5 To-Dos on a Rainy Holiday!

July 25, 2017 in Tips for Travellers

Usually with rain comes the ruining of a holiday. However, in keeping with our positive attitude, this isn’t always the case. We’ve put together a few tips for a rainy day so that, if it should come, you’ll be well prepared in your cosy motorhome

Plan Days Off

Keep an eye on the forecast during your holiday, and try and plan trips to museum, galleries or restaurants on the day that it does rain. Really anywhere that is inside, so perhaps a day in the city. 

goboony motorhomes rainy holiday plan day out

Board Games

Timeless classics in the camping lifestyle. Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk, the list goes on and on. Most games have small travel-sized versions these days, making it far more convenient to simply pop it in the side pocket of your suitcase. Not even board games, but a simple set of cards can provide a healthy amount of entertainment.


goboony motorhomes rainy holiday board games

Explore Creativity

Take this a chance to let your creative juices flow. Bring some pencils and paper, or use the leftover materials such as the cardboard cylinder from a loo roll. Make flowers, draw, and just take a moment to be free and imaginative. Read, write… anything!

goboony motorhomes rainy holiday explore creativity

Cook Together

Look up some local dishes, make a dash to a local store or market, and get cracking on that food! It’s a wonderful way to learn about local cuisine, whilst also teaching yourself and ignoring the rain! It’s also a brilliant way to bond. If this isn’t for you, or it’s too cramped, you can always go out to eat!

goboony motorhomes rainy holiday cook together

Boots On!

Lastly, the option to tie those boots, zip up that rainjacket, and lift that hood. Get out in the rain, and explore the landscape in a slightly alternative view. There’s something to be said about walking and dancing in the rain once the wet is embraced!

goboony motorhomes rainy holiday play in the rain


The biggest advantage of a motorhome holiday, is that you’re soon driving on to a sunnier location, so enjoy the rain while you can! Happy holidaying!