How to Clean Your Motorhome in 30 Minutes

December 16, 2022 in Tips for Owners and Maintenance & appliances

You’re waving goodbye to your hirers, who have just told you all about the wonderful week they had in your motorhome. But no time to relax just yet, as you’ve got another set of hirers coming to pick up the vehicle this afternoon! It’s peak season, and everyone wants to spend a few nights in your lovely motorhome.

But don’t stress, as we’ve got a cleaning routine that can get everything sorted in thirty minutes. We’ll get your motorhome sorted from top to bottom so that you’ve got plenty of time to enjoy a cup of tea before the next hirer arrives.

Goboony Cleaning Motorhome Clean Campervan H2 Van Washing

Cleaning fee or no cleaning fee?

This is a question we receive a lot at Goboony! You have the option to set a standard cleaning fee for all bookings, which is about £20 on average. Keep in mind that if you set this fee, you’re not expecting the vehicle to be returned in around the same state it went out in. Charging a cleaning fee means that you don’t expect them to clean up at the end of their trip, as they’re paying for this service. Some owners prefer this as they want to clean it their own way, while others prefer keeping the traveller responsible for it as well.

An alternative is to have a cleaning fine in place. This can be in your listing description and communicated to the traveller at the handover. This would state that if the motorhome is returned in a poor state, then the traveller will be charged a set amount from the deposit. This has to be clearly stated in writing prior to the booking start. Usually, this fine will be £25 to £35.

1. Empty the interior

First things first, check the interior of the motorhome. You will have gone over the interior during the handover, to ensure nothing was damaged. But this is a good moment to check the inventory as well, as the booking ended recently enough to attribute any issues to the hirer. 

Even though the hirer has likely washed their dishes throughout the trip, I like the certainty of giving everything a go in the dishwasher. I just don’t want to risk the next traveller finding a dirty cup. So I take out the dishes and cutlery and pop it on a short cycle in my dishwasher, just to be certain. 

If you supply bedding, you can also take this out and pop it in the washing machine. Ideally, you’d have two sets to rotate for short turnover bookings, but otherwise, just do a quick cycle and use the dryer. Be sure to include any dishcloths in the vehicle, or replace them.

Doing this first ensures that it can be ready by the time you’re done. It’s also easier to clean an empty vehicle.

Then empty the bins and check the water and wastewater tank. Hirers should empty these, but it’s always good to check! And to sure the hirer does it right, send them this article on emptying the toilet cassette.

Goboony Cleaning Motorhome Clean Campervan H2 Van Washing

2. Start with the roof

Once the interior is emptied, it’s nice to focus on the exterior. If you’re lucky, the exterior should be quite clean, so it’s a matter of a quick wash. But if your hirer had a bout of terrible weather, it might need a bit more elbow grease.

Start with the roof so it drips over to the sides and can be cleaned later. I recommend avoiding pressure washers as they can damage your motorhome. Instead, I love using a long-reach telescopic brush with a hose connection. This will make you feel like you’re at your own car wash - Alexa, play ‘Car Wash’. It saves you a lot of hassle and ensures you can get all the nitty gritty spots. But keep in mind that you’ll need a larger-than-average bucket to fit the head.

In general, things will go far quicker with a nearby hose connection. If needed, invest in a longer hose to make your life easier. It can be your first purchase from your rental income!

3. Sides and front

Once you’ve given the roof a good scrubbing, you can move on to the walls. Hopefully, a lot of your soapy water has run down the sides, starting the process for you. Now it’s just a matter of finishing that work. Give the sides a good scrub and hose them down. It’s okay for the liquid to run over your tires, as this will tidy those up for you.

If you had more time, we’d recommend cleaning your tires as well. The brake dust can corrode the clear lacquer coat on alloy wheels. But if your motorhome has steel wheels, then this is less of a concern. So save this for when you have more time between hires unless they’re in a terrible state. If you need to scrub your wheels, be cautious about using dedicated wheel cleaners, as these can contain very abrasive chemicals and damage the paint finish. 

But like I said, if you’re on a time budget, then skip the wheels for today. Your travellers will be far more focused on your shiny motorhome!

4. Windows

Time to ensure that travellers can see the gorgeous view outside your windows! When it comes to motorhome windows, you can pretty much take the same approach you would for your own windows at home. The only difference is that the outdoor windows will likely hold a little more dirt than you’re used to, so a gentle scrub is in order.

Remember that acrylic windows can scratch easily, so use microfibre cloths or soft brushes. Follow this with your usual window detergent, or vinegar with water.

Last but not least, your side mirrors! Give these a gentle wipe to ensure the driver can see everything happening around them.

Goboony Cleaning Motorhome Clean Campervan H2 Van Washing

5. Clean appliances

The outside is pristine, and we’re about halfway through our time; now it’s time to get indoors. 

One of the biggest mistakes I used to make was starting with a hoover. You get inside and see some dirt or grass, and your instinct is to pull out the hoover. But once you’re done cleaning everything else, you need to hoover all over again!

Save yourself the hassle and leave hoovering for last. Instead, start with any appliances, such as a microwave, fridge, cooker, sink, toilet and more. Give everything a nice clean touch, so your traveller feels like they’re in a hotel room on wheels. Of everything, take the most care with cleaning the chemical toilet.

6. Wipe all surfaces

Next are the surfaces, and once you start, you’ll realise just how many surfaces your motorhome has! We recommend a microfibre cloth for this, as it’s the best for collecting dust. This cloth is also ideal for wiping down any blinds, and all you need is a bit of soapy water.

When cleaning surfaces, it’s easy to forget any that are less visible. This includes fold-out tables. But if you almost forget them, it’s likely a traveller would forget to clean them as well!

Also, run your soapy cloth down the dashboard and along the wheel, as this is one of the first impressions a traveller will have of your vehicle. And as we all know, first impressions matter!

7. Hoover

Finally, it’s time to hoover! Personally, nothing has brought more ease and joy to my life than a cordless hoover. I love being able to get into every nook and cranny with it and not be bogged down by the cord. I also bought a small one which is ideal for doing the sofa and seats. This has been the biggest time saver in cleaning on a deadline.

But be sure to take off your shoes before hoovering, as otherwise, you’re just worsening matters! From this point on, the motorhome is a no-shoes zone.

A common spot to forget is the cab of the motorhome. Take out the floor mats and give them a good shake, and then hoover up anything left.

8. Return everything

With your shoes off, return everything you took out. Empty the dishwasher and fold up your sheets and bring them back to their rightful place. If your machines aren’t done yet, this is a great time for a reviving cuppa with a well-earned biscuit while you wait.

Goboony Cleaning Motorhome Clean Campervan H2 Van Washing

9. Final touches

The final check before your motorhome is ready for the road again! Check if your motorhome manual is in the right spot, along with any documents they might need. Is everything where you usually put it, so you can advise the traveller when they ask? Also check that all appliances are on the right settings. 

This is your moment to ensure your motorhome is ready to dazzle your guests and earn you a five-star review. This is also a good opportunity for a finishing touch. A few tea bags, some coffee, or even a pack of biscuits can make all the difference for a traveller!

The first time you do this motorhome cleaning routine, it will likely take longer than hoped. But it’s all about building the routine, going through these steps in order until they become instinct. Have all the products you need at hand, turn the radio on, and lose yourself in the cleaning!