Motorhomes with Drop Down Beds

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Motorhomes with drop down beds used to be a luxury, a rarity in the motorhoming community. But in recent years, having a drop down bed has become increasingly popular, and manufacturers seem to be steering away from the traditional overcab double bed in favour of it. This is ideal given that it not only provides the motorhome with a more attractive and sleek exterior, but ensures that you don’t get cramps and bruises from trying to clamber up into your bed! It creates a roomier interior, given that it doesn’t take up any space during the day. You may think that it would be a hassle to remove the bedding every single day, but there is no need! You can simply lift it back up, bedding included, and then you’re ready for breakfast. Meaning that you don’t have to set it up in the evenings either, you can simply flop down on it, exhausted from your day of exploring. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, motorhomes with drop down beds tend to be far more comfortable! The beds are made to be roomier, given that they won’t be stealing space from the rest of the van. With more substantial mattresses, ensuring a wonderful snooze...

You’ll find plenty of motorhome hire options on Goboony that include a drop down bed, ensuring you get the best motorhome holiday possible! Below there are a few motorhome hire possibilities across the UK, all featuring the heavenly drop down bed. Once you've got your nights sleep sorted, you can spend your days being active and exploring. Spend your days hiking through the Lake District or watching the events at Silverstone!

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