for your trip! You could design a road trip to take in as many as possible, or focus your time on exploring a specific country.