The 6 Best Campsites in Brittany

August 10, 2020 in Destinations, Tips for Travellers, France & Campsites

Although just a small area of Northwestern France, Brittany is a natural gem often overshadowed by other major tourist hotspots in the country. It is home to sandy beaches and deep blue waters, and winding coastal paths. It is home to quaint French villages and towering castles whose walls whisper the stories of the past. It is home to the most exquisite cuisines you’ll have -- from sweet crepes to savoury seafood. Needless to say, it isn’t difficult to see why camping in Brittany, France should be one of your top activities for next summer! 

Looking for campsites near Roscoff? Looking for campsites with beach access? Or just looking for a family campsite? The options can be quite overwhelming, so keep reading to check out some of the best campsites in Brittany to start planning the road trip of your dreams!

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1. Camping du Letty

Location: Benodét (47.867131, 4.090914)
Price per night: £49.00 - £65.00, depending on the pitch you select
Suitable for: Families

Let’s be honest here, sometimes camping can get a little too grimy, and the luxury of taking a vacation can be quickly lost. However, staying at a 5-star hotel can be ridiculously expensive at times, and truthfully provides a vacation detached from nature. But who says you can’t have the best of both worlds -- the laid-back nature of camping, alongside the luxury of staying at a hotel? Camping du Letty does an excellent job combining these two experiences. This 4-star campsite is one of the first ones to pop up on your search for campgrounds, and for good reason. 

As one of the best campsites in Brittany with beach access, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable time at Letty Beach. Want to do more than swim around? You can try one of the numerous outdoor activities on the site, ranging from kayaking, to archery, or even taking sailing lessons at the school nearby! 

Travelling with children can be difficult, but this action-packed campsite has many facilities to keep your little ones entertained. The indoor recreation park offers shelter from the sweltering summer sun, and entertainment in every corner for children of all ages. VR sets and other electronic games are available for older children, while climbing structures nearby are the perfect place for younger children to expel their never ending energy. 
You’ll also find a large water park on site, which is decorated with all sorts of exotic tropical plants. Combined with the crystal clear waters and white sandy beach, you’ll feel as though you’ve travelled to a caribbean island! 

Destination tips: As they say, when in France, do as the French do! So what better way to do so than taking a crepe cooking class? At Ateliers Crepes de Vero, you can learn the art of crepe-making -- what garnishes to add, and which ingredients are needed for the best crepes. 

Because Benodét is a small commune, you might find that activities within proximity of the campsite are limited. Quimper is a city roughly 16 kilometers north of Benodét, and is the perfect place to take a day trip. Rich with historical sites and museums, you’ll find it difficult to get bored! 

Goboony woman sea ocean h2 brittany france2. Camping du Pont de l’Etang 

Location: Fréhel (48.651910, -2.356469)
Price per night: £3.60 per person, £5.00 per motorhome
Suitable for: Everyone 

Travelling on a budget can make finding the perfect campsite a little difficult. And while this campsite may not be as extravagant as other campsites on this post, its location at the heart of Frehel’s nature makes up for its simplicity. Where else can you wake up and have your cup of morning coffee while admiring quiet rocky cliffs and serene sandy coves around you? 
Because Camping du Pont de l’Etang is perfectly located by the beach, you can try out a lot of water activities! From paddle boarding, to kite surfing, you can have it all. If you want to learn how to surf, you can take lessons at the Amor Surf School nearby! They incorporate exploring lagoons, cliffs, and other natural landscapes nearby into their surfing lessons, a unique experience you won’t get anywhere else. You can also enjoy the water without getting soaked, you can go horseback riding on the beach via the equestrian centre Sables de Equitation. Whether you’ve never ridden a horse or if you fancy yourself as an experienced rider, you’ll find the perfect activity at this centre! 

If you’re a hiking fanatic, then you’re in luck! The camping site is the starting point for numerous trails, and is nearby the GR34 trail, which the French voted as the most beautiful path in 2017! With the trail winding along coastal cliffs decorated with a variety of flora, it isn’t difficult to sea why it is so popular. However, do keep in mind that the path can get a little slippery after it rains, and might not be the greatest path for those with a fear of heights! Some people have chosen to drive past some of the more dangerous parts, so you might want to take up on that option. 

For those of you who love a good hiking challenge, you can walk up to Roscoff along the path! While this isn’t really a campsite near Roscoff, you can find yourself exploring the quaint town after an enjoyable (but long) hike along the GR34 path!

