Toll Roads and Driving Rules in Slovenia

January 31, 2020 in Destinations, Tips for Travellers, Toll Roads and Vignettes, Driving Rules & Slovenia

If there’s one place that should be at the top of your road trip bucket list, it’s Slovenia. Well known for its marvelous caves, and fascinating view, especially the magnificent Bled Castle overlooking the deep blue waters of the lake, it’s no wonder that millions of people flock the country annually to explore its gems! While some opt for flying across the country, others decide to hit the road for the trip of a lifetime, to explore all the country has to offer. 

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Naturally, driving in another country may be a little daunting, especially when trying to figure out how the toll system works. Although most countries tend to follow a similar system, Slovenia’s toll roads are a little unconventional. It may seem really complicated to begin with, but this blog will break them down for you! 

Before you start your Slovenia road trip, you need to make sure to purchase a vignette. This is an orange tolling sticker that gives you access to Slovenian motorways for a limited period of time. Passes can be bought for a year, a month, and even a week! When deciding which vignette to purchase, do keep in mind the duration of your stay. Unlike other countries, Slovenia toll roads run on a tim-restricted use of motorways and expressways, not the kilometers travelled. 

However, there are three classes of vehicles, and prices may vary according to the classification your vehicle falls under -- if you’re taking a motorhome, it would fall under the 2A category. Feel free to check the classification requirements on the national website to correctly classify your vehicle. For 2A vehicles, the pricing is as follows: 

Yearly vignette: €110 (£93.56)

Monthly vignette: €30 (£25.52)

Weekly vignette: €15 (£12.76)

Vignettes in Slovenia may be purchased upon arrival from all petrol stations, some postal offices and kiosks in the country. A more extensive list of sales points can be found on the national website

Because of the vignette system, it is unlikely that you’ll be subjected to toll fees as you drive across the county. However, that doesn’t mean you are exempt from paying any fees. If you want to find out the toll fees before you embark on your journey, you can always enter your starting point and destination address on this toll road calculator website. Aside from giving you the total toll fee, this website allows you to see the distance you travelled, and the exact distance that is tolled, making your Slovenia road trip easier to plan! When making your budget, check out how much campervan hire will cost.

Travelling along toll free routes is not difficult to do in this country. Google maps will be your saviour! Although it does not offer the exact details of toll fees, it does offer numerous routes for you to select, indicating which routes have tolls and/or are restricted. So if you think your only way around would mean paying more fees on top of your vignette, worry not! You can be picky with your routes by picking one of the options Google maps offers you. 

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General tips: 

  • For those of you renting a vehicle, you do not need to worry about purchasing vignette in Slovenia. The rental company should provide one, and if in doubt, be sure to check the windshield for an orange sticker!

  • If you’re travelling between November and March, make sure you have winter equipment, such as winter tires or snow chains in the boot.

  • If you are travelling during the summer, keep in mind that you may encounter some thunderstorms. Often times, this means that you’ll be driving in pouring rain which can make your journey a little more challenging. So if you need to, be sure to take some time to park along the side of the road until the rain clears up! 

  • Even though you are unlikely to encounter toll fees, be sure to plan your route using a toll road calculator to make sure you don’t encounter unexpected fees. 

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Now that you’re an expert on Slovenia’s toll roads, you are ready to pack your bags and start your journey! Be sure to immerse yourself in the unique culture this country has to offer, and don’t forget to explore the roads less travelled to discover Slovenia’s hidden gems. Need a van for this trip? Check out our affordable campervan hire, or hire a T5 to take on this trip!