Road trip Hungary

July 26, 2017 in Destinations

Going on a motorhome holiday in Europe offers a myriad of possibilities. If you’re sticking to a tighter budget, we suggest taking a trip to Hungarg. Why? Simply because Hungary has so much culture and nature to be seen, and the cost of eating and drinking is fairly low.

Route to Hungary

This fun motorhome route makes it worthwhile to make your way to the east of Europe. Of course, the 1400 kilometers there don’t need to be done in a straight line. Drive to Nuremberg, Germany, and visit the Weissgerbergasse. Then, to Austria by passing through Brno in the Czech Republic. Whilst you’re in the neighbourhood, why not visit Schönbrunn Palace (Sisi) in Vienna?

goboony motorhomes blog hungary by motorhome Schonbrunn Palace

Top 5 Places in Hungary

Once you’ve reached Hungary, you might be asking what places should you visit? Here’s the top five for you, in our opinion.

Budapest in a Motorhome

Being the capital of Hungary, Budapest is of course a city that you can’t miss out on during your holiday. There is so much to see and do, so we recommend taking a few days to enjoy it all. There’s the amazing Gothic Parliament Building, which is at its most beautiful whilst you cross the Danube. Also on the list is the Széchenyibad, a large market hall, and the Castle of Boeda. 

goboony motorhomes blog hungary by motorhome parliament building budapest

Pécs in a Motorhome

Pécs is about 230 kilometers south of Budapest. If you’re a fan of museums, then Pécs is definitely the city for you. Within Pécs is the Renaissance Museum, Ancient Museum, the Mining Museum and the Hungarian Natural History Museum. But the city isn’t only museums! Pécs is at the foot of a range of hills, and the view from the 194 meter-tall television tower is breathtaking. Other sites include the Pascha Kassima Gasi Mosque, the Pécs Cathedral and the crypt in the Corpus Christi Chapel.

goboony motorhomes blog hungary by motorhome Pécs

Szeged in a Motorhome

Found in southeast Hungary, on the bank of the Tisza, Szeged is a stone’s throw from both Serbia and Romania. The Tisza River has given the city problems in the past, destroying it in 1879 during a flood. The reconstruction of the city has provided a beautiful city, full of revivalism architecture. Also visit the Neo-Romanian Votic Church, and the town hall on the tree-lined Széchenyi Square. Definitely a spot to visit with your motorhome.

goboony motorhomes blog hungary by motorhome szeged

Győr in a Motorhome

Győr is located in the northwest of Hungary, on the border with Slovakia. The city is easily accessible with a motorhome, via the traffic routes of Vienna and Bratislava. The town is wonderfully picturesque, and a stroll is on the list for sure. By entering the old city, you’re suddenly transported to the Hungary of centuries ago. Other sites to see are the Pannonhalma Abbey and the Benedictine Church

goboony motorhomes blog hungary by motorhome Győr

National Parks in Hungary

Maybe you want to skip out on the big cities, and just find some peace and quiet in a new place. If so, then take a trip along Hungary’s lovely national parks. Here are some suggestions:
Hortobágy National Park is famous for its steppe landscape. The Great Hungarian Lowland Plain is a must for every bird-watcher. 
Lake Balaton is 95 kilometers southwest of Budapest, and is one of the most famous and stunning landmarks in Hungary
Or, a cave tour! The country is famous for its cave, of which 3000 are protected and 26 are over a kilometer long. In five national parks, there are caves open to the public: Aggtelek-Jósvafõ, Bükk, Budapest, Balaton Highlands and Southern Transdanubia.

goboony motorhomes blog hungary by motorhome Balaton Lake

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