Motorhome and Campervan Hire in Inverness

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RV Rental in Inverness

Inverness is known to be the largest city and the cultural capital of the Highlands. Travellers flock there for their last taste of civilization before embarking on a tour of the Highlands or the esteemed North Coast 500. Thus, it seems natural to organise your RV rental in Inverness, to prepare you for whatever Scotland road trip follows! Through Goboony you’ll find plenty of campervan hire options in Inverness, all from private owners excited to share their van with you. Camper hire with a private owner allows you to ask your dozens of questions, get personalised advice and tips on the local area!

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How much does it cost to hire a campervan in Inverness?

Goboony works with private owners, and this allows them to determine the price of their listing. Factors involved in this price include the size of the vehicle, the age, and the season for the hire. If you’re looking for a more detailed estimation of the price of campervan hire on Goboony, check out our ‘How much does campervan hire cost?’ page.

Why rent an RV in Inverness?

RV rental allows you to go anywhere, to go everywhere. It gives you the ultimate freedom to pave your own path. No hotel bookings or train tickets to anchor you down, you can decide you plans as you go along. Given that Inverness is a prominent location within the Scottish Highlands, it would be unacceptable to leave without exploring this wild and dramatic region further. Motorhome hire will allow you to dive into the wilderness of Scotland, camping and exploring the beauty of the Highlands.

What are things to do in Inverness?

Visit the UK's earliest post-Reformation cathedral; Inverness Cathedral. Follow this with a visit to the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, as well as tour of Inverness Castle. But part of your RV rental in Inverness shouldn’t even take place in this bustling city, but outside of it in the true Scottish Highlands. Explore the wild moors, towering cliffs, dramatic coastlines and more. Search for the infamous Nessie in the Loch Ness, hike up Ben Nevis, and take a dip in the freezing Steall Falls just to prove you can!

What are things to consider when driving an RV in Inverness?

Driving in Inverness should be a piece of cake - followed by one served up in their fine cafes! The city centre may be busy, so driving an RV there could lead to incidents. Play it safe by parking outside the centre and taking a bus to all the major sites. For driving in the Highlands, things will get a little trickier. The roads may often be narrow, bumpy, or even non-existent. Never drive in the dark, as this is almost assuring damage to your van. And check your vehicle daily for any issues.

What is the closest airport to Inverness?

As Lady Luck would have it, the closest airport to Inverness is actually in Inverness - quite the tongue twister! It is situated at Dalcross, 7 miles northeast of Inverness city. Flights go out across Europe daily, so finding a ticket there certainly won’t be a bother.