Itinerary for the Best Greek Road Trip in a Motorhome

May 21, 2021 in Destinations, Tips for Travellers & Routes

A road trip through Greece is a must-do for any campervan driver. It’s easily accessible via a few day’s drive south east from central Europe or ferry from Italy or Spain. You’ll find yourself in the cradle of Western civilisation, with all its tumultuous history, sacred sites and spectacular scenery, not to mention innumerable gastronomic delights! 

We’ve planned 10-day Greek road trip, heading from Athens into the Peloponnese, see Delphi, the Meteora and ending in Thessaloniki. It includes hundreds of kilometres of breathtaking coastal and mountain roads. Of course, the route below is only a guideline, and if you have more time to spend exploring smaller villages and the sights along the way, make the most of your time in this magical country!

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Days 1 - 3: Athens

It wouldn’t be right to start a Greece road trip itinerary anywhere other than Athens. Spend a few days here; there is so much to this dense, ancient city! It’s most famous attractions are the doric structures built atop the limestone karst outcrops that rise across the city - in particular, the Acropolis citadel and Parthenon temple. These date back to 5000BC! Other unmissable spots include Anafiotika, on the northeastern slope of the Acropolis’ hill. This tiny district was populated by builders from the Cycladic island of Anafi in the 19th century. They built their new neighbourhood with visions of home in their hearts, and it truly looks and feels like a remote, quiet, and quaint island has been placed in the heart of the city!

You should also escape Athens’ heat and bustling streets in it’s excellent museums, such as the National Archaeological museum or the Benaki. When you’re done touristing, head downtown to Exarchia to check out this college district, reading the graffiti to learn about its recent anti-establishment history. It's distinctly punky, and if you’re looking for cool rock clubs, cheap tavernas, excellent record shops and a couple of the best rembetika clubs in Athens, then Exarchia is worth a visit. Just keep your wits about you as you would any new city. Police don’t tend to enter this area unless there’s a serious cause for concern, but they are strategically placed around Exarchia’s fringes, just in case. 

If you want to enjoy nightlife a bit closer to Plaka and Monastriaki - the iconic, picturesque tourist hubs - get a cocktail or two at A for Athens from sunset onwards. It’s an unmissable local institution for 'drinks with a view.’

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Top Tips for Athens

One top tip would be to avoid peak hours at the most popular sites, like the Parthenon. There are many other great spots to see the sunset from! Such as Lycabettus, or the Hill of the Nymphs, on top of which the National Observatory sits. And, when you do go up the Acropolis, wear shoes with a considerable amount of grip. Millions of footsteps treading along its limestone and marble for thousands of years have made some very polished, slippery walkways! Also, metro tickets are usually pretty cheap, but you’ll save money and hassle by paying for several journeys’ worth of travel on one ticket, making it easier to flit around the city. 

Where to Stay Near Athens

Whilst you’re exploring Athens, pitch up with your campervan at Camping Athens. It’s situated just 7km from the city centre, on the Athens - Corinth - Patras highway, with good bus connections from Omonia Square. It’s well-facilitated, with a bar and restaurant area, washing machines and tumble-dryers, mini market, chemical waste disposal point, electrical hook ups available, camping gas exchange and WiFi. 

Prices are 10eur per adult per night, and 10eur per night for a campervan pitch. 

198 – 200 Leoforos Athinon, 12136 Peristeri, Greece. 

38.0086283, 23.6694503

Days 3 - 5: Peloponnese

To take the next leg of your road trip to the Peloponnese, drive along the Corinth highway and over the Corinth Canal, and then continue on the A8 to Nemea. Exit the A8 towards Nafplio from A/D Korinthou Tripoleos/A7. 

Stop at the archaelogical site of Mycenae before you arrive in the seaport town of Napflio. Mycenae citadel was built overlooking the Argos valley, and it is definitely unmissable. It’s one of the most important archaeological sites in mainland Greece, and an entire historical period was named after it! 

