Motorhome and Campervan Hire in Edinburgh

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RV rental in Edinburgh

RV rental in Edinburgh is growing in popularity as it’s a great way to explore the surrounding area and beyond, as well as a viable means of making the most of a visit to the Scottish capital. Finding an RV to rent from a private owner should not prove difficult in Edinburgh, as there are numerous motorhome owners in the vicinity of the city. Some of the best advantages of motorhome rental can be realised through renting via Goboony, as you will be hiring from a local owner who should be able to give you the inside tips on where to go and how best to get there in their vehicle. Furthermore, hiring from an owner on Goboony comes with a cost advantage, as vehicles are often hired out at a more affordable rate.

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How much does it cost to hire a campervan in Edinburgh?

RV Rental prices in Edinburgh range from a very reasonable £50 per day to nearly four times that cost depending on the make, age and amenities of a given camper for hire. Cheap to luxurious, all the options are present in Edinburgh. To find out more about the cost of Motorhome rental check here!

Why rent an RV in Edinburgh?

Scotland is a beautiful place to visit both in terms of its urban areas and of course its rural splendour. Edinburgh is arguably the easiest city to get to in Scotland for anyone coming from out of the country. Given this optimal situation for transport, it’s an ideal place to rent a campervan or motorhome for your adventure, as the logistics of arriving, collecting the vehicle and dropping it off before departing are made a lot easier when done via Edinburgh. And why should you travel with an RV? Freedom! Go wherever, whenever, and cut these ties to schedules and hotel bookings. This will allow you to truly relax and enjoy the journey, not just the destination.

What are things to do in Edinburgh?

If you are there in the summer there is of course the Fringe festival which is a must see! If you are visiting during Fringe be sure to book your campsite in Edinburgh in advance to make sure you do have a spot. Without Fringe, Edinburgh is still sure to keep you entertained. You can stroll through the winding streets of the old town to the brooding Edinburgh Castle, the historical home to Scottish monarchs. Try to visit the castle during one of the reenactment events to see the history truly come to life. Or you could always catch a show at one of the city’s premier theatres?

What are things to consider when driving an RV in Edinburgh?

The city can be quite busy, especially in a larger vehicle and during the peak holiday season in summer. Furthermore, there has been a recent law in the city that adds a tourist tax if you are visiting the city which won’t affect you if you are camping near the city but might if you do so within the city limits. Finally, as is the case in many parts of Scotland, overnight parking is permitted unless stated otherwise. This is not the same as being able to stay in the vehicle overnight which you will need to check for a given area.

What is the closest airport to Edinburgh?

Edinburgh Airport is actually within the city, in an area known as Ingliston, which you can reach from all major European cities. Some of the vehicles on Goboony offer collection from the airport so be sure to ask about that when making a booking request from a local owner.