Destination tip: When staying along the coast, you have to experience taking the ferry to explore another city. There is something quite enjoyable about cruising over deep blue waters as the sea breeze keeps you cool under the summer sun.

Luckily, Saint-Malo is a popular destination by ferry, and also a city with lots to see and do! You can take the day to explore the old town, travelling back in time as you wander along the cobbled streets. Walking tours are also available, but if you want to take a self-guided walking tour, be sure to check out Les Remparts de Saint-Malo. You’ll get some spectacular views of the old town, while learning more about the history of the area, thanks to the narratives along the rampart. 

3. Camping Ar Kleuguer

Location: Saint Pol de Léon (48.690784, -3.967651)
Price per night: ~ £27.00 for two people
Suitable for: Families

Yet another 4-star campground, this one is sure to keep your little ones busy without being too overwhelming! Because it’s on the smaller side, this campsite offers activities while still maintaining the peaceful aura of beachside camping. An aquatic park and indoor pool are perfect for cooling your children down and still keeping them entertained after they get fussy from the hot summer sun. As the sun begins to set, you can have a family picnic, enjoying the peaceful sound of waves crashing and hearty laughter. 

Being one of the best campsites near Roscoff, be sure to rent out a bike on site to explore the commune while staying at Camping Ar Kleuguer! Visit the historical chapels, or explore the exotic botanical gardens. You can even climb up to Chapelle Sainte Barbe to catch spectacular views of the sunset if you’re in the mood to take a short hike. 

After enjoying a delicious seafood dinner in Roscoff, head back to the campsite and enjoy some of the live shows they offer at night. From enticing magic shows to the occasional musical event, you’ll be guaranteed to go to bed with a smile on your face!

Destination tip: Take advantage of the hiking tips the site offers! Finéstere is notorious for its stunning beaches, and taking advice from locals is an excellent way to make the most of your stay. The campsite is also nearby hidden sandy coves, which you can explore by renting out some of the kayaks on site! 

And while Roscoff’s charm is difficult to resist, be sure to take the time to explore Saint Pol de Léon which has its unique historical charm. It is notorious for its 13th century Cathedral, which you cannot miss. Its old architecture never fails to impress all who visit. 

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4. Camping De La Lande

Location: Gâvres (47.686754, -3.358936)
Price per night: ~ £19.50 for two people and a vehicle. It is worth noting that prices do vary according to the duration of your stay and the type of pitch.
Suitable for: Families with older children/couples without children

Spending your summer by the crystal clear waters and sandy beaches of a small French town is probably an ideal vacation for most of you. The best part is that it is very possible to have a trip exactly like that! Camping de la Lande is situated in Gâvres, a small seaside town with just over 750 inhabitants, who are probably some of the most hospitable people you will ever meet. The town centre is easily accessible by foot, giving you the chance to mingle with locals and experience the French lifestyle first hand! 

Unlike the other campsites with beach access in Brittany, with Camping de la Lande you’ll get access to 10km of Gâvres’ sandy shores. You can try out the typical water sports, or visit numerous popular fishing spots in the area if you’re not interested in sports. You can for a relaxing boat ride, or angling along the shore, but no matter what you choose, you’re guaranteed a good time. 
And of course, how can you stay at a seaside town without trying some local seafood? La Taverne is one of the best local restaurants to eat seafood with a sea view! With a simple wooden interior and fishing boats floating around, you’ll get the ultimate dining experience.

Destination tip: Sometimes a seaside town can get a little too quiet. There are a few ferries that go to Lorient on a daily basis, both of which are larger cities with more to do! Lorient has a massive Celtic festival every August, with over 200 events and 5000 performers present. If that doesn’t sound appealing, then you can choose to go on one of the many nature walks in the area, or explore art exhibits for local artists. You can even take the opportunity to learn more about French history and explore how knights lived in the past. The website for Brittany tourism can help you find the right activity for you! 

5. L'Orangerie de Lanniron Castel Camping

Location: Quimper (47.978042, -4.112009)
Price per night: £26.10 - £44.20 for a pitch (varies according to the pitch you select, and the number of people).
Suitable for: Everyone

While this campsite might not have beach access, this is a site where you can camp with grandeur, as one does when camping in Brittany, France. Boasting 38 hectares of greenery and charming vintage houses, L'Orangerie de Lanniron Castel Camping will make you feel as though you’re camping on the grounds of an exclusive summer estate. It isn’t difficult to see why this is one of the best campsites in Brittany. 