The gorgeous town of Napflio is located on the Argolis peninsula, the eastern ‘thumb; of the Peloponnese. It’s right on the waterside, watched over mountains. Top spots to check out here are the Palamidi fortress. Reward yourself after the 900 stair climb to scale the fortress at Gelarto, an ice cream bar in the Old Town. This is not just the best ice cream in the Peloponnese, or Greece for that matter, but maybe, the whole world. I’m yet to taste better. 

After a night in Napflio, drive southwest to Mystras via Monemvasia, an impressive castle town that was entirely carved out of the back of a sea rock in Medieval times, and since then connected to the mainland. When in Mystras, discover this beautiful ancient city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and visit the archaeological site of Olympia. 

Top Tips for the Peloponnese

Pop an LED torch in your pocket before you go and explore Mycenae. There are some dark, steep stair sets! Also, check the opening times of the historical attractions you want to visit, as their opening times may vary throughout the year. 

Where to Stay in the Peloponnese

In the Napflio part of your road trip through the Peloponnese, pitch up at Kastraki Camping. It is a beachside site, shaded by pine trees, with excellent toilet facilities (spacious showers, hot water throughout the day, accessible toilets on site) and other services like a mini market, café bar, washing machines and informative reception.

Prices are 8eur per adult per night, and 8eur a night for a campervan pitch. 

Ancient Asini, 21060 Napflio Argolida

37.5279456, 22.8739788

Castle View Camping in Mystras is well-located just a short walk from the Byzantine archaeological sites of Olympia, in an idyllic setting amid olive and mulberry trees, beneath Mount Taygetos. It was recently renovated, and has new shower buildings with 24hour hot water, an on site taverna, a pool and free WiFi. 

Prices are 7eur per adult per night and 7eur per night for a campervan pitch. 

Castle View Camping, Mystras, 23100 Greece

37.0694627, 22.3796598

Day 6: Delphi

From Olympia, it’s about 3.5 hours’ drive to Delphi. You can see the route for this stretch here. The long drive will fly by thanks to the spectacular scenery you’ll pass along the way. Just to the east of the town of the same name, on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, you’ll find one of the most important archaeological sites on your road trip through Greece. The beautiful setting highlights Delphi’s magnificence. It is home to the Oracle of Delphi, where the prophecies of Apollo were delivered through the words of Pythia, the high priestess of his temple. Delphi is also said to be the navel of the Earth! Tourists flock here to experience the ethereal magic of this mountain, which bound humans to their gods. 

Check out the temple of Apollo, the Theatre, the Stadium, as well as the healing waters of Kastalia spring. 

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Delphi World Heritage Site

Top Tips for Delphi

It goes without saying that you need to drive carefully on long legs of the journey, but winding, hilly roads in Greece can be made more treacherous by fearless local drivers!

Where to Stay in Delphi

Pitch up at Camping Delphi, a 4* campsite with a panoramic view of the Delphi valley. This is a great spot to refresh on your Greek road trip, as the campsite’s facilities include chemical waste disposal, 24hour hot water, washing machines, a pool, WiFi, cafe, mini market, taverna and bar! 

Campervan pitches for 2 people are 25eur a night. 

Delphi Camping, 4th km along the Delphi – Chrisso road, 330 54 Delphi, Greece. 

38.4789388, 22.4748244

Day 7: The Meteora

The next stop on your Greece road trip itinerary are the mountainous monasteries of Meteora, which are, undeniably, a once in a lifetime experience. These geological marvels have six active monasteries sitting atop them. You can book tours on the Meteora tourism website that range from a sunset hike to a more exciting climb and scramble up the steep rocky slopes! 

Other popular sites nearby include Plastira Lake, Metsovo, and Theopetra’s cave.

Top Tips for the Meteora

The number one tip is it’s impossible to visit all six monasteries in a day! Their opening times vary seasonally, but from Monday to Friday, one or two always remain closed, and on weekends, they’re all open until late afternoon. Most of the monasteries include a 150 - 300 stair climb, except Agios Stefanos, which has none and is perfect for anyone with mobility issues. Also, dining options are limited within the Meteora, so bring plenty of snacks or hold out for lunch or dinner at a taverna in nearby towns Kastraki or Kalambaka.

