Skiing Holidays with a Motorhome

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Ski Holidays with a Motorhome

People often make the mistake of thinking ski holidays don’t mix with motorhomes. That is completely false! Ski holidays are complimented through taking a motorhome. Motorhomes allow you to escape the cold, and to bring whatever you need - or simply like! No need to fit everything into a tiny suitcase. Bring extra clothes, bring something sparkling for New Year’s Eve, bring board games for the evenings! Motorhomes give you freedom to travel around and try different slopes, and you’re not tied down to a hotel booking. Get everyone cosy in a campervan, and enjoy the quality time you’re gaining together. What could be better?

So find a motorhome to enjoy your ski holiday in! Through Goboony, you’ll be in touch directly with the private owner, able to ask them any questions you may have. They can give you tips on driving through snow, advice on the best roads and more. Goboony will help to make the process safe, easy and fun! Search through the van options, and see if any catch your fancy. Message the private owner, and let the trip planning begin! Will you visit one of the numerous ski slopes in the UK, or head to Europe for a bigger thrill? You can start doing your research for your motorhome ski holiday, and then buy a good pair of gloves. Or if you’re still not convinced, read up on the benefits of bringing a motorhome on a ski holiday and then make an informed decision!

Below you’ll find a few of the motorhomes available for swerving the slopes, the perfect stop after apres ski!

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