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T5 Campervan Hire

The Volkswagen Transporter T5, more commonly known as the T5 Campervan, is the fifth generation of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles 'Transporter' series. These bad boys are one of the best Volkswagen has to offer, but given the introduction of the T6 model they are not as expensive or rare. These subtle vans will allow you to experience the joys of a motorhome holiday undercover. You’ll find it easier to park these converted vans than a large motorhome, and you’ll have more options for parking, as many won’t even realise it is a campervan! They’re not as flashy and ostentatious as the classic VW campervan, and have a bit more room for your things.

So now that you know the wonders of a T5 campervan, how can you arrange your T5 campervan hire? With Goboony, of course! Through Goboony, your T5 campervan hire will be easy, safe and fun! We’ll help you find the best options for you, whether your focus is size, location or keeping it cheap. You’ll be directly in touch with the private owner, so you can ask them any questions or niggling worries, and get great advice on the van or tips for the local area. Sort your T5 campervan hire through Goboony today, and get on the road tomorrow!

You’ve got a gorgeous van, now what? Perhaps you only have a weekend to spare, so you’d prefer a staycation and visiting one of the top weekend destinations in the UK. Even if that is your plan, you can always make it a little bit more exciting by wild camping instead of going to a campsite. Just be sure to check where it is allowed, you don’t want to be on the run in your T5 campervan! Not adventurous enough for you? Throw caution to the wind and head to Europe to properly explore. Why not visit Portugal? Enjoy a week of sunshine, delicious food and a rich culture to learn about! The options are endless, so find a T5 campervan and let the journey begin.

Below you’ll find a few of the T5 campervan hire options on Goboony.

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