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Monasteries on the Meteora

Where to Stay in the Meteora

Stay at Vrachos Camping Kastraki, just 1km away from Kalambaka. This well-equipped site doesn’t just have an unbeatable location under the spectacular summits of Meteora, but also has modern toilet facilities, a taverna serving traditional dishes, a mini market, stoves and barbecue grills that are free to use. The thick shade of its trees helps it stay cool and serene, and there’s even a pool! 

Campervan pitches cost 18eur for two people per night. 

Campsite Vrachos, 422 00 Kastraki, Kalambaka, Greece. 

39.713315, 21.615772

Day 8 - 10: Thessaloniki

From Meteora, it’s less than 2 hours’ drive to Thessaloniki, which is the final stop on your road trip through Greece. This vibrant, modern city is peppered with historical vestiges and architectural landmarks of various styles and influences. Thanks to its complex history of migration and contested borders, these are all juxtaposed against each other in a unique array some call ‘architectural anarchy’!. 

The city is walkable, and sprawls across the coastline of the Thermaic gulf, meaning that you’re never far from a splash in the sea, either. 

If you think you may have filled up on delicacies already by this late stage in your trip, think again! Thessaloniki is a culinary paradise. Be sure to go on a culinary walking tour, explore the Kapani and Modiano markets yourself, and check out the tavernas in the Ladadika district. Because of its past, the city’s gastronomy boasts flavours from Pontus, Asia Minor and Constantinople, as well as Arab and Armenian influences that infuse traditional dishes with exotic nuances. If you try nothing else, make sure you get a Bougatsa from Serraikon, one of the oldest bougatsa shops in town.

Check out the view from Eptapyrgio castle before you head for dinner at one of the many mezedopoleio (restaurants)!

Top Tips for Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki has a less well-known, alternative scene, with several manufacturing and food co-ops cropping up in the city as part of a growing farmers and workers movement towards justice and sustainability. So, if you’re buying groceries in Thessaloniki, head to Bios co-op!

You may notice that the city isn’t very green, which might be a disappointment after the more remote scenery you’ve seen so far. This is because the majority of the city’s trees were removed during the dictatorship. If you want more dramatic, natural scenery and have the extra time to give to your Greek road trip, head up to the Bulgarian border to Kerkini Lake National park, which is an ecotourism beauty spot.

Pay with cash if you can - locals may prefer it, as it helps money circulate within the local economy. 

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The White Tower, Thessaloniki

Where to Stay in Thessaloniki

There are a few ‘recreational parks’ (campsites) dotted around Thessaloniki. The best-rated is Zinovia’s Little Farm, a small, organic farm and campervan-friendly site which has waste-water disposal, showers, washing machine, electricity, and hot breakfasts and dinners for campers upon request.  

Camping for 2 people is 12eur a night. 

Ethniki Odos Edessas- Thessalonikis, Chalkidona, Greece

40.73666, 22.57964

Before you go

Before you set off on your Greek road trip, here are a few things to bear in mind.

  • Size matters: although this route sticks to main roads, you may find yourself occasionally winding through a mountain town or making a narrow pass. Make sure you’ve got a vehicle you’re comfortable driving and stay safe on the road if you hop out to check on foot before manoeuvring. 
  • Waste disposal: though the campsites listed here mostly have chemical waste disposal points, it's always worth bringing a spare cassette in case you have to pull up somewhere the facilities are limited. Some service stations may allow you to empty your cassettes but be prepared to ask and maybe pay a fee. 
  • Freshwater: whilst widely available, it may take some finding. Most towns, some marinas and rest areas have drinking water points, but always fill up as much as you can when you find one. Goboony campervan motorhome greece h2 greek road trip

Hopefully, this Greece road trip itinerary gives you everything you need to know for an epic, 10-day adventure. To find a motorhome that suits you for the trip, check out our campervans for hire

Kaló Taxídi (bon voyage)!

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