Hire an Air-Cooled VW Campervan

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Hire an Air-Cooled VW Campervan

We can comfortably named VW campervans to be the most famous across the globe, who wouldn’t recognise one on the street? They have a dedicated and proud community, with the VW campervan family stretching across the oceans. These classics aren’t just cosy and photogenic, but are extremely practical given that they are air-cooled! Simplified, this means that these vans are all cooled by air instead of liquid. A way to spot this on vans if it has a smaller front grille and the iconic air vents located just behind the rearmost passenger windows. This style of engine has existed since 1936, with numerous adjustments and versions, and is gaining popularity with the automotive industry’s move away from Diesel.

You can find numerous air-cooled VW campervans on Goboony, where you’ll be able to organise motorhome hire directly with the private owner. You can comfortably ask them all the questions you have, and receive advice personalised to their van and tips for the local area. Once you’ve organised your campervan hire, you’ll have to plan your road trip. Luckily, there are tons of apps and blogs to help you with this, including ones to find your ideal campsite. But if you’re stuck for ideas, you can always check out Goboony’s favourite road trips in Europe!

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