In the Media: CNN “#VanLife gets electrified: Six places to rent electric camper vans around the globe"

July 31, 2023 in About Goboony and In the Media

Elissa Garay, writer for CNN Travel, has rounded up the best platforms around the world to hire electric campervans. We’re happy to share that Goboony has made the list! Great news, as we’re striving very hard towards growing our fleet of electric vehicles in the UK and across Europe.

Electric campervan hire

The article rightfully points out that hiring an electric campervan is a great way to enjoy a  holiday if you’re trying to be more environmentally friendly. Check out how the footprint of a campervan trip compares to other popular travel options, for example. It’s only logical that electric vehicles are growing in popularity in a branch of travel that is already considered to be a great alternative to a heavily polluting flying holiday. 

“The road trip-meets-camping experience afforded by camper van travel is having a moment.” We couldn’t agree more. And at the same time, electric vehicles are taking the motorhome market by storm: “Just as a movement toward electric vehicles (EVs) has swept the automobile industry — with fossil fuel-powered internal combustion engines being increasingly replaced by battery-powered electric motors — the dawn of a new electrified camper van age is emerging as well.”

Goboony is on a mission to take a turn for the better, by letting as many travellers as possible enjoy the benefits of slow travel in an electric campervan. 

Are you looking to hire an electric motorhome for your next holiday? Check out our electric campervan hire page. Or are you the owner of an electric campervan that you’d like to share with other eco-friendly travellers? Why not list your motorhome on our platform and help us earn you back some of its costs! 

CNN travel article on the rising popularity of electric campervan hire