Top Tips When Renting Out On Goboony

1. Acceptance Rate

Acceptance rate is how often you accept booking requests and is a big part of having a successful and fruitful time on Goboony. You won’t be able to accept every booking, as there might be circumstances out of your control or the Traveller might want the motorhome for a holiday that you don’t allow (for example: a trip with very high mileage or going to a festival). That being said, accepting 60% of requests is very easily achieved and necessary if you wish to succeed in earning with your motorhome. When this falls below 60%, it is almost always due to a lack of information on your part, and most likely due to your calendar not being filled in. The more bookings you accept, the more you will earn.

Declining requests when it could have been avoided doesn’t make for a good service for users of Goboony. When people have one or more bookings declined they often don’t stick around and keep trying, so it is important to remember that your calendar also influences other people's success on Goboony. Your camper might be unavailable, so do your part to ensure the request goes to someone who can accept.

When you accept a booking, add a short message. This makes the Traveller feel more comfortable, and more likely to confirm their booking! Did they ask a question in their request? Answer it, mention any valuable details. 

Accepting a booking with updated rates? That happens! Just make sure to tell them why the rate is different, as otherwise they will feel alarmed and not understand, and then ensure your rates are updated to avoid this again. Updating rates without an explanation usually leads to a cancelled request, and it can be easily avoided.

2. Response Rate and Average Response Time.

The world of online rental moves quickly, and people have come to expect responses within 24 hours. It is fairly competitive, so expect to take more bookings if you respond promptly and to miss out on some bookings if you take over 24 hours to respond to requests. To help with this, make sure to download the Goboony app to make responding to requests even easier

3. Reply to Everyone

When someone reaches out to you with a request to rent your motorhome they typically write a little something about themselves and have a few questions. When it comes to responding to a request it is very important you also send a message back. People who reply with a message and accept are over twice as likely to have a booking confirmed than those who simply click accept.

4. If Declining, Give a Reason!

If you do have to decline a booking it is always good to specify why. This is for three simple reasons.

  1. The Traveller will always appreciate knowing why you can’t take their booking, maybe they'll even book another time when you do have availability!
  2. If you are repeatedly declining for one specific reason it’s most likely something you can easily fix like your calendar or house rules, this will highlight that to yourself and Goboony.
  3. If we see that many advertisers are declining bookings for the same reason we can work towards developing a solution.

5. Feedback

Once you have done all the above you will be in the best position to assess what you would most like improved about the site. We are open to feedback regarding this and would love for you to share it with us, so that we can help you better.

As always please let us know if you have any queries about maintaining the quality of your listing, please get in touch via support!