Make Money with your Motorhome

November 18, 2019 in Tips for Owners and Tips for Renting Out

As the owner of a motorhome, you can appreciate how wonderful it is to travel in one. Motorhome holidays provide you with unrivaled freedom and comfort. You can share this joy with others… and make a tidy profit too! You may have doubts, it’s only natural to, so read on and otherwise get in touch for a chat with zero strings attached. Renting out your motorhome is completely on your terms, and we’re simply here to provide you with the facts and experience we have.

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Why should I rent out my motorhome?

The costs of keeping a motorhome can really add up, and the constraints of daily life can restrict how often your van gets taken out for a spin. You may use your motorhome enough per year to make it financially preferable to own instead of rent, or you may simply prefer owning one and being able to customize it. Either way, a solution could be to rent out your motorhome through a sharing platform. You benefit from an additional income, which can easily cover the costs of owning a motorhome and even go towards your own holidays! Furthermore, renting out your campervan contributes to the sharing economy, which aims to reduce how much people purchase/make and instead share the resources we have. So, by renting out you’re providing another family the chance to go away for a weekend when your motorhome would’ve sat unused anyways - and earning a profit!

What are the benefits of using Goboony to rent out?

Working with a sharing platform like Goboony allows you to benefit from their marketing strategies and budget. We have a marketing team focused on bringing people to your listing, and we are responsible for all advertising costs. We also help to provide you with international travellers, to not only provide more bookings, but longer ones too! Goboony can also help with everything you need to know about renting out, providing you with our experience and expertise on optimizing your listing. 

Customers can feel safer renting out through Goboony due to the secure payment providers and the fact that we hold the deposit. But owners on our site feel safer too, as we can ensure they receive the correct compensation for cancellations or damages to their vehicle. We offer tools such as the GoForm to prevent any damage disputes, and we create a rental agreement between yourself and the traveller. 

There is no fee for renting out on Goboony, and whatever you list as the price is what you will earn. The 17,5% service fee is charged to the Traveller on top of your cost. So you have no risk of losing money through renting out, only the possibility to produce a tidy profit! 

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How much could I earn renting out?

Many factors influence how much you could earn renting out your motorhome, such as the amount of weeks your vehicle is available per year, location and type of motorhome. But here you can see an estimate of what you could earn renting out your motorhome, based on Owner earnings from the site.

How do I get started?

First, it would be best to read up on renting out to consider whether this is something you want to invest your time into. You can do this commitment-free by downloading our free ebook. It discusses everything there is to know about renting out, to give you a clearer picture of what it would involve. If you have questions following this, or want to simply hear a bit more, get in touch with our support team to plan a call. We can then discuss everything in detail and let you decide if it is something you’d like to pursue.

Once you’re sure, you can create an account and a listing, we’ll take a look if there is anything that could be improved to increase your success, and then your beautiful motorhome is live on the site!