As expected, with great space comes a great variety of activities that both the young and the old can enjoy! Dust off your tennis gear (or rent some) and practice for Wimbledon at the site’s tennis court. The campsite also offered a 9 hole golf course, and a practice school in case you want to brush up your golf skills. If you want a more laid back golfing experience, then be sure to check out the minigolf course on site as well! You can also explore the campsite and its surrounding nature by renting out bikes for a day (or for a week if you really enjoy cycling). Younger children can enjoy cooling off by splashing around the aquatic park, or expel their sugar rush by jumping around on the campsite’s playground. However, there are a few activities in this campsite that you probably won’t find anywhere else. They offer an interactive treasure hunt for children to learn more about the history of the area and to explore the nature around! For an enjoyable indoor activity, the site has wooden games traditionally played in the past. But don’t be fooled by their age! These games will challenge your agility and skills. 

Nearby the campsite you’ll find the Château de Lanniron, which for six centuries was inhabited by the bishops of Quimper. It’s charming classic architecture is perfectly complemented by the colourful botanical gardens established in the 19th century. The old mansion is located on the bank of the Odet, which is considered to be the prettiest river in France! It is worth noting that there is an entrance fee to enter the park, but it is definitely worth the money. 

Destination tip: If you’re planning to take a road trip, look into purchasing a heritage pass. While it may be on the more expensive side, this pass guarantees you entry to over 400 monuments in France and parts of Belgium. It’s also an excellent way to help maintain the places you visit, seeing that 80% of the entrance fees are donated to the monument you visit! Because entrance fees to some sites can be very expensive, you can breakeven the cost of the ticket within four visits. There are three sites close to L’orangerie camping you can visit with your heritage pass: Château de Lanniron, Museum of Quimper Pottery, and Château de Keriolet.

Quimper city centre is a 10 minute drive from the campsite. Be sure to take the time to explore the old town -- you’ll feel as though you’re walking in a time capsule! Quimper also hosts numerous markets, so be sure to check out which markets are open during your visit! The Braden market operates on Sundays, making it an excellent place to explore until other places in the city open up.

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6. Domaine de Trestrauo

Location: Perros-Guirec (48.814212, -3.460700)
Price per night: high season: £29.00 per motorhome (including 2 people).
Suitable for: Everyone

Waking up and having breakfast with a sea view is a desire almost everyone has. Luckily for you, at the Domaine de Trestraou you can fulfil this wish. In fact if you’re in the mood to have a proper French breakfast with a view, you can always visit the creperie on site (which has very affordable prices)! 

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider staying at this beautiful family-run campsite. For instance, the campsite is spread over four hectares of stunning green countryside, offering you the perfect balance between sea views and country views. The campsite is also a stone’s throw away from the biggest beach in Perros-Guirec, where you can take sailing lessons, or try out windsurfing. Conveniently, the city centre is also a short walk from the site, so you’ll never have to worry about parking or public transportation schedules to explore Perros-Gueirec. 

During the summer season, there are several festivals and markets unique to the area! The Creators Market is hosted every Wednesday from the end of July to the end of August where you can find all sorts of handmade crafts. This year an exhibition of the coastal conservatory aims to educate visitors on the role of algae found on beaches. While it might seem lifeless, the algae and natural debris with it host microscopic life. The exhibition is made up of ten panels, which explains this natural cycle in an enjoyable way! There are numerous hikes available, many of which are guided to give you the opportunity to learn more about the local history and wildlife. However one walking tour that really stands out is the Storytelling Walk through Traouïéro Valley. Explore the enchanting landscapes while learning more about tales and legends. 

You can find more activities on the Perros-Guirec website so you can decide which is the most suitable for you! 

Destination tip: Perros-Guirec is close to Les Sept-Ils Archipelago, which is home to numerous bird species, including puffins. Because puffins were hunted in the past, the French Society for the protection of birds was founded. They ensured that the islands were protected to regenerate puffin populations and protect other species of rare birds. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find the small colony of grey seals, although they are outnumbered by the bird population. 

If you’re lucky, you might be able to get off on Île aux Moines. Although it was inhabited by monks in medieval times, the harsh environment pushed them out - the plant-covered ruins serving as a reminder of their presence. 

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And there you go - the best campsites in Brittany, France! Before you hit the road, make sure you read a guide to French motorway tolls, and brush up on the rules for driving in France with a motorhome to make your road trip go as smoothly as possible. So pack up your bags, and hire a motorhome! You’re just a few clicks away from enjoying the beach vacation you deserve.