The Best Camping Furniture For Your Next Trip

October 17, 2018 in Tips for Travellers, Tips for Owners, Travel and Camping Hacks & Tips for your Motorhome

Camping trips take a lot of planning, like any trip but even more. You’ve got to think about food, toilet paper, things to do, how to keep clean and so much more. But first you’ve got to get your foundations, the actual furniture to sit on and eat off. And that’s why we are here to help, providing you with the best camping furniture options for your next trip!

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1. The Best Tents

If you’ve decided to go for camping in a tent instead of a motorhome, the type of tent you bring is extremely important! Selecting the best tent depends greatly on the conditions of your trip. So first ask yourself the following questions. Will you be wild camping or staying at a campsite? Is it likely to rain, hail or snow? What is the prediction for wind? What kind of temperatures can you expect? How many people will be sleeping in the tent? Will your equipment be inside with you as well? It’s a lot of questions, but don’t panic, whatever your answers to each, there is definitely a tent suitable. If you’re travelling with young kids, it is likely that you’ll want to be in a tent together. This requires a family tent, and you can find an extensive list of the best family tents here. Travelling on your own? You can find a list of great solo tents here, to ensure you sleep in maximum comfort uninterrupted by others. Heading to a festival and want the best tent for it? Then you’re looking for something to fit your belongings, keep it all dry and ensure you’re safely sheltered. Here you’ll find a list of the best festival tents, ones for any budget or style!

2. The Best Sleeping Bags

Now that you’ve got your tent, it is time to work out what you’ll be sleeping in! If you’ll be travelling with a partner or good friend, I cannot recommend two person sleeping bags enough. These take up less space for travelling and in your tent, and ensure you’ll be warm and cosy. Also, cuddling is the best thing there is so why let two sleeping bags keep you apart? Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of the best double sleeping bags, including specifications and the target use for each! If you prefer your space, privacy or for any other reason, there are plenty of great single person sleeping bags. On this list of the best sleeping bags, selected by the Independent, you’ll find a wide range from practical to hilarious, with the price listed as well!

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3. The Best Camping Tables

Whether you’re planning to go for rural camping with a tent, or camping with a motorhome, you’ll benefit from having the best camping table. Your evenings outside will benefit greatly from a sturdy table for chopping vegetables, playing cards or eating your dinner off. And your transportation will benefit greatly from a light and foldable table, which can easily be stacked away. When choosing a camping table it is important to consider how many individuals will be eating from it. If you always go camping with only your partner, and there is perhaps one occasion in the entire year when it will be more than two around it, it is more practical to get a smaller table and have that one instance of eating around the campfire or a little bit squished. Also consider whether you might need built-in storage space, as it is possible to find tables with cubicles or zipped up sections. You can check out this list of the best camping table options, with the advantages and disadvantages listed so that you can make an informed decision.

4. The Best Outdoor Folding Chairs

A table to eat off, and now a chair to sit that tired behind on. It is hard to decide on the best outdoor folding chairs because this is specific to each individual. A good camping chair should provide back support and be appropriate for your height and weight. However if your priority is space, perhaps consider stools or one with corded legs so it can be collapsed into a very compact space. If you know you’ll be on grassy terrain, a legless chair may be well suited to you. Big families may prefer sideline benches that can take four to six persons, or 2-in-1 chairs. The great thing about outdoor folding chairs is that you can make it as luxurious and decked out as you like, depending on your budget and taste. You can get one with accessory pockets, cup holders, insulated beverage pockets, footrests and reclining ability. Luckily, T3 has provided a list of the best camping chairs, with advantages, disadvantages and all necessary details.

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5. The Best Cooking Gear

Stop restricting yourself to charred hot dogs and s’mores, and join the rest of us who adore camping cooking. It is a challenge sometimes, but rewarding and delicious! However, due to the limited space for camping, you can’t exactly bring your entire kitchen with you. So here you can find a list of the best camping cooking gear to bring, the truly ‘must haves’. From camping stoves to camping coffee, you’ll be fully prepared now. But this blog isn’t about the useful gear to bring, no, we’re looking for the best camping furniture. And thanks to the Independent, you can now have the 10 best camping cooking gear for you rounded up in one simple list, enjoy!

6. The Best Extras for your Trip

There are things we need, and things we want, and with camping we get the rare occasion to combine the two. These extras aren’t exactly necessary for camping, but since when was necessary the most important factor? One of the best extras to bring to any camping trip, particularly one in a motorhome, is fairy lights. Evenings can be long, candles provide limited light, and camping lights aren’t exactly cosy. Always bring a pair of battery operated fairy lights and string them wherever possible. Another great camping extra is a hammock, which you can string up between two trees and melt away in. I adore reading a book or taking a nap in one of these, and it will be a great investment. Here you’ll find the best hammocks for each style and purpose. If you want something to lounge on, but don’t have trees surrounding or appreciate being in the air, then instead go for inflatable chairs. Don’t just buy any old inflatable chair, be sure to get one specified for camping and the outdoors, as otherwise you’ll end up with a burst plastic heap. You can check out this list of the best inflatable camping chairs, including their pros and cons! And our final camping tool that will make your life insanely easier? A portable solar charger. While it would be best to use your phone as little as possible during your trip, it is important to be prepared for any emergencies or occasions when you would require your phone. There is a huge variety of solar chargers nowadays, so you can just check out this narrowed down list of the 5 best portable solar chargers.

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The best camping furniture is a subjective decision, as it depends on what you’re really looking for. It’s about checking out your priorities, whether that is comfort, safety, price or durability. Perhaps all of those play a role, and so it’s just about choosing the best looking one. But hopefully now you can begin considering what you need, and the list to choose from is dramatically shorter. Need a motorhome to help you carry all your new camping gear? You can find one through a simple search on